Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.





MAY 2011


I've been waiting for this moment for an infernal amount of time. Every time I have tried to organise a meeting with Christian over the past month he has kept putting me off saying he's really busy. I'm beginning to wonder if he has found another Submissive, but I'm sure he would have told me. He always tells me when he has taken on another Submissive - and then he brings her into the Salon shortly after for me to scrutinise and groom her to his high standards.

It's been a couple of months since he ended things with Susannah - another Sub Christian believes didn't work out because of incompatibility. It's usually because they try to cross the line between Master and Sub - wanting him to go from Dominant to boyfriend. But Christian can't do the boyfriend thing. He will never let anyone get that close - he believes he is far too emotionally damaged. However, it doesn't stop all his Subs from falling head over heels in love with him. Why wouldn't they? Despite his many flaws, any woman in her right mind would want to get more involved with this wonderful, brilliant, successful man and amazing Dom.

This lifestyle is all he knows. He needs someone who can meet all his needs and desires and who totally understands him - without putting pressure on him to be something he simply can't be.


I have always regretted my rash decision in ending things with him when Linc found out about us and raised his fists to me. At the time, I thought it was for the best. The last thing I wanted was a show-down between them both. Linc would have exposed him and Christian would have served time for beating the crap out of him. After I made a full recovery and my head was in a better place, I genuinely thought Christian would ask me to be his Submissive again. By that time we both had our own places and could have easily told everyone they were simply 'business meetings'.

I never imagined he would decide not to give us another chance.

Somewhere, I lost him. Between our relationship ending and before meeting that Terri woman, I'm convinced he hooked up with someone. He was far too relaxed and calm and he's only ever like that when he's having regular sex. He denied it when I queried the matter, but he was definitely either banging random women or he had some kind of 'friend with benefits'. He has so few friends and even fewer of those are women. The only women he had regular contact with at the time were Scarlett, Ros and Andrea. Well there is no way Scarlett would ever betray me like that, Ros is a lesbian, so that just leaves...Andrea..? Well if it was Andrea it would make sense. She's never come to Esclava, so I haven't been able to befriend her, get into her head and make her believe there's a chance of a future with Christian if she plays the girlfriend card - like I've done with all the others.

Oh yes. Mr. Grey may think he knows his Subs well, but it's me who pulls the strings. Without me, he could be shacked up now with Susannah or God forbid, that awful Leila.

I'll grudgingly admit, his Subs were all pleasant enough and under other circumstances we may even have all been friends, but Leila...Leila proved the hardest nut to crack. She wasn't as pliable as the others. Her head was always in the clouds - she was always listening to music or sketching away when she was having her hair done. It took me months of cajoling to persuade her to come in with her hands empty. How was I supposed to get into her head if she couldn't hear me? Even then it was hard to strike up a conversation with her; she practically spoke in monosyllables, giving nothing away. What Christian saw in her is beyond me and it annoyed me no end when he seemed to be becoming very fond of her. I knew I had to act quickly. I took advantage of her being a dreamer and sold her a fairy-tale - how she could become the Princess to the Dark Prince himself. Thankfully it did the trick and soon enough she too was packing her stuff and leaving a dejected Christian behind. Naturally I was there for him - as I have been every time one of his Subs have left him - and I had thought that maybe then...maybe that was our time to rekindle things. But he just threw himself into his damn work and charitable foundation and before I knew it he had another Sub. That's why I'm beginning to think one has slipped in under my radar. I suddenly take a sharp intake of breath.

SHIT! Leila's not back is she?

Is this why he has been avoiding me of late? Oh God I hope not. Well, there is no way I will just sit back and let her get under his skin again.

Not when I want him back so desperately.

I've tried and tried to find another Dom like him. I've even flaunted the fact I was seeing other Dom's to him, hoping for a reaction. He reacted all right.

He said he was happy for me!

I put a brave face on it for as long as I could but then I had enough.

It was time to take control.

I reverted back to being a Domme, specialising in 'breaking in' young male Submissives. This at least made me feel strong again, powerful even.

And if I closed my eyes...

I down my Gin. I need the Dutch courage. I need to face Christian, look him in the eye and tell him at long last how I feel. How I've always felt. No more living in denial.

No more being just 'a dear friend'.

Suddenly there he is - striding purposely towards my table with that controlled easy grace. The CEO, The Dom. The Master of The Fucking Universe.

MY fucking universe.

I rise to greet him.

"Elena," he says warmly, kissing my cheek all too quickly.

"Christian. So lovely to see you. It's been too long."

He nods and signals to the waiter for two Bombay Sapphires.

"You're proving to be a hard man to tie down." I say, lacing every word with as much licentious intent as I can muster.

His eyebrows shoot up and then he smirks and runs a hand through his gloriously floppy, silky hair.

Oh how I've missed doing that...

The waiter arrives with our drinks and he takes a large swig.

"I know. " he begins, his voice a little uncertain. "I'm sorry. I haven't meant to put you off. It's just..." He stops suddenly and looks down at his Gin.

I automatically reach across and place a hand gently onto his. "What is it darling? You can tell me anything, you know that."

He nods and then looks up at me with those damned mesmerising gray eyes of his and it's all I can do not to launch myself across the table and beg him to dominate me.

"Elena..." He begins softly.

I hold his gaze and smile adoringly at him, hoping my eyes convey just how much I want him.

"...I've met a girl."


I gasp audibly and snatch my hand away as if it was burned. I realise my action might have looked odd, so I quickly feign it by grabbing my drink and taking a good slug.

God knows I need it...

I take a steadying breath as he regards me. He is so good at reading my body language thanks to years of him being my Submissive and then my Dom. I take another sip of Gin and plaster on a fake smile.

