Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.




Fuck me this year has been crap so far...

I sit alone at my desk and stare out of the window. It's a crisp, clear evening and the stars twinkle prettily in the inky night sky.

And I'm stuck alone in my fucking room again...

Everything in my life is beginning to royally piss me off at the moment. Unfortunately, I know it's all down to being spoilt rotten over the Christmas break. I hadn't realised just how much I'd missed everyone and being at home. Mia practically glued herself to me the whole time, which I really didn't mind as I'd missed every annoyingly cute inch of her. Mom fussed over me, dad quizzed me about my study material and Elena...well Elena blew my mind on several occasions as only she can...

I screw my eyes closed and rub my hand over my forehead in frustration. Here I am on the most romantic night of the year, alone in my damn room when all the other students are out getting laid.

Even fucking Elliot is all loved up, now May has transferred to Cornell...

I've declined all invites for parties and hook-ups tonight. In fact, I've declined every invite since I got back. I don't do parties, I don't do socialising and I certainly don't do dates. It hasn't seemed to deter people though. You'd think with all the brainiacs here, they'd know how to take a fucking hint...

Sighing deeply, I pick up my pen again.

This essay is boring the crap out of me. I'll give it another twenty minutes - thirty max - then I'm putting a fucking porno on.

My right hand has been keeping me company whilst I've been on campus. It helps dull the ache in my loins due to the enforced separation from Elena. In the eighteen months we've been seeing each other, this is the longest we've ever been apart. It's been just over a month since we were last together, but it feels like a lifetime...

A sharp knock on my door makes me jump.

For fucks sake! How dumb ARE these people? Do I have to put a neon sign on my door that says FUCK OFF?

I shake my head and ignore the noise. Hopefully they'll think I'm out. I press my pen to my notepad, but the knocking persists, louder and more urgently.

I scrape my chair angrily backwards and jump up.

Whoever the FUCK this is better be wearing armour...

I stride angrily over to the door, unlock it and yank it open.

"WHAT?" I bark in annoyance at the hooded figure stood in my doorway.

To my utter surprise, the person shoves past me and is in my room before I can stop them.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK..?" I begin venomously to the back of the figure in a long, black hooded coat as they place a dark sports bag on the floor.

My unwelcome visitor turns slowly and as their head rises, I'm met by a familiar pair of glittering ice-blue eyes.

"Lock the door, Christian."


I throw the door back in its hinges and hurriedly turn the key. Spinning back around, I watch her slowly unbutton her coat, her eyes not leaving mine. I am totally immobilised, my brain scrambling to assimilate what's happening in front of me. The final button pops open and the coat glides gracefully to the floor.

She's here.

She's actually fucking here.

My friend.

My lover.

My Domme.

"What are you doing here?" I finally breathe in delight.

Elena arches a perfect eyebrow. "It's Valentine's night. Where else would I be?"

My face breaks into a massive grin and I suddenly lunge at her, taking her by surprise and lifting her off the ground. I bring my mouth down hard onto hers, taking her gasp of surprise into my lungs and giving me the opportunity for my eager tongue to find hers. Her hands fist in my hair as she responds and I walk us back to my desk and sit her gently on it. We kiss hungrily for a while and then I feel her withdraw.

"Slow down, handsome." She pants against my lips. "We've got all night."

Now it's my turn to gasp. "Really? Oh Elena! You're really going to stay the night with me?"

"Well I didn't fly cross country just to exchange pleasantries! I can stay till tomorrow afternoon and then I'm heading to Boston for a few days to see an old friend from beauty school. Linc thinks I've gone straight there, so everything's worked out quite well."


"What is it?" She asks in response to my frown.

"'s just..." I sigh. "You've gone to all this trouble for me and I've got nothing to give you in return. If I'd known you were coming over..."

I'm stopped in my tracks by Elena's right hand as she begins to stroke me intimately through my jeans.

"Oh I wouldn't say you have NOTHING to give me," she says huskily, giving me a squeeze and looking up at me through her lashes.

