Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



"Clasp your hands together and hold them out in front of you." She says in a menacingly low voice.

I do as she says as I stare at the floor, my blood beginning to pump through me and reaching all my vital organs.

"HIGHER!" She snaps. "I'm not bending down to you Peachy."

"Yes Pamela," I mutter into my chest as I push my hands up higher. I feel her bind my wrists tightly together.

Where did she learn all these knots?

"Drop your hands to the floor," she snaps again.

I do so as I see her feet - clad in black patent stilettos - come and stand in front of me and then she abruptly turns and pulls on the scarves, making me lurch forwards on my hands and knees.

"Come on, Peachy...Follow me..." she rasps, and with a sharp tug on the scarves, I have no option but to follow - doing some kind of awkward front crawl.

Luckily, we don't go far as she leads me to the nearby punch-bag.

"Wait here."

I sit back on my heels and wait obediently, but I cannot resist a sneak peak. She sashays over to the water dispenser and opens the ice tray, fills a cup with ice-chips and rests it on top of the large, plastic water container. She then moves to a wide, rectangular storage unit adjacent to the water dispenser - which I assumed was full of extra towels - and using a key from the set she used to open the gym door, unlocks the unit.


I just about suppress my astonished gasp. Instead of fluffy towels, the storage unit contains a mini hi-fi, plus two shelves full of CD's. The insides of the doors are covered with items all neatly hung up - a cane, flogger, riding crop, whip... My head begins to swim and my erection is now rubbing painfully against the seam of my jeans with every shallow breath I take. She draws an elegant index finger along the CD cases, selects the one she wants and presses the on button. The hi-fi gently hisses into life. She places her chosen CD onto the drawer, presses it closed and turns, just as I drop my head in time.

Another repetitive synthesised beat fills the room, but this isn't as harsh as the 'Bad Is Bad' one - possibly because I'm not getting punished this time. Then a breathy feminine voice starts to sing the words 'Sexy Boy'.


She sashays back over to me till her sky-high stilettos come into view again.

"Stand up."

Keeping my eyes downcast, I push up onto my feet.

It's no good...I can't resist...

"Sexy boy, huh?" I say, tilting my head up and grinning at her.


She stings my cheek with a sharp slap, then immediately grabs my face and kisses me, hard.

"You only JUST got away with that," she hisses against my lips. "And that was only because it was your birthday. You won't be so lucky next time."

Holy Shit! I'll never make a wisecrack ever again!

I nod apologetically and drop my head back down.

"Lean back against the punch-bag and put your hands above your head." She barks, angrily.

I'm swift to comply. She grabs a silk scarf and walking behind the punch-bag, ties my bound wrists firmly to the metal ring the punch-bag is suspended from. She gives it a sharp tug.


"Not really."


CRAP! I thought she was going easy on me because it was my birthday? Why am I now practically suspended from the punch-bag?

HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT - She's not going to start punching me is she?

I can feel the blood thundering around my head. The anticipation is practically killing me. She comes and stands directly in front of me again, and she slowly takes off her stilettos. My brain is still processing this, when she then suddenly drops gracefully to her knees in front of me.


I gasp in surprise as she is now in full view - her tight black mini-dress has ridden even further up her toned thighs, revealing her lacy stocking tops and black suspenders - and I also have a great view of her amazing tits at this angle. I don't know where else to look as I have my head bowed, but she doesn't lift her head and make eye contact. Instead, she grabs the front of my jeans and achingly slowly begins to pop one button open at a time.


I can't stop the groan that escapes my lips as her fingers brush against my erection.

She looks up and glares at me.

"Control, Peachy."

I squeeze my eyes shut and try to find that deep place within me that she has taught me to find. The place where I go to hide from my impending orgasm.

She pops the last button on my Armani jeans and slides them down my legs to my ankles and then grabs the waistband of my Calvin Klein's.

Breathe, Grey...Breathe...

She has never undressed me before and the feeling is incredible.

In the next breath, she yanks my boxers down to my ankles and my erection lurches forwards of its own accord.


My eyes spring open and I gaze down at her. She looks up at me through lustful, hooded eyes. My cock is literally inches away from her face...

