Are You Kidding Me?!?!?!

This is about a 17 year old girl Katie that lives in Wolverhampton,England. She doesnt like One Direction, all but one. What happens when she runs into him. What will she do, act like she hates him, or will she act like she loves one direction, or even will she fall for him but confess that she isnt the biggest fan.


3. Arrival

I woke up as we were landing. So i put my ipod and headphones into my carryon and wait for the plane to stop to  get off and be back on the earth and not flying. Ugh i hate planes.

Me and my parents make our way into the airport and my dad points out to the showpher. WAIT..... Showpher since when. When were we one of those people with showphers? I thought we didnt have that type of money.

Wait... No no way ya i may not like them but im fangirling. Oh my fucking god and to thik i would never be one of those girls. Contain it Katie, Its only THE Zayn Malik from One Direction.

"Mom what is this why is THE Zayn Malik holding up a sign with our last name on it" i ask my mom hapily.

"I thought you didnt like them"my mom said smiling?

"Well he's like the Zayn Malik braford SEXY Bad Boi" I say smiling.

Now that we have completly walked up to him i just cant stop smiling like ughhh i cant believe i am fangirling over someone in One Direction. 

"Hey if you dont already know my name is Zayn Malik, but i am not your showpher i am the son of ur showpher", Zayn says.

"Hey im Katie"I say blushing mocing my hair out of my eyes.

My parents introduce themselves. Wait he isnt the showpher so that means i can talk to him. YES!!

We get into the limo it goes my dad my mom me and Zayn. OMG im sitting next to the Zayn Malik. Ughh i cant get over him.

"Hey has anyone told you that you are beautiful"Zayn says smiling in my ear and then winks at me.


PLEASE READ!!!: See wht i did there left a little bit of suspense. LoL! Feel free to leave comments, and if yu like this story keep reading and heart it.!!!!!!!!!!! 









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