My breath catches in my throat as blood begins to pound round my head.

"But like I said earlier, we have all night...and I have a few other surprises for you." She says sexily, withdrawing her hand.


I step back and help her off my desk. She wonders over to the sports bag she left on the floor and undoes the zipper. To my surprise she hands me a large plastic tub full of juicy looking strawberries and a can of spray cream.

"Are we having a picnic?"

She beams as she straightens up. "A very special picnic."

It's then I notice she has other items in her hands - a pair of handcuffs and a silk scarf.

Holy shit!

My head begins to throb and my mouth waters at the prospect. I'm beginning to feel like one of Pavlov's fucking dogs - my body responding immediately to any items of sexual promise.

"Do you have some wine here?"

"There are a couple of bottles of Sancerre in the fridge."

"Excellent." She smiles. "Now strip and go lie on the bed. Face up."

I'm swift to obey, scrambling across the floor and taking my sneakers and socks off en-route. I yank off my t-shirt, pull my jeans and boxers off in one move and dive on the bed, eagerly turning my face to watch her.

She smiles sexily. "Normally I'd ask you to lower your head, but seeing as it's Valentine's night, I want you to watch everything."

She opens her designer handbag and takes a CD out of it. She saunters to my HIFI, places the CD on the tray and I wait for a classical piece to start. To my amazement, a sultry song begins to play and Madonna's breathy vocals begin to sing. It's a song I remember vaguely from childhood and it just drips with sexual intent. Coming up to me, she grasps my face and kisses me, but before I can fully respond, she moves swiftly.

"Put your arms above your head and cross them at your wrists," she breathes against my lips.

I do as she asks and she snaps the handcuffs into place, threading them through the metal rails of my headboard. She rattles them to check they're secure.

Oh yeah, I'm not going anywhere. Even if I wasn't cuffed to my bed...

She smirks naughtily at me. "Now you're all tied up, it's time I got a bit more comfortable."

She's wearing a black dress that wraps around her, showing off her lush curves and it ties at her left hip. Pulling on the tie, her dress falls undone and she shimmies out of it as my mouth drops open.

Holy shit!

She is wearing a harlot-red sheer chiffon and lace negligee with matching panties and hold-ups. She is now standing so tantalising close to me; I can smell her musky arousal. I can see her full round breasts with her rose pink nipples pushing against the delicate fabric, straining to be touched. I automatically move towards them, but only end up pulling on my restraints.

"Ahh! Christ look...breath-taking." I pant as desire begins to sweep through me.

She bends and kisses me softly on the lips. "Hungry?" She whispers.

"For you, always." I whisper back.

She beams and kisses me softly again. "Then I think it's time I fed you."

She moves off to the kitchen and grabs an open bottle of Sancerre from the fridge and a wine glass from the cabinet. Walking back across the room, she places it on my nightstand next to the spray cream and strawberries. She then drops a handful of strawberries into the deep glass goblet and fills it with the wine, kicks off her stilettos and heads over to the bottom edge of the bed.

Carefully holding the goblet in her hand, she climbs up the bed on her knees until she straddles me. The damp crotch of her panties rubs illicitly against my growing erection, fuelling the heat of my desire.


"Thirsty?" She asks seductively as she gently rocks against me, taking a sip of wine.

"Very," I breathe, unable to take my eyes off hers.

She places the rim of the glass against my lips and tilts it so that the wine slips into my mouth. It's cold, crisp and starting to infuse with the taste of sweet strawberries.

"Mmm..." I groan in appreciation, as my hips begin to gently gyrate under her of their own accord.

She immediately stops and glares at me.

Oh shit.

"Control, Christian." She hisses. "You're still struggling to fully master it."

I nod, dropping my head and staring at my lap - which is no help whatsoever as I am now staring at her red silky hold-ups, creamy thighs and arousal-soaked panties.

"I'm sorry." I begin. "It's just the unexpected, wonderful surprise, the strip show and the amazing scent coming from your's...overwhelming."