"A new Sub? You never said."

He shakes his head. "I started out with the plan of making her my new Sub, but..." He sighs and looks down again. "She knows nothing of the lifestyle. And yet...She's willing to try. For me." He finishes with an incredulous smile as he looks back up at me.

I bet she is, the gold-digging little bitch.

"Christian, why do you always doubt yourself? Of course she'd be willing to try for you. Who wouldn't? Even inexperienced Subs want to please their Master." I say with full-on sexy smoulder - which is totally lost on him as he watches the lime swirl in his gin.

He lifts his eyes again. "That's just it Elena. She doesn't want me to be just her Dom. She wants..." He pauses. "More."


I try not to beam as I sip my drink. Well that explains why he's not himself tonight. Yet another failed arrangement because some silly girl goes all soppy on him.

And this time I actually had nothing to do with it!

"I'm sorry, Christian." I'm now in full sympathetic mode.

He frowns at me. "What are you sorry for?"

"Because it's another arrangement that hasn't worked out for you. All these girls who can't handle their feelings towards you. You need to aim higher. Go for a woman who understands you like..."

"Elena," he interjects, cutting me off. "That's not the issue."

I frown at him. "Oh? I thought..?"

Now I'm really confused.

He gazes at me through impossibly long lashes, his gray eyes glowing. "For the first time...I think... I want more too."


I nervously twirl my ring round my finger. Christian seems oblivious to my growing displeasure. "What's so different about this one?" I ask trying to keep my voice calm.

For a moment he glazes over and smiles, obviously remembering something about her.

I want to rip her fucking throat out...

"She's just...different, Elena. She's not like any girl I've ever met before. She's shy, sweet...good...Innocent even."

"She doesn't sound like your type."

Shit! I didn't mean to just blurt that out!

I look at him in horror, but he laughs. "She's not. We're polar opposites. And yet...there's just this spark between us, neither of us can understand."

Spark? SPARK???

"So where is she now?" I ask trying to sound interested.

He sighs and runs his hand through his hair again. "Georgia." He says flatly.

I gasp. "She lives in Georgia?"

"No. Her mom and step-dad do." He sighs sadly. "She wanted to go and see them, but she's also using the time to think...About us."

Well, this just became interesting...

"She's unsure about your arrangement? I thought you said she was willing to try."

He finishes his Gin and signals for two more. "That's the thing. Everything has happened so quickly, she's needs to get it all straight in her head - the lifestyle, the contract, the NDA and what she means by more. She said she was finding me too intense!" He chuckles mirthlessly. "So I said I'd give her some space - I didn't think she'd fly nearly three thousand miles away!" He shakes his head in frustration.

So the manipulative bitch thought she would play the old 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' card in the hope that when she got back, Christian would agree to her terms? Well, we'll just see about that!

" said yourself, she knows nothing of this lifestyle. How old is she?"



Is he serious?

He nods, his gorgeous gray eyes wide and wary.

"Christian - she's barely an adult! How on earth did you meet her?"

He gulps down a large mouthful of Gin. "She came and interviewed me for the WSU student magazine at the start of this month."

"And then what?"

Christian shrugs. "Like I said there was just something about her. You may have seen our photo in the Seattle Times when I conferred the degrees at WSU. I just found I couldn't stay away from her."



Of course I saw the photo. In fact I actually laughed at it. 'Christian Grey and Friend' As if Christian would be friends with a startled little mouse like her! Anger seethes inside me.

How dare some barely-out-of-college-witch sink her claws into MY man!What kind of spell has she cast on him? I've never seen him like this.

Time for some drastic action.

"Go to her."

Christian looks at me as if I have lost my mind. "I'm sorry?"

"Go. To. Her. Christian, she's young, she doesn't know what she wants yet. Go to Georgia. Talk to her."

"But she wanted some space."

"She thinks she wanted some space. I'm sure all she actually needs is to digest. You going over there will help her see things more clearly."

"You think?" He asks unconvinced.

"I know." I reach over and squeeze his hand. "If she wants to try the lifestyle for you, and you think you want more, then the best thing is to work this out together - not three thousand miles apart!"

"But what if I go all the way there and it's too much for her - after I promised her the space to think things through? What if she freaks out and leaves me?" Christian asks his eyes suddenly luminous with panic.

"She won't."


He takes a deep breath and calms. "You really think me going over to Georgia is a good idea?" He asks his voice soft with hope.

No, I think it's a GREAT idea.

"I do," I reply radiating sincerity for the first time. "I really do."


I climb into bed. I'm feeling much happier since meeting with Christian earlier. I may have only succeeded in reinforcing my role as his friend and confidante tonight, but once he comes back from Georgia with his hopes and feelings destroyed thanks to miss-mousy-manipulative-witch, I'll be more than ready and waiting to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart. I'll prove to him once and for all I'm the only woman capable of healing it. The only woman he will EVER need.

Yes. Just a few more days to wait. A few more days until Christian will be mine again.



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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU all so much for taking the time out of your busy lives to come on this incredible journey with me. When I originally submitted the first four chapters as a short story, I never imagined in my wildest dreams it would turn out this way - thirteen months and thirty-six chapters later! I have had 19,000 views, I'm on 177 favourite lists and thanks to your 154 likes, the story made it to the top of the most popular TV and Film Fanfictions of all time on Movellas! It has been a true labour of love and I have YOU - my wonderful TEYZERS - to thank for that. I also know many of you joined Movellas just to read my story. I have fans from all over the world! You overwhelm me and I'm so proud to call you my fans.


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I have other writing projects in the pipeline so please stay tuned. I hope you will all enjoy them as much as you have enjoyed My Years With Elena.


My love, best wishes and heartfelt thanks to you all



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