Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



"Mind if I put the radio on?"

I seriously need to distract my cock from exploding.

"No, not at all. What music are you into?" She asks as I tap through the stations looking for something I like.

"I've got quite a varied taste. From Thomas Tallis to The Chemical Brothers - via Bach and Chopin, from my piano playing."

Valena's eyes widen as they dart to me "You play the piano?"

"Yes. My mom taught me the basics and when she realised I'd picked it up quickly, she assigned me a piano teacher."

"Do you still play?"

Really? She's driving me off somewhere for sex and we're having a conversation about music and playing the piano? just feels...right.

"Not as often now I've moved into my own apartment, but I make time to play whenever I go round to mom and dads. I find it relaxes me."

"Is that what you like to do outside of work?"

"It's one of the things. I also sail a lot in my spare time. I used to race laser dinghies but Mia got fed up of not being able to come sailing with me, so I traded it for a yacht."

"Mia?" She asks.

"Yeah she's my little sister. And I have an older brother, Elliot. He's not into boats - he gets seasick. He prefers wheels. My next project though, is to become a Pilot."

She gasps and quickly glances at me. "A Pilot?"

I grin. "I've always wanted to learn how to fly, but it's a very expensive hobby. However, if the business keeps growing the way it has, maybe I can start in the coming year or so."

"LEAVE IT THERE!" She suddenly shrieks as a song I have never heard before comes on. It has a strong deep beat of bass and drums and the scream of electric guitars, topped off with deep guttural vocals.

"You like this song?" I ask in surprise.

"Kings Of Leon are rapidly becoming one of my favourite bands."


"I can't say I've ever heard of them."

"They're a relatively new band. That song is called Red Morning Light and is from their album called..." She shoots me a look. "Youth And Young Manhood." She smirks.

I can't help my responding smile. "I didn't have you pegged as a Rock Chick."

"Really?" She drawls. "What did you have me pegged as?"

"A country music fan."

She shoots me a look and I grin.

"I'll admit there's a couple of country music songs I like, but my main favourites are Guns'N'Roses, Massive Attack and The White Stripes."

I laugh. "You really are a Rock Chick!"

"This from The Chemical Brothers fan!"

"Hey! Block Rockin' Beats is a classic. It totally encompassed the 'angry young man' I was before I met Elena..." I trail off.

She reaches over and squeezes my knee. "She's very special to both of us, Christian."

"Mmmm...She...she did tell you problem...with touching..?"

Val removes her hand.

"It's...okay. I'm fine with knees."

"Yours or mine?" She asks seductively.

Christ...Please let us arrive at our destination soon...



We've pulled off the highway near Olympia and Valena has driven up a track which has wound round until we are literally in the middle of a forest. Just as I'm about to ask where the hell we're going, a wooden chalet comes into view and Val pulls up alongside it.

"Where are we?" I ask in confusion.

"It's a hidden little gem of place that serves great food they either catch or gather."

We get out of the car and I stretch up in relief. My eyes catch the sign over the door of the chalet: 'Cuisine Sauvage' which makes me grin.

"It sounds awesome."

"Oh it is. I stumbled on it by accident one day when I was out cycling."

"So they have rooms too? It doesn't look very big..."

Val frowns at me. "Rooms? Who said anything about rooms? This forest is pretty dense. Plenty of secluded space to...let loose..."

HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT! It all makes sense now.

We're having sex in the great outdoors!

She gazes at me. "You okay with that?" She asks huskily.

"Yes...If you really are okay with being...tied up?" My voice has gone several octaves deeper.

"Yes! What do you want to use?" She responds eagerly.

SHIT! I ran out of my apartment so damn fast I'm not even wearing a tie!

"I...I...didn't bring anything with me," I mumble sounding like a half-wit.

"Well I didn't expect you to carry a spare set of cuffs!"

I close my eyes briefly imagining her cuffed and naked before me and groan inwardly.

She pops the trunk. "I think I saw a set of bungee cords in here."


She rifles in the trunk, brings out a length of red elasticated cord tied with a metal hook and eye and hands it to me.

"Is this okay?"

"Well...I...I've never used them before..." I take a deep breath. "But then...I've never had sex outside either. Lead the way, Ms. Rossi."