"Overwhelming?" She asks softly, still holding her position.

I nod and shut my eyes to cut off the visuals and really concentrate.

" have no idea how much I've missed you since starting back at college. I've gone from being with you throughout the Christmas holidays, to bread and water for days on end. I've had to resort to jerking myself off whilst watching porn, just to relieve the constant ache in my balls." I lift my head slightly and peek at her. "I've missed you so much and especially tonight, when I know I'm probably the only guy on campus who stayed in...And suddenly here you are...looking heavenly and writhing on me..."

Elena cuts me off with a scorching wet kiss that tastes of Sancerre and strawberries.


"Oh my darling boy," She breathes against my lips. "That is undoubtedly the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I don't think anyone has ever told me how much they've missed me before."

"Well I have," I whisper.

She gazes at me, ice-blue eyes full of wonder. "And I've missed YOU. I've realised how mundane my life is without you in it. You've become the reason I get out of bed every day. This separation has made me take stock of my life. The main reason I'm going to see my old friend Scarlett Drake tomorrow is to discuss a possible business plan."

I smile. "That's so cool, Elena. If I can help you in any way, just let me know."

She strokes my face. "Thank you." She sits back. " you think you can control yourself long enough to have something to eat?"

I nod. Our little chat has thankfully cooled the fire in my loins a little bit. She takes a sip of wine then using her tongue, manoeuvres a plump strawberry into her mouth, all the time not taking her ice-blue eyes off mine. She grips it with her teeth and leans forward. Droplets of wine drip from the strawberry onto my lips and chin. She pushes the strawberry against my lips and I open my mouth to accommodate it. She bites through the strawberry so half of it slides into my mouth and we both chew through the juicy flesh, lips brushing tantalising against each other as the sweet pulp descends silkily down my throat. She then grabs my chin, licks off the wine droplets and kisses me long and hard.

When she pulls off, we are both panting and desire is beginning to surge through me again. I can tell it's affecting her too, judging by the feel of her panties.

"Time for a little game I think." She rasps huskily, before giving me a swift kiss and placing the wine glass back on the nightstand.


"I'm not much of a game player, Elena," I begin. "I like chess and that's about it."

Seriously? She wants to play a game NOW?

"Besides," I continue. "What game will I be able to play like this?" I shake my hands that are trussed up in the cuffs making them rattle.

Elena smirks sexily at me and reaches across to the nightstand again. My eyes follow her hands.


Elena pulls the silk scarf through her fingers as my mouth goes dry.

"You can play the best games when you're handcuffed and blindfolded, Christian. You should know that by now."


My mouth drops open.

"I don't understand." I breathe. "The only blindfolded games I know are Blind Man's Bluff and Pin The Tail On The Donkey - neither of which seem feasible."

Elena throws her head back and laughs. "Oh Christian! You are so amusing!"

I'm glad one of us is finding this set-up entertaining...

Ignoring my frown, she leans forward and briskly ties the scarf to the back of my head. She kisses my jaw under my right ear and then she sits back.

"It may have been a while since you played the game I have in mind," she begins as I feel her jiggling slightly on top of me. "But I'm sure you remember how to play Hot And Cold."

Seriously? I haven't played that game since I was about eight, when my annoying brother thought it would be funny to hide my toy Wrestling figures around the house.

"Yes, of course I remember how to play," I snap, starting to get irritated. "But excuse me for stating the obvious - how the hell am I meant to look for things when I am blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed?"


AHH! Fuck!

She slaps me soundly across the face, taking me by surprise and making my cheek smart in pain.

"Don't start with your wisecracks, Christian or I will walk away and leave you stranded." She hisses.


"I'm sorry," I mumble quickly into my chest.

"That's better. What's the first rule when you are bound and blindfolded, Christian?"

"To trust you."

"Good. And the second one?"

"To safeword if I need too."

"Excellent." Her lips find mine and she kisses me softly. "Remember those rules, okay?" She whispers.

I nod. She starts to jiggle again and then I hear a pop.

