Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



I've barely paid for a room and made it into the elevator, before I pounce and slam her against the wall. My mouth crashes down onto hers, absorbing a shocked gasp as I hold her jaw between my hands. I feel her arms move and I quickly let go of her jaw. I grasp her hands, link my fingers through hers and push her arms wide - stretching them either side of her body. My tongue lashes into her mouth as I push my knee between her legs. My cock is throbbing and rapidly hardening against my zipper.

I need this woman and I need her NOW!

The elevator pings and I release her hands and mouth. She gasps again, but I grab her hand and literally drag her out of the elevator and into the room.

"Jesus!" She pants. "You ever heard of foreplay?"

"What do you think that was in the lift?" I rasp. I shrug off my jacket and undo my tie, leaving it loose round my neck as I undo the top few buttons. I undo my belt, grasp my buckle and pull hard so that it slides through my trouser loops and swings free - all the while keeping eye-contact with her as she stands in the middle of the room trying to regain her composure. I sit down in a red velvet armchair and face her.

"From this moment, you are under my control. You will call me Sir. When I ask you to do something, you do it immediately and without question. If you get uncomfortable the safeword is yellow. If you want me to stop, it's red." I take a deep breath after my panted ramble. " can leave now."

Please...PLEASE...Don't go...

Terri gazes down at me, mouth slightly agape to accommodate her heavy breathing. Time seems to stand still for an infernal amount of time before she finally whispers:


Thank Christ!

I grin. "Then strip. I want you naked. Leave your shoes on."

She gasps softly then nods. She drops her handbag, undoes the single button on her jacket and shrugs out of it, letting it slide to the floor. She pulls out her shirt from her waistband and makes short work of taking that off and it falls to a shiny dark pool at her feet. I feast my eyes on her breasts, clad in black satin, as she goes for her skirt zipper.

"Turn around. Take it off slowly."

She nods again and turns, slowly sliding her zipper down. She sashays gently out of her skirt as a small triangle of black satin appears along with the straps of her thong and then her skirt slowly slides down her shapely legs. She steps out of it and goes to turn.

"No!" I snap. "Step back till I say."

She moves backwards until her legs are brushing against mine. "Stop." I breathe against her skin. I slide my hands up her thighs and over her ass cheeks as I caress the soft flesh. I lift the straps of her thong in my hands and a wicked thought crosses my mind. I fist my hands and pull sharply - snapping the flimsy straps easily.

"CHRIST!" She hisses.

I throw the scrap of material onto the pile already on the floor and then slide my hands up her back and undo her bra, slipping it off her shoulders so it falls at her feet. I reach round, fondle her breasts and then pinch the nipples - at the same time as bringing my lips to her ass cheeks and lightly scoring the skin with my teeth. She  whimpers and my cock lengthens and thickens at the sound.

Okay Grey...time to speed things up a bit...

"Hands behind your back." I order.

She moves her hands and places them in the small of her back. I grab my leather belt and wind it around her wrists, slipping the end through the buckle and securing it firmly. I grasp her wrists.

"Bend over."

She makes a soft groaning sound as she tilts forward and I hold onto her wrists to help her balance. When her back is at a right angle to her legs I squeeze her wrists and she stops her descent. She is now open to me in the most intimate of ways. Her mound is smooth and glistens in the soft light of the lamps. I have to bite my lip not to groan. Holding the belt firmly in one hand, I reach forward between her legs and stroke her - her slickness coating the tips of my fingers as she moans.

Okay. No more.

I retrieve my hand and suck her delicious juice off my fingers.

"Stand up and turn around." I rasp as I reach over and turn on a lamp to help see her better.

She wobbles slightly as she does so and for the first time I get to see her in all her full frontal glory. Her breasts are perfect teardrops with cute tan nipples, which give way to a small waist and a pleasing curve to her hips. She has pretty much the perfect hourglass figure. My greedy eyes meet hers and in the glow of the lamp, I realise they aren't in fact emerald green but are actually aquamarine and almost turquoise in hue. They are mesmerising, especially now when they are hazy and hooded and her cheeks flushed pink with arousal.

"You're exquisite," I breathe. "Now kneel."

Grasping her waist I help ease her into position in front of me and then I am scrabbling at my trousers to release myself. I lift my butt off the chair and yank my boxers and trousers down my legs as I finally spring free. I grasp her hair with one hand, my cock in the other and look at her intently.

"Suck me."

