Are You Kidding Me?!?!?!

This is about a 17 year old girl Katie that lives in Wolverhampton,England. She doesnt like One Direction, all but one. What happens when she runs into him. What will she do, act like she hates him, or will she act like she loves one direction, or even will she fall for him but confess that she isnt the biggest fan.


7. NO!!

"Zayn just go please" I yell through the door crying.

"No not till you let me in" He yells back.

"Well then i guess you're wasting your time"I yell.

I make sure my door is locked and i move away from the door. I dont want to stay locked in my bedroom all day. So i have to talk to him. Wait i have a window, with a roof, with a sturdey tree branch. 

I go to my window and slowley open my blinds. Then i slowly open my window hoping that it wont make no noise. Alright no noise he will never know.  still hear him banging on the door but i ignore it as i go out the window. I make my way to the tree branch. I get on the tree branch and make my way down the tree slowly and quietly. 

But when i get at the bottom Zayn was waiting there. How..... How did he know i was going to be here.

"How.. How did you know" i asked almost in full on tears.

"I saw you through the downstairs window when i was going to call one of the boys over to see if you would  talk to them" Zayn said putting a strand of hair behind my ear. 



***** I know i havent updated in a while and this chapter is really really short. But i have been sick for a while and i have been trying to just get better i promise when i am all better and 100% healthy i will update a long chapter********* 




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