What the hell is she doing?

"Okay. I am going to spray cream around myself and you have to use your tongue to find it. I will say hotter and colder to direct you. Get it right first time and I will reward you with a wine-soaked strawberry. Get three consecutive colds and I will punish you. Do you understand?"


Holy crap - use my tongue to lick cream off Elena? I'm going to enjoy this game!

I hear the hiss of the cream as it spurts out of the can and I feel Elena lean forwards.

"Okay Christian, find the cream." She purrs.

Grinning, I move my head to the left from where I think the sound came from and press my tongue to her warm, body.

Fabric. Shit!


Damn, this is harder than I thought it would be!

I twist my head further in the same direction and stick my tongue out again.


Oh shit! I only have another chance!

I sweep my head upwards and luckily my nose touches the cream. I pounce victoriously, licking and sucking the cream off her negligee.

"Mmm...good boy. Ready for round two?"

"Yes!" I say, grinning eagerly.

This time I concentrate hard. The noise comes from below my chin, so angling my head downwards, I prod my tongue out.


"Well done!" She breathes. "Time for your reward."

I feel her lean across and then a strawberry is pressed to my lips. I open my mouth but she doesn't push it in. Instead she draws it achingly slowly around my lips, coating them in Sancerre. She then places the strawberry on my bottom lip. I'm panting now, blood beginning to pound through me. Then I feel her warm breath by my ear.

"Suck it."

Oh Christ...

I tentatively begin to suck and she pushes the strawberry into my mouth. I begin to chew and suddenly feel her tongue tracing my lips, licking off the Sancerre. I swallow the strawberry and no sooner has it slipped down my throat, than her tongue slides into my mouth to replace it.


We kiss and kiss - all wet ardent tongues and warm breath laced with strawberries and wine. It is the sweetest of kisses. Suddenly, I feel her hands on the ends of the silk scarves and she tugs hard, tilting my head back and breaking the kiss.

"Final round, Christian." She pants. "Let's see how well you do this time."

She releases the scarf and I feel her jiggle again, then I hear the squirt of cream. I'm disoriented now, the highly charged erotic game playing havoc with my judgement. I stick my tongue out.



I twist my head and try again.



I feel like my head is going to explode. My whole body has started to throb and I can feel my cock thickening between her legs and soaked panties. I twist again and stick my tongue out.

"Oh Christian...that's three consecutive misses!" She pants. "What do I do now?"

"Punish me," I groan, desire flooding through me.

"Louder!" She snarls.


Her lips push forcibly against mine as she ravishes my mouth. I feel the tips of her fingers trace round my nipples and they automatically harden. Her tongue slips into my mouth, just as her thumb and index finger close around my nipples and pull.



I groan deep in my throat and convulse under her, bumping her against me. She circles my nipples with her thumbs and then withdraws her tongue.

"Control," She rasps and swiftly pinches my nipples again.


I'm so fucking hard; my length is rubbing against the crack of her ass.


She kisses my chin. "I like it when you beg, Christian. It's the final act of submission."

I feel her sit up. I'm a panting, writhing mass on the verge of losing total control. I open my mouth to beg her again, but to my surprise, I feel her slide down my legs.

What the..?

"Open your legs." She orders.

I do so immediately and she grabs my hips. I feel her move and settle between my legs. My brain is still trying to adjust and then there is a hissing noise and something cold circumnavigates my straining cock, spiralling upwards to the tip.

Holy shit - she's just sprayed cream all over me!

"Final exercise in control Christian," she pants. "You have to hold on until I lick all the cream off you, before you come. If you manage that, I will reward you big time. Fail, and I will stop immediately and it will be game over. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I groan.

I feel a sudden sharp sting against my balls.


Goddammit - did she just flick me?

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Elena." I say through gritted teeth as my heavy balls descend painfully back into position.

And so it begins. I feel the point of her tongue lap the cream away from the junction of my shaft and balls, then her tongue flattens as she moves it one tortuously slow inch at a time, up my length. Sweat breaks out on my brow as I grit my teeth and try to find the dark place in my psyche where I can hide from this sweet torment. She reaches the tip and gives it a gentle kiss.

