Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



"Ahh! Sir...What are you..?"

I stand there staring down at her amazing body, sweat pouring off me as my mind screams.

Maybe there is a way to resolve this...

I undo her legs, drop them to the floor and then grab her by the hips and flip her onto her front. I grasp the belt around her wrists firmly and pull sharply on it before slamming hard into her from behind.

She lets out a garbled cry into the duvet, but I hold her firmly in place as I continue my relentless pounding, searching for my release.

What had led her down this path? Where were her family? Did she have no other support, no other means to make money?

I drive myself on. I cannot clear my head of my dark thoughts and I feel myself getting dragged down - down into the abyss and back to that green, sticky rug...



I am hauled back into the room by Terri's loud shriek and I find I am gasping for air. I must have been holding my breath without realising. She moans incoherently as her climax pulsates strongly through her and she clenches down hard onto me. Then by some divine miracle I feel my balls clench a moment before I explode violently inside her. On and on, over and over my orgasms crashes through me until I finally let go of her wrists and collapse onto her saturated back.

Fuck me. I don't think I have ever come so hard in my life...

My equilibrium slowly returns and in between rapid heaving breaths I somehow undo her wrists and rub her arms with my shaking hands. I then sink to my knees and slide out of her, before crawling back to the chair and flopping down onto it.



A soft hand touches my arm and I jump. I don't know how much time has passed or how long I have been bunched up on the armchair with my forehead head resting on my knees. I lift my head wearily and Terri is standing there, fresh from a shower, wearing a hotel robe and a towel wrapped round her head.

"You haven't moved or spoken in like, twenty minutes. Are you okay?"

I blink at her.

How can I tell her she reminds me of the crack whore?

"Why..?" I finally breathe.

Now Terri blinks at me. "Why? Why what?" She asks confused.

"I just want to know why a gorgeous, seemingly articulate young lady like you, needs to do...this..."

Terri gasps and looks taken aback. " one's ever asked's usually 'How much?'" She sighs. "I need to earn a living."

"But surely you can do something else..?" I croak. "Why be a call girl?"

She frowns at me. "You really wanna know?"

Oh trust me baby, I really do...

"Yes," I whisper.

She closes her eyes and screws them tightly for a few seconds before releasing them. She then turns, grabs her bag and brings out her purse. She pulls out a photo and hands it over to me. It's of a cute little girl - maybe around two years old - with dark hair and large brown eyes. She reminds me of Mia when she was little.

"That's my little girl, Hope Alexandra. She'll be two next month. And this..." She hands over another photo, this time of a smiling man. "Is her daddy, Alex."

Holy shit! She's got a partner and a child and she turns tricks for a living?

I'm trying to absorb all the information when she speaks again.

"Alex died in the Twin Towers. I was pregnant with Hope. He never got to meet his little girl and she'll never know her daddy."



The world has stopped spinning on its axis and fallen away from me.

"Oh God...Oh Terri...I'm so sorry." I mumble, sorrowfully.

She nods and swallows hard, blinking back tears as she carefully places the precious photos back into her purse. I jump up and grab a hotel robe and quickly wrap it round myself. I open the mini-bar.

"Would you like a brandy...or I can order down for a Hendricks..?"

She sighs softly and sits on the bed. "No...a brandy would be good."

I pour us both a brandy and hand her the tumbler as I sink back into the chair. She takes a sip and stares into the glass.

"What about compensation?" I ask softly.

She shakes her head. "He was doing a favour for a friend. He was actually at home having a few days off from work. Alex was an engineer in Brooklyn. I went out for groceries and came back to find this..."

She puts her drink down, fishes back into her purse and opens out a folded piece of lined notepaper. She hands it to me shakily. I take the note and read it.

"Honey, Carlos called. Maria's gone into early labour and he needs to be with her. I'm just going into the North Tower for a few hours to cover for him. See you both later. Love You Xx"


"So...nobody knew he was there?" I whisper.

