Can You Love Me? Can I Love You?

Ingrid White wasn't typical. Basically imagine the most spunky, hipster-like girl in your school, and and add some nerd and even more spunk. Your end result would be Ingrid White. She was a writer, and she lived in a small town in Tennessee.

Enter Niall Horan. International celebrity. Irish. Loved by all.

Will these two be able to fall in love despite totally different lives?


4. Well This Is New...

(Niall's POV) I saw the shock in Ingrid's eyes, I had no idea what was going one, but I was going to be there for her. Under different circumstances, I might have gotten mad to find out that she had a boyfriend, and apparently a daughter too, but they were injured and Ingrid clearly didn't know what was going on either. Plus, in that moment, I realized to myself, no matter how cheesy this sounds, that whenever Ingrid needed me, I was going to be there. I realized that if she was alone, or if a single tear fell down her face that I would be there. Which sounds even crazier considering the fact that she doesn't even like me back and that we've only known each other for a few weeks, but I didn't care about any of that. Anyway, I knew that she needed to get to that hospital and I also knew that no way was I going to let her drive herself there. I offered to drive her and she just nodded numbly. Normally she would have sent me a snide comment for offering to drive her somewhere, so maybe things were even worse than I originally assumed. The whole car ride, which took about an hour, she just sat there. In the entire time I'd known Ingrid, I had NEVER seen her be entirely quiet. This girl was always talking. Until now. When we got to the hospital, Ingrid walked up to the counter and seemed to entirely forget what words were, I had to help her, I mean, how was I supposed to just leave her there with the nurses staring at her. "Excuse me ma'm..." I didn't mean to sound so timid, but I'd never liked hospitals. "Do you know where an Issac and Darcy Young might be?" There that was better, I didn't sound like a little kid THAT time. The nurse replied rather coldly with "Why do YOU need to know?" I was quite shocked, I guess I always thought that nurses were kind and caring and sweet... "Well, Ingrid here is dating-" "WAS dating" Ingrid interupted me with. "OK, she WAS dating Isaac Young and apparently he was in a car accident.." The nurse was still cold with me, but Ingrid finally found her words, though she started crying at the same time. 



(Ingrid's POV) "You see, we were dating all of high school, and everyone I know expected us to get married, but recently, he's gotten abusive, and and horrible, and then I met Niall here and I liked him, so I broke up with Isaac. And this break up happened like literally 4 hours ago, and then I went to this party and I got a call.... And apparently my boyfriend was married and has a daughter and I just...." I couldn't talk anymore, I felt sobs wracking my body as Niall took me in his arms and held me while the nurse got the room number for us and warned us that they were in critical condition. "Do you still want to see them?" Niall whispered in my ear. I nodded and he picked me up, bridal style, and carried me to the room since I was still sobbing. Gosh, somehow this boy cares about me more than anyone in my entire life has and I've only known him for a few weeks. The sad thing though, is that I know I'm not good enough for him, I know I'll have to before I hurt him. He thinks this event is crazy and unnatural, but what he doesn't realize is that my whole life is like this. It's just one thing after another, I really don't get a break... He was no idea... "Ingrid, they're ready for you" I was awoken out of my thoughts  by Niall's voice. If only what he was saying could have been more comforting. I knew I had to go see my ex and his daughter, I knew I couldn't live the rest of my life in utter blindness, always wondering, but this was by far the scariest thing I'd ever done. Niall led me into the room and lying on two beds were my ex boyfriend, who wasn't even recignizable, and a little girl with long, curly, dark hair. The girl couldn't have been older than 2, but you could see in her groggy eyes that she had already been through more than I could imagine. She was beat up too, but at least she was awake. Isaac didn't look as though he would ever wake up. Even though every particle of my entire being hated him, I couldn't help myself, I started sobbing again, right then and there. See, because even though Isaac made my life awful, he was such a huge part of my life. I couldn't remember a time when I didn't know him, and now I realize that he was lying the whole time. But it's even worse than that, because not only was he lying, but now he's gone. I ended up falling on the floor and just sobbing. Niall came over and held me, but even that didn't help. I hated that I had been lied too, I hated that I didn't know who i was anymore, and I really hated that Isaac and his daughter got hurt. I couldn't help but feel like the whole thing was my fault. 