"Round one completed," she breathes. "Two more to go."

TWO more? Holy crap I don't know if I can hold on...

The second round is more of the same and I feel a wave of relief as she kisses the tip again.

"You're doing so well, Christian," she purrs. "Hold on for this final round and I promise the reward will be worth waiting for."

It had fucking better be...

I let out a soft moan as I screw my eyes shut tight, willing every fibre in my being to relax and not give in to this agonising torture. This time her tongue starts to make a spiral, collecting all the remaining cream. Her tongue is the only point of intimate contact between us, but I can feel the muscles of my thighs tighten under her hands. On and on, round and round she goes, as she ascends at a slow deliberate pace to the grand summit of my desire. Hot tears are pooling beneath my clenched eyelids and sweat has started to pour down my back.

I'm either going to achieve this or have some kind of major seizure...

After what feels like the longest minutes of my entire life, she finally kisses the tip of my erection again.

"Well done, Christian!" She exclaims breathlessly. "I knew you could do it! Time for your reward."

Thank. God.

I open my eyelids under my blindfold and hot tears stream out of the sides of my eyes, swiftly absorbed by the silk. I'm panting hard and I try and inhale a few deep, calming breaths. Then I hear the hiss again as the cream hits my erection.

What? Not again!

I inhale sharply and my whole body tenses as my rigid length is doused in cream. And more cream. And more cream...

I open my mouth to protest, but then I feel something soft and warm either side of my shaft and they begin to rise slowly from root to tip and down again. It's on the second descent when my frazzled brain finally connects the dots...

She's using her gorgeous cream-covered breasts to jerk me off!

The realisation is breath-taking, the sensation utterly exquisite, and Madonna is moaning in the background to Justify My Love. All my senses are being assaulted in the most awe-inspiring ways and I can hold on no longer. My whole body begins to tremble as my fists clench and my handcuffs rattle against the bed frame. On the next upward slide of her breasts, my hips buck off the bed of their own accord and Elena's soft, warm mouth encloses around the throbbing head of my erection.

With a loud cry of her name I explode like an active volcano - all the pent up emotion pouring out of me and down her throat. I writhe and twist under her as my body pulsates with every beat of my pounding heart, wringing every last drop out of me. With a slow release of air from my lungs, I sink back onto my bed, exhausted, exhilarated and totally spent.


As my equilibrium returns, I realise my hands have been freed and the silk scarf around my eyes is slowly being unravelled. I blink slowly, wincing as my eyes adjust to the light and the blood begins to run freely through my aching arms again. Elena stands over me, then bends, grasps my jaw and kisses me gently.

"Welcome back to planet earth," she smiles softly. She looks utterly beautiful in the soft light from my desk - all glowing face, sweat-damp hair and breasts shining from the cream.

"God, you're gorgeous," I breathe in appreciation and she laughs.

"I think your eyes haven't adjusted properly to the light yet," she smirks. "I'm hot, sweaty and all sticky."

"Just how I like you." I grin.

"Well I don't like me. I can't sleep like this."

Oh no... She's leaving..?

"What is it?" She asks as my face falls.

"Are you leaving?" I whisper as my heart begins to sink.

Her eyebrows shoot upwards. "Where on earth would I go in this state? I was thinking more along the lines of us having a shower together before bed." She looks me up and down, appraising me. "You could do with getting cleaned up yourself." She says huskily.

I look down at myself - all sweaty, shiny and creamy - then back at her beautiful, flushed face.

"Then what?" I whisper.

"Then maybe I can make us something to eat, and when we get tired, you take the couch and I'll sleep here...if that's okay..?" one's ever slept in the same room as me since...Her...

Elena touches my face. "Darling if you think it's too much, I'll have a shower and find a motel."

I take a deep breath. "No, please stay." I extend my hand and grab hers. "I'm sure there's plenty of room for two in my shower..."





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