She takes the note back from me, folding it with care and tucking it back into her purse. She takes a long slug of brandy. "He...he was working on the 94th floor. They pretty much took a direct hit. I...I...didn't even have a body to bury. I didn't have enough proof to place him in the building at the time. All I had was his note and Carlos to vouch he'd been there. They couldn't find the bodies of the three others he was working with either. But they were registered as being there, so the Claims Department are paying their families. My only hope is that the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner find some kind of fragment that can be matched up with Hope's DNA sample." She looks up from her glass, her aquamarine eyes glistening with tears. "That's why I called my little girl Hope - for the hope I have in my heart that one day something of Alex will be found."

"So...where's Hope now?" I ask gently.

She takes another sip of brandy. "With Carlos and Maria. When Alex died I couldn't afford the rent and Carlos and Maria immediately took me in. Carlos and Alex had been best buddies since pre-school - there was nothing they wouldn't do for each other. Maria had a son on the evening of September 11th and they called him Alexander Vida Sanchez. Vida means life in Spanish and they wanted Alex to live on through their little boy. Which I'm sure he does because he is just the sweetest little thing. Hope adores him."

"And they know about your...Umm...job?"

Terri bursts out laughing making me jump. "Jesus, no! They think I do night shifts in the laundry room here!" She takes a deep breath. "I came to NYC on a gap year before starting college. I got a job in a coffee house and Alex would come in with a coffee and donuts order every morning. It was love at first sight. I never made it back to New Zealand. Alex and I were planning to go over with Hope..." She swallows hard as her eyes mist over. I reach across grab her hand and squeeze it. "...Anyway...I always planned to transfer colleges, but we wanted to get a place together and money was tight, so I just started working where I could. I was working in a bar when Alex died and then being pregnant with wasn't easy. Carlos helped me out with the health insurance when I had Hope - he still carries so much guilt for what happened - but...I don't want to live off them and waitressing hardly paid well. Alex had no living relatives who could help me out either. That's when one of the girls I worked with told me about the Agency."

I take a slug of brandy. "Weren't you scared?" I whisper.

"Scared? I was fucking terrified! Luckily they set me up with a lovely guy for my first time. He was very sweet and patient and we got there in the end. And he gave me a bonus on top of my fee. It meant I could finally start to pay my way and get Hope some new things. When I haven't got an Agency job I come and hang out here - plenty of rich businessmen passing through and I get to keep all the money."

Wow. Is that what had happened to my mo...umm...HER? Some major disaster that left her with a little kid and no way to earn a living other than selling herself? And the crack was her escape?

Her fingers brush my cheek. "Hey...You okay? I seem to have lost you again?"

I blink rapidly. "Sorry...I was just thinking. So what are your future plans? How long do you see yourself doing this?"

Terri smiles for the first time since I brought her into the room. She has a very cute smile framed by those gorgeous full lips.

"Another year or so. Hope will then start Kindergarten and by that time I would have hopefully saved enough to go back to New Zealand. I really want Hope to grow up there surrounded by family and...I really could do with being around my parents and siblings too." She sighs wistfully. "I do love it here but I don't want to rely on charity and I think if Hope and I leave, Carlos may get some closure too. We're a constant reminder of what happened and I don't think that's helping him move forward."

I nod slowly digesting all the facts. She gives my hand a squeeze. "You're a very good listener. I've...I've never told a client any of that before. By now they've usually paid me and are running I back home."


I jump up. "Christ, Terri I'm so sorry. I've not even paid you for tonight. What do I owe you?"

Terri smiles again. "It's fine, honestly. I've had a really nice time - and by the way, the sex was...Amazing!"

Oh baby...that was just the fucking tip of the ice-berg...

I grin. " was pretty good wasn't it?" I stroke her cheek. "You'll never know how much I needed that." I straighten up. ""

"Well I usually charge seven hundred dollars an hour, but because I've had such a nice time and amazing sex...let's call it a thousand. Cash. Please sir." She smiles sweetly at me.