A five minute walk from the cabin is a thick copse of trees and I grab Valena's shoulders from behind.

"Stop. Here's fine."

I spin her round making her gasp.

This has gone on long enough.

I grab her face and kiss her hard, pushing my tongue between her teeth.

I ravage my mouth with hers and delight that she responds equally as hard - whilst keeping her hands by her side.

I break the kiss and we're panting hard. Desire is taking control and I'm fighting hard against it.

"You got a condom on you?" She breathes.


"I...I..." I'm panicking.

Val grasps my face. "Christian its okay. I was just asking. I have some in my bag." She lets go of my face and stoops to pick up her handbag from where she dropped it on the grass.

She carries condoms with her?

"Well you did kinda spring it on me!"

She grins and takes out two foil packets from her bag.


She reaches over and slips one into my jeans pocket. "Always be prepared, Christian." She whispers and with that she sinks gracefully to her knees on the soft grass.

"Sorry I know you like the control thing...but I'm desperate to have you in my mouth...Is that okay?" She looks up at me endearingly through long dark lashes.

I stare down at her, warring with myself.

Oh fuck it...

I rip open my jeans and push them and my boxers down my thighs. Val eagerly grabs me and I'm plunged into her warm wet mouth.

"Mmmm..." She moans in pleasure as she begins to suck hard.

"CHRIST!" I hiss. "You keep doing that and I'll come down your throat! I'm serious..." I pant.

She smiles up at me and takes me deep into her mouth.

Oh that's your game is it? Think it's high time I took control...

I reach down, grasp her auburn ponytail, wind it round my wrist and then I grab her jaw with my other hand. Angling her head slightly I take over the tempo, moving her up and down my length. She continues to gaze at me and I find that I actually like the eye contact. I want her to watch me when I...


I explode into her mouth as I throw my head back and gaze at the blue sky and green leaves, just starting to tinge with gold.

Fuck me...I needed that.

She leans back, smiles as she releases me and grabs the foil packet on the ground. Before I can even process what's happening she has expertly pinched the end and rolled it down my still hard length.

I grasp her under the armpits and haul her upwards. I kiss her swiftly and grab the bungee cord.

"Turn and face the tree. Clasp your hands together and hold them out in front of you. Keep your head down." I snap.

Valena quickly complies and I stride round the front of her, undoing the bungee cord. I loop it around the trunk of a pine tree a couple of times then swiftly wrap it around her wrists and secure them firmly. Her arms are suspended above her head and I grab her waist.

"Move backwards till I say."

She moves back until she is slanted forwards. "Stop. Now keep still."

I grasp the hem of her skirt and push it up, bunching it at her waist. I delight in her pale legs and red lace thong, emphasising a perfect round ass that my hand itches to spank. She is taller and rounder than Elena - a tiny waist balancing out her ample chest and hips - the perfect hourglass figure.

I eagerly grasp the thong and yank it down her long legs. It's damp and musky and reveals a beautiful covering of auburn down. I reach up and stroke it. I've never touched a woman's pubic hair before and Val's feels like velvet. Her musky dew coats my fingers and I gently use two fingers to massage her clitoris.

"Oh, Christian..." She moans.

Grinning I suck my fingers and then give her ass a good slap.


"QUIET!' I hiss.

Jesus, half of Olympia will be looking for us if she keeps that up!

"S-Sorry I wasn't expecting it." She whimpers.

"When we're like this you call me Sir, okay?"


I bring my hand down across the other cheek.


I rub my hand across her fine ass to take the sting away and then slowly slide her thong down her legs.


Valena steps out and I pocket her thong.

"Okay grasp the cord and brace yourself."

I take hold of my cock and rub it against her slickness, coating myself. She whimpers and I feel her quiver against me. The layer of the condom feels weird and I'm not entirely sure I like it, but I place myself in position, grab her firmly by the hips and push inside.

Holy crap! This feels so different to Elena!

I don't know whether it's the condom, the setting, or the fact it's a hot female I've been fantasising over for the past year, but it's like sensory overload.

"You okay?" I breathe.

"Oh God, yeah. Take me, please...Sir..."

"Oh with pleasure..." I grin and I pull back and then slam hard into her.