Her soft wet mouth descends onto me. With a groan, I close my eyes and relax back into the chair.

Holy fuck. She really knows what she's doing...

It's blatantly obvious from her technique, that Terri is highly skilled in the art of giving blowjobs. Scarlett was good  - but Elena's techniques always had a slightly savage undertone due to the nature of our relationship. Terri by complete contrast is practically worshipping my cock with her mouth - tracing every bulging vein with her skilled tongue and then back up to first suckle the head - before taking it deep into her mouth. On her next foray around the root of my cock, I wait for her ascent, but when it doesn't come, I open my heavy eyes and look down. Terri has widened her knees and sank lower.

What the fuck's she doing?

I open my mouth to speak but then her tongue connects...

...with my balls...

"FUCK!" I hiss.

I have never been kissed there and the feel of her soft mouth on my hot, swollen balls is mind blowing. I cannot help my physical reaction to the sensation and a trickle of arousal slips out and runs down the length of my cock. Terri takes it all in her stride and before it reaches the root, she moves her head to lap it up and then traces its journey back to the tip and suckles again.

"Terri...I'm gonna come..." I growl.

She immediately pulls off me.


I open my mouth to angrily protest, but she kneels up higher, grabs her breasts and envelops my straining cock in the middle of them. She gently bounces up and down and all I can do is grip her head in both my hands as my first shot of cum explodes over her breasts. She slows her bobbing as I continue to spray her chest and then lowers her head and begins to lick me clean. When she's done we are both sticky and panting. I cradle her head as she finishes with a long lick of her beautiful lips.

"Did Sir enjoy that?" She breathes her beautiful eyes hooded and lustful.

"Very much so." I grin. "But I'm not done with you yet."

I hook my hands under her armpits and gently lift her to her feet. "Go and lie on the bed."


She turns and I give her fine ass a hard slap. She yelps.

"You forgot to say Sir."

"For fuck's sake, Sir!" She mutters angrily as she walks to the bed, rubbing her ass the best she can and I can't help my chuckle.

I remove my shoes and socks and then stand to step out of my trousers.

I pad over to the bed, where she lies watching me, her aquamarine eyes glimmering. I place a couple of condoms on the nightstand and then reach down, grab her ankles and drag her gently down the bed, stopping when her butt cheeks have reached the edge. I grab a tissue and wipe her breasts clean before dropping to my knees and pushing her thighs apart. Her mound is shiny pink and she smells amazing. I rub my stubble along the inside of one thigh and she groans. I then follow up by nipping gently along the same line till I reach her mound. I blow softly up and down her and she groans louder. I repeat the process on the other thigh and she rocks her hips against me. I then grab her behind each knee and drape them over my shoulders. Finally, I gently part her folds and my tongue sinks onto her.

"AHHH! Yes! Sir!"

I grin as my tongue circles her. She is soft and juicy like a ripe peach and I devour her like she is nectar from the Gods. I slide a finger inside her and stroke her from within.

"H-Holy f-fuck...Sir..." She moans loudly as she grinds herself against my mouth, her heels scraping across my back. As I feel her first quiver I immediately stop and remove my mouth and finger. Her eyelids fly open and her eyes find mine.

"Sir! I nearly...there!" She pants, frowning in annoyance.

"I know. And I will take you there, don't worry." I move her legs down to the floor, stand and grab a foil packet and quickly sheath myself. "Wrap your legs around my waist, Terri." I order huskily.

She immediately does so and I place myself at the entrance to her sex, brace my hands either side of her shoulders and slam into her. She tilts her head back with a gasp and arches off the bed. I wait for her to settle back and then I begin to pound hard into her. I feel her ankles tighten around my ass and she screws her eyes closed before letting out a shriek, as she starts to climax around me. I feel every clenching pull on my cock, as I continue to drive into her, my mind racing.

How many men have taken her into a room like this and fucked her? Poured every ounce of themselves into her willing body, like...HER. How many men did that bastard pimp bring to fuck her so she had money for crack?

I shake my head trying to dispel my unpleasant thoughts and look down at Terri. Her eyes are gently closed - long brunette hair fanned out around her flushed face; her beautiful chest rising and falling as she pants.

How old is she? She looks mid-twenties, no older than the crack whore. But she seems bright and well educated - unlike her. So, why? Why let men do this to you? Is it just for the money...or is she into drugs too?

The thought sickens me and I can now no longer look at her. She just reminds me too much of the crack whore. I pull out sharply.

Shit...What am I going to do..?



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