I chuckle and grab my wallet out of my trousers. "I don't carry that much on me...but I can give you...two hundred and..." I undo my watch. "My Rolex to keep hold of whilst I go to Reception downstairs. I don't want you thinking I'm going to run off!"

Terri laughs. "That's very generous of you sir. Thank you. I'll get dressed in the meantime and then I can get out of your hair."

"Are you going straight home?"

"No I'll use some of the money for a cheap room I can crash in. I usually head back in the morning."

"No...Please stay here. I've paid the room till ten tomorrow morning. Please make yourself at home. I'll go tell the front desk to put it all on my card."

Terri opens her mouth to protest but I hold my hand up. "No. I insist. Please Terri. Treat yourself for once."

Terri's beautiful aquamarine eyes mist over as she looks at me. "I...I don't know what to say. Thank you so much."

"You're very welcome." I grab my pants and quickly pull them on and grab my shirt. "I'll be ten minutes or so. Just relax okay. Get another drink or order room service."

She nods happily as I leave the room. Once in the lift, I grab my cell.

"Barney, I need you to do something for me."

"Okay, let me turn my laptop on..."

"No,'s more of an errand. I need you to go to my apartment. I'll ring ahead and get you clearance. The safe is in the third wardrobe in my bedroom. I'll text you the code. I need you to take all the cash that's in there..."

"Are you in some kind of trouble?" Barney interrupts, concerned.

"No, nothing like that. I just need the cash urgently." I pause as I get out of the lift and head towards the Reception in the lobby. "And then I need you to book yourself on the next flight out to NYC - first class - and meet me here at the Hilton Garden Inn. Can you do that?"

"Yeah, of course. But it'll be stupid o'clock in the morning by the time I arrive."

"It's fine Barney. Book the best seat on the plane so you can sleep on your way across and then when you get here you can crash in my room and we can travel back together later in the day."

"Okay sir. I'll see you in what...six hours or so?"

"Yes. Thanks Barney. Ring me the moment you get here and if you encounter any problems."

"Will do. Oh and Christian?"


"You really need to look into getting yourself an assistant."

I chuckle. "If I can find someone I trust as much as you, then I will do. See you soon."

I end the call and approach the front desk.


I find Terri lying on the bed watching an episode of Friends on the TV.

"Everything okay?"

Terri beams. "Yes thanks! I was gonna order down for room service - that amazing sex has made me hungry! Would you like something?"

I grin. "What are you having?"

"The cheeseburger and fries here are pretty amazing."

Cheeseburgers? At this hour? Oh fuck it, I'm starving...

"Sounds good. And get a couple of colas."

Bastille is SO going to kick my ass on Friday...

Terri places the order and I respond to a couple of text messages that came through earlier that evening. She puts the phone down and I hand her the envelope.

"Oh thanks. I'd almost forgotten. This is so far removed from what usually happens with a client! Jeez...did they pay out in ten dollar bills..?" She asks dragging her finger along the notes. Her beautiful eyes widen as she looks up at me.

"There's more than a thousand dollars here!" She squeaks.

I nod. "There's three thousand." I begin quietly. "I cannot believe you The were prepared to drop the cost - with everything else you are going through - just because you'd had a nice time!"

Terri gasps and tries to push the envelope back to me. "It's too much."

"No. It's not nearly enough. I'm not taking it back. It's yours. Get your little girl something nice. On me."

She opens her mouth again but I place a finger on her lips. "No more." She purses her lips and kisses my finger, making me smile.


I'm full of junk food, fizzy drinks and now I'm overdosing on crap TV. This is so not me.

But right at this moment, I couldn't give a fuck.

I hadn't appreciated how much I have missed the company of a beautiful woman. Not just to exchange pleasantries - I have Elena for that - but just for that comfortable playfulness you only get after really great sex.

"What. The. Fuck. Is. This. TV. Show. About?" I say every word staccato.

"A plane has crash landed on a tropical island. This is the story of the survivors." Terri says from the side of her mouth, eyes not leaving the screen. "They have to forage and hunt for food and water..."

