Are You Kidding Me?!?!?!

This is about a 17 year old girl Katie that lives in Wolverhampton,England. She doesnt like One Direction, all but one. What happens when she runs into him. What will she do, act like she hates him, or will she act like she loves one direction, or even will she fall for him but confess that she isnt the biggest fan.


6. I Can't Believe That You Just...

Katie's P.O.V

Wow he just kissed me. Zayn just kissed me. Oh wow. This is alot to sink in. And of course i kissed him back i mean, who wouldnt. But i dont want to date him, at least not with eveyone knowing. I dont think i will be able to tolerate all the hate. It would be to much for me to handle.  And plus we just met. I want to get to know him for him not for Zayn Malik from One Direction. 

We pull away but our foreheads are still touching. 

"Wow"Zayn says quietly.

"Yeah"i say slightly laughing.

"I wish i did that sooner"Zayn says looking in my eyes.

How do i tell him i dont. I regret that it has already happened. Its not like i didnt enjoy it but its to soon. Should i just lie to him, or hould i just be honest and say what i think.

"I dont" i say backing away.

"Wait what, what do you mean you dont. Are you saying you dont feel the same way or that you didnt enjoy it", Zayn says worryingly.

"No its not that i didnt enjoy it cause i deffinetly di. Its just that i feel that its to early. And that we are rushing in to this. And i dont want to fuck this up" i say explaining my answer.

"Wow that changes alot"Zayn says and walks out my room.

I walk out my room and into the hall and see him by the stairs.

"How do you figure. Because, i dont want to lose you, i dont want to get hurt, and i dont want to screw this up. Well im sorry but i cant risk any of that. Im sorry im not the girl you thought i was" I scream down the hallway starting to cry.

I walk back in my room and slam the door shut and lock it.  I cant believe im crying over him. He's a guy i dont need him to make me happy. But he makes me happy. And just his presence puts a smile on my face. Heck his existence does that.

I feel banging on the door.

"Katie please let me in im sorry" Zayn says through the door.







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