"Ahh...Yes...Sir..." She moans as I begin to pound into her.

Our skins break out into a fine shiny mist and a gentle fall breeze caresses the flesh around my bare ass, making it tingle.

I feel Valena begin to pulse around me and it takes all my resolve to slow right down and hold her at the precise angle so I can rub on her sweet spot.

"Yesssss...Yesssssss...OHHBBLLOIGYUGGBBLLYMMMMMMM..." She moans incoherently as she climaxes strongly around me. I feel her sag and I decide to change tack.

I grab her around the waist, to support her and pull out.

"Chris...Umm...Sir..?" She mumbles.

"Hush..." I undo her hair tie. "Get your bearings and twist so you are facing me."

She does so and I help her into position.

I stroke my thumb over her lips. "How was that?"

Her cheeks are flushed her dark blue eyes shine with pleasure and she looks utterly beautiful.

"How was it?" She breathes. "It was amazing! SO worth waiting for!" She beams.

"Good. Because I'm not done with you yet, Ms. Rossi."

Val gasps and before she can respond I grasp her mighty fine ass and lift her off the ground.

"Oh my God..."

"Wrap your legs around me." I instruct.

She nods hurriedly and I feel her lock her ankles around my butt. I step back so that her arms stretch and her body arches away from me at the perfect angle to slide back in.

She closes her eyes and moans. "Oh feel so''s...been so long..."

"Then I'd better make up for everything you've missed..." I breathe.

I plant my feet firmly on the ground lift her up by the ass cheeks slightly and begin to slam hard into her.

"Yes! Yes! Ohhhh...F-F-FUCK..!"

Her head tilts back and her tits are bouncing in front of me.

Oh there's no way I'm not seeing these!

I stop my relentless pounding and rest her ass cheeks on one forearm. I push her tank-top up over her breasts, hook my finger into the front of her red lace bra and yank it upwards. Her huge breasts drop forwards and I pinch a cute pink nipple.

"GAHHHHH!!!!" She hisses and quivers around me.

God, they're amazing...

Grinning, I lower my head and suckle her nipple. She makes a garbled noise and I feel my control is deteriorating.

I lift her back into position and still sucking hard I begin to thrust upwards into her.


Her impassioned cry drives me to the edge and then I can feel myself starting to fall. I bare my teeth and graze her nipple.

"FUCK!" She hisses and detonates around me as I push hard and finally and gloriously climax deep inside her.

I bring my hand round to her front and rub at her clit as she rides out her orgasm - making her whimper incoherently as she clutches around my cock. Her head lolls forwards, her gorgeous auburn hair falling around her face and chest. The sun catches it making it shimmer and light up with autumnal colours. I take in a welcome lungful of warm air as I walk us back to the tree trunk. Her head rests against my shoulder as I unclip the bungee cord, quickly unravel it and free her arms.

"Valena..." I whisper into her hair. "You okay?"

"Mmmm hmmm."

I grin and grasp her jaw, tilt her head back and search her eyes. They are hooded, shiny sapphires.

"I take it it's been quite a while?" I grin.

She takes a deep breath. "It has...but it was NEVER like that! That was...just...AMAZING!"

Grinning I kiss her gently on the lips. "It was for me too," I whisper. "Thank you."

"What are you thanking me for?" She asks in a shocked tone.

"You've shown me I really can move forwards...that my world doesn't have to begin and end with Elena."

"Oh, I'm so glad. I know what a huge deal this was for you - after only ever being with Elena - and if I've helped you take your first steps forwards, then I'm genuinely delighted." She pauses. "Can I call you Christian now?"

"Yeah." I chuckle softly and ease myself out of her.

We adjust our clothing and I find myself staring at my tacky condom.

What the fuck am I meant to do with that?

"Just tie a knot it in for now. You can throw it in the trash outside the restaurant." She says, seemingly reading my mind.

"Oh okay. I don't know about you, but I'm starving!"

She laughs. "Yes I think we worked up a bit of an appetite didn't we?" She ties her hair into a ponytail and we head back through the trees to the chalet.



"Do you have my thong?"



Thank you all for your continued encouragement and support. It has got this far thanks to all your interest. Very Best wishes to you all Winbeth6574XX


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