"Do they have weapons?" I interrupt.

Terri quickly glances at me. "I think one of them was a fugitive travelling with some kind of armed guard. Why?"

"If they shoot the fat guy they could survive for months."

Terri grabs a cushion and hits me across the head with it. I quickly grab her wrists and pin her under me. Grinning, I lean down and rub my stubble across her breasts, making her squeal. I then trace my tongue across the pink weal. I lift my head and her lips are parted as she softly pants, aquamarine eyes glossy and shining. I kiss her gently on the mouth and she eagerly responds. It takes all of my resolve to pull away.


I stroke her cheek. "It's getting late, Terri. You need to get some sleep."

She pulls at her robe. "I'm quite happy to go again. You're easily the best client I've ever had."

I grab her hands. Now I know her full story there is no way I'm taking her again.

"No." I say firmly.

She frowns and looks upset. I grasp her chin.

"'s not that I'm not tempted believe me. But you deserve to be treated well, not ravaged by someone like me."

She smirks sexily. "But I really liked being ravaged by you."

I smile. "The feeling is entirely mutual, believe me." I kiss her gently and sit up, dragging her with me. "Bedtime. I'm going back to my room, but I'll be back to see you before you go, okay?"

"Okay, Sir." She mutters, pouting.

I grin. "Sweet dreams. I'll be back in a few hours."

She nods and shuffles under the covers. "Sweet dreams to you too Mr. Peach."

Oh baby, I really hope so...



I'm woken by my cell ringing on my bedside cabinet. I groggily grab at it. "Grey," I mumble.

"Sir, I'm in Reception."

My eyes shoot open. "Brilliant Barney. Come on up."

By the time Barney knocks on the door, I have changed, washed my face and brushed my teeth.

"Room service," he gripes as I open the door.

I usher him in. "Barney, I appreciate you going out on a limb like this."

He hands me my rucksack. "You wanna tell me now what kinda trouble you're in? Maybe I can help?"

I rub my forehead squeezing my eyes briefly. "Barney, I swear on my life, I'm not in any kind of trouble. I need this for someone I've met here, who needs my help. That is all. The cash doesn't leave a paper trail. She doesn't even know my name."

"SHE?" Barney squawks, shocked.

I frown at him. "Why is that so hard to believe?" I snap.

Barney shifts uncomfortably. "'s just that we all thought..." He takes a deep breath. "We all were gay."


I stand glaring at him at a loss for what to say. I like to pride myself in being a testosterone-fuelled Alpha Male, so why the hell are people thinking I'm gay? Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but still...

"You never seem to have a girlfriend and you never mention dates, so we all assumed..." He looks at me sorrowfully. "I am sorry, Christian."

I am so fucking angry my hands have balled into tight fists at my sides.

How DARE my staff assume I'm gay because I don't have a girlfriend! If only they knew the truth behind my secretive private life...Oh, hang on...

One of my greatest fears is that my secret will somehow get out. If staff and those closest to me assume I'm gay, then that will really throw them off the scent and my penchant for fettering, flogging and fucking women will lie undiscovered...

I clear my throat. "Yes, well...I can't say I'm happy that my staff seem to find my private life worth gossiping about, but I assume I can rely on your discretion and silence?"

Barney nods frantically. "Christian, I swear on my life I've never gossiped about you or entered into any kind of discussion about your private life. And as for tonight, no one knows I've come to meet you except Ros - and I told her it was just an I.T. issue you needed my help with."

"Good. Let's make sure it stays that way." I open the rucksack and grab a wad of notes. "Here - call it an inconvenience bonus. I had a think about what you said. I do need some kind of 24/7 assistant/close protection. I'm getting more exposure and I don't want to end up being a sitting duck. I'll ask Welch if he knows someone when we get back to Seattle."

"Christian...that was just a joke. I honestly don't mind and I'm not taking your money."