(Niall's POV) As soon as we got into the hospital room, Ingrid just broke. I saw in her eyes how much this hurt her, but I knew that I couldn't do anything for her. And I hated that. I wanted so badly to be able to hold her and make everything better. And i won't even talk about when she told the nurse that she liked me. But anyway, after she sobbed and sobbed and sobbed on the floor and I just held her, not knowing what else to do. The nurse came in. I think she realized that there were many questions that needed answered. So the nurse started the whole story. "I assume you want to know what happened here?" She asked and Ingrid nodded. the nurse looked at me as though she was asking if Ingrid was ready. I nodded. "Well, seeing as you had no idea about Darcy or Isaac's wife who passed on, i suppose we should start there. Her name was Lisa, apparently they dated for several years, all through high school, despite the fact that they went to different schools. Isaac and Lisa got married about 2 years ago, when they were both 17. No one knew that they only got married because Lisa was pregnant though. They had Darcy about 3 months after they got married, making her about one and a half, but Lisa died during childbirth and Isaac hasn't been the same since. He pretended for almost 6 months that Lisa was still alive and everyone believed him. When they found out that she had passed, people started to treat Isaac differently. He was pitied, and no man ever wants that. And on top of all of that, Darcy's health continued to get worse. She wasn't born healthy, but Isaac couldn't afford to give her the treatment she needed. I found out about this when he took Darcy in one night when she wasn't breathing, the whole thing is a big mess so I've been paying her medical bills. That's how I knew about all this, I couldn't just leave a little girl to die. But I had no idea that Isaac had another girlfriend or any of that, he seems to really know how to keep a secret." I saw the realization and shock consume Ingrid's eyes when the nurse stopped talking. Ingrid started to talk when suddenly one of the monitors started to beep and doctors rushed into the room while the nurse, whose name I never did learn, and I pulled Ingrid out of the room since she could barely stand. Ingrid acted tough, but this kind of news would break anyone. i can't imagine it, and it's killing me that Ingrid has to go through all of this. If I could take it all away, i would, but I guess all i can do is to be there for her. Man, this is crazy....


(Ingrid's POV) This was crazy. I mean, weird things have always happened to me, but this was honestly something I never saw coming. And now, well now, my life is being forced to be entirely different. And that was something that terrified me. And how could they leave that sweet little girl, I think her name was Darcy, with Isaac? I had planned on taking him to court for his abuse, and his lies, and really the whole way he lived his life, but how could I do that if he had Darcy? And how could he not tell me about Darcy? And... Oh my gosh, what happens now? Niall will probably leave once this mess blows over, he sees now that I've just got too many strings attached. How could he stay with that? "This is rather odd, but somehow Isaac Young has made a miraclous recovery. But we've decided that he can't keep Darcy in his care, we've been monitoring his actions and we've decided he is an unfit parent. We understand that you never helped raise the girl but you are the only one we know that can sign her off, she has no other relatives or anything really." The nurse interrupted my thoughts with news that I didn't expect. "Can I make sure shes ok?" I said as loudly as I could as my voice was rather weak, well everything about me was rather weak then."Just to make sure that she'll be ok to go somewhere else" I followed with as soon as my mouth caught up with my thoughts. "Of course, but just to warn you, she's rather cold and close to herself. In the entire time I've worked here I've never met a l 1/2 year old that was this cold and private. I nodded and the nurse led me into the hospital room. The little girl lying on the bed looked up and you could see the tears and the pain in her little dark eyes. "Darcy, this is Ingrid. She's friends with your daddy" The nurse spoke softly to the girl and I smiled at her, though I'm afraid it was more of a grimace as I simply couldn't be happy right now. This was too much for me and I was 19. i couldn't imagine what it was like for the little girl. I sat on the bed and Darcy looked into my eyes. "You know daddy." She said softly. i couldn't believe that she was actually talking to me. I'd not met many kids, but I was pretty sure that 1 1/2 year olds weren't supposed to be able to talk. But I should probably reply. "I did know your daddy, I knew him for a long time." The little girl came closer to me and sat on my lap. The nurse was clearly shocked. Why did this kid like me? Most kids hated me. This was weird. "You make hi mile, tanks" Darcy whispered in my ear and then crawled off of my lap. I think she thanked me for making Isaac smile. Huh. This little girl really was mature for her age. I walked out and whispered a goodbye to Darcy. Niall joined me as soon as I walked out of the room and i took his hand. I felt awful about signing the papers to let Darcy go into an orphanage, but I knew she needed a real family and i knew I could never give that to her. 


(Niall's POV) By the time Ingrid signed the papers, it was past 3 in the morning and we were quite a ways from home so we decided to just get a hotel room. I can't even tell you excited i was that I got to hold Ingrid while she slept. I'm sure if any of the boys heard that, they'd laugh, and Ingrid would make fun of me, but see, I was in love with Ingrid. I was so glad that I was here for her during this dilemma and I was so glad that i could make her smile. That's all i ever wanted was to make her happy, but I knew that she wouldn't be happy for awhile. But I was determined to make her happy again. 

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