The Dibbuk Box

The legend of the Dibbuk Box was a scary one. The things it causes, the horror it has brought upon the owners. Little did 16 year old Alexandria Jones know, she was about to own this demonic object. Not only will it cause pain but sorrow and loss. Will Alexandra keep this object despite what is has done? Will she be able to keep it from causing anymore damage?


2. Nightmares

I turned the light off and burrowed deeper into the covers. It was freezing outside and our heater broke down. Jax came into my room bundled in a blanket. "Can I sleep with you sissy?" he asked in his innocent 7-year-old voice. I nodded and held up the cover. Jax jumped in and snuggled close to me. We both fell asleep to the quiet sounds of rain pattering on the window.

I was walking home from school when Tammy ran up next to me. We started chatting about the test next week when she changed. I turned to look into the eyes of my friend but this wasn't her. This was something dark and very evil. Her face was twisted into a permanent scowl and small tuffs of hair clung to her bald head. She was hunched over slightly but that didn't change anything about her appearance. Looking into the rotten mouth, yellow and sharp teeth were visible. The demonic hag raised a wrinkled hand with talons instead of nails. I stepped back and tried to run. The wrinkly hand grabbed me as the hag started to beat me. She beat me until I couldn't feel my body and I felt my life slowly slipping away. I fell down into the darkness, never able to get out.


I let out a scream that would have scared Bloody Mary herself. Jaxon started crying in his sleep. I pulled him close to me but screamed out in pain. I dropped Jax on the bed and stared in horror at my arms. They were covered in bruises and deep scratches. "How did I get these?" I whispered to myself. The light in my small room flicked on. "Alexandria sweetheart what's wrong?" my mum's tired voice asked. "Nothing mum go back to sleep" I muttered. She came towards me and gasped at the sight of my arms.

I pulled the covers off my legs and examined them. Bruises and scratches just like on my arms. I didn't feel the cold from outside anymore. Only the chill of something hanging in the air. "Who did this to you?" my mum cried out. I shrugged due to my confusion. The light snapped off as a giant sound vibrated our house. Jax shot straight up and screamed. I pulled him into my arms and whispered comforting words as he started to sob.

A vibration on my nightstand pulled me away from Jax. I grabbed the phone and noticed the new text. It was from Tammy.

From Tammy :) - We have a problem. CALL ME NOW!!

I immediately dialed her number. It rang once before I heard Tammy's rapid breathing. "Tammy what's wrong?" I asked hurriedly. "Get that THING out of your house NOW!" Tammy screamed. I turned to my mum who could hear the whole conversation. She was holding, a now calm, Jaxon. 

"What thing Tammy?" I questioned. "The wine cabinet. Get it out now!" she screamed once again before the line went dead. The lights flipped back on the second the call ended. I looked towards my door. I saw a dark shadow vanish and felt a chill go down my spine.

"Mum" I said my voice shaking. "Yes Alexandria?" she whispered looking at the door. "Get rid of the cabinet. Now."




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