"You either take the cash or I'll add it to your wages this month. Either way, you are getting this bonus. I put on you far too much, when you should just be concentrating on your actual job. Plus I never tell you how grateful I am."

"But, sir..."

"Just take the damn cash Barney!"

Barney grabs the money. "Fine! Jeez...there's just no point in arguing with you is there?"

"No. Now go get into bed, you must be exhausted."

"I am pretty tired...even if I did have a very sweet ride over here. First Class rocks!"

I grin. "Being rich does have its benefits sometimes."

Barney smiles. "It sure does. And when you are free I would like to take you to my favourite Italian restaurant and treat YOU for a change."

I let out an embarrassed cough. "You don't have to do that, Barney."

"Yeah? Well suck it up, because this time I'M insisting!"

I smile as he begins to unpack his flight-bag.

"Okay. Thanks. Right, I'm going to go and sort this out. Ring if you need anything."

" too." He says stifling a yawn.

I head to the door. "Oh and Barney? I hope you won't mind having dinner alone with a gay man..."

Chuckling at his shocked expression, I head into the corridor.



Terri is in the shower when I re-enter her room. She comes out a few minutes later, fastening her black silk blouse. She jumps when she sees me sat on the bed, then smiles. "Oh! Sorry sir, I didn't hear you come in. Did you sleep well?"

I beam. "Morning, Terri and yes I had the best nights sleep I'd had in almost a month. I feel ready to take on the world again thanks to you." I pat the bed next to me. "Sit down a minute, please."

Smiling she comes and sits next to me. I hand her the rucksack. "This is for you."

She smiles at me. "Oh thanks. I could do with a new one. Mine was getting a little worn."

I shake my head. "Not, the rucksack - but you can keep it - what's inside."

Frowning, Terri zips the rucksack undone and peers into it.

"HOLY FUCK! Did you rob a bank or something?" She stares at me, eyes wide and literally on stalks.

"No." I begin gently. "Terri, I was moved beyond belief by your story. I couldn't just leave you to carry on when I have the means to help you. There's enough there to pay off your debts, start a new life with your little girl in New Zealand and employ a decent lawyer to fight your corner in the search for Alex."

Terri's beautiful eyes swim with tears. "B-But you already gave me three thousand dollars and paid for this lovely room. This...This is too much."

I wipe away a lone tear. " I told you the three thousand wasn't nearly enough, but it's all the hotel were willing to give me. I had my one of my staff raid my safe and fly in with the money so I could give you it in time before you left. Take it. It's all yours. No strings. Go be with your family and give Hope everything she could ever wish for. Enrol back into college and follow your dreams. Just go and find some happiness again, Terri."

With a loud wail, she throws her arms around my neck and buries her face under my chin, sobbing uncontrollably. I gently cradle her and make soft cooing sounds like I do when Mia is upset. I have no idea if that works on a grown woman, but it's all I have. Eventually, she quietens down and I run the corner of my t-shirt sleeve over her damp face. Even ravaged by tears, she remains beautiful and I can't help but think under other circumstances she would have made a great Sub, or even... a girlfriend...

Fuck..! I don't do the 'G' word! What am I thinking??

I swiftly kiss the top of her head, undo her hands and stand. "I wish you both, the very best of luck, Terri and I really do hope that one day soon, they find something of Alex's. You're a very strong woman, you will get through this - and now you can be financially independent too."

Terri looks up at me through watery pools of incandescent turquoise. "I don't know how I'm ever going to thank you. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up from some kind of amazing dream. You really are my knight in shining armour."

Mmm...Dark Knight maybe...

I shake my head. "It was just sheer fortune of circumstance. I'm glad I could help." I head to the door. "Just be happy again, okay?"

"I never even got to know your real name," she calls out as I open the door.

I turn and smile at her. "I'm just your friendly neighbourhood CEO. Bye Terri, I hope divine providence shines on you."

She smiles fondly at me. "Thank you, sir. I hope it shines on you too."

With a last long look at her, I walk out and close the door.

Oh baby, I hope so too...



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