...Touch me...PLEASE...

She suddenly jumps to her feet, taking me by surprise and making me gasp. She reaches up and grasps my hair in her hands and plunges her gorgeous red lips onto mine. We kiss and kiss and then she lets go of me. She pulls back and my eyes slide open. Not taking her glimmering eyes off mine, she reaches inside her ample cleavage and whips out a black mask, like I've used on a plane.

What the...

She stretches the elastic and goes to place it over my head.

"Do I have to wear a blindfold?" I grumble.

"For what I have in mind, yes."

And that's it. Lights out.

She has now disappeared from view and I have no idea if she is still standing before me, has knelt back down or has gone back into the house. The blindfold is warm from her body heat and smells of that Jasmine body-wash. I have no idea what she is doing. All I can hear are 'sexy boy' and my blood thundering round my head.

Suddenly something cold begins to circle the outside of my thigh and it takes a couple of moments for me to realise that it is a piece of ice that she had collected earlier. It begins to melt immediately against my hot skin, sending a river of cool water abseiling down my leg. Something wet and warm then stops its descent.

Holy Crap! It's her tongue!

I moan and writhe, pulling against my restraints.

"Keep. Still."

AAAARRGGGHHH! How the fuck am I meant to do that?

And so a rhythm begins. Cold ice makes a pattern; melts down each leg alternately and her tongue catches the trails. I am biting my lower lip so hard to keep control, it's beginning to throb almost as much as my erection. I can't seem to control my writhing though...

"If you don't keep still, I won't let you come...and I had a special birthday treat lined up..."

"Pamela...Elena...Ahhh..." I plead, desperately.

"Time to cool you down...I think..."

A piece of ice begins to slowly circle my scorching balls and they automatically draw up.



I wait for the reprimand, but nothing comes. The ice continues to circle my balls, then begins to slowly slide up the length of my rock-hard shaft.

I can feel tears spring to my eyes; I am straining that much for control.

SHIT! If this continues for much longer, I'll come in her face!

"Elena...Pleeeaaasssseee...I'm gonna..."

Suddenly, something ice cold wraps firmly around my erection and pulls down, as something cold and wet surrounds my throbbing head and begins to suck.




It takes all of three seconds for me to realise what is actually happening...

...And to my utter frustration, I'm missing the floor show!

"I want to see you," I groan through gritted teeth.

Her response is to suck harder and I know I am out of luck. It is the most amazing, intense feeling I have ever experienced. I want to make it last and go on for as long as possible, but I have reached the pinnacle of my desire.

With a loud cry, I explode violently inside her mouth as tears spring from my eyes and stream down my face. She continues to squeeze and suck hard, rocking my world to its very core.


I open my eyes and take in a sharp startled breath, as a huge blue globe hangs inches above my face. It takes me a couple of moments before I realise I am lying under the punch-bag. I feel a tug on my wrists, and I tilt my face to find Elena kneeling behind my head, unravelling the silk scarves from my wrists. Finally freed, I shakily slide out from under the punch-bag and sit up, basking in her glorious, glowing beauty.

"How was that...birthday boy?" She asks silkily, fluttering her eyelashes.

"Mind-blowing, amazing, stupendous...and downright annoying!"

She gasps. "Downright annoying?"

"Elena," I begin tightly. "Do you have any idea how often I have lain awake at night dreaming of you sucking me off? And when you finally do...I don't get to fucking watch!"

She folds her arms and glares at me. "You are still learning the basics of submitting control, Christian. Blindfolding and tying you up meant you had no option but to submit total control over to me. Had I not done that, you would have come as soon as I pulled down your jeans!"

Okay...So she does have a point.

"Well next time I want to watch," I mutter sullenly as I pull up my Calvin Klein's.

"Who said there would be a next time?"

I gasp and look up at her face. She is glaring at me but her ice-blue eyes don't glimmer dangerously. The corners of her mouth twitch and I know she is suppressing a smile. I lunge at her - jeans still around my ankles - grab her flailing hands and pin her against the mat, as I kiss her with everything I have.

There will be a fucking next time, Elena...

...And I'll definitely be watching you...


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