Can You Love Me? Can I Love You?

Ingrid White wasn't typical. Basically imagine the most spunky, hipster-like girl in your school, and and add some nerd and even more spunk. Your end result would be Ingrid White. She was a writer, and she lived in a small town in Tennessee.

Enter Niall Horan. International celebrity. Irish. Loved by all.

Will these two be able to fall in love despite totally different lives?


5. So, What Now?

(Ingrid's POV)   I woke up in Niall's arms and felt my heart skip a beat as I realized how safe he made me feel. I'd never felt this safe with Isaac. Isaac. Darcy. I sat up as the previous days events tumbled into my head and I realized what had happened. I broke up with Isaac. He'd been abusive. he had a wife. And a daughter. He was an unfit parent. The daughter was going into an orphanage. Oh, gosh.... The crazy thing is that I'm not entirely surprised by all of this. My life always seems to be a little, uh, off. I suppose that's the word for it... But anyway, things that would shock most people are a pretty normal event in my life, I guess you might pity me, but I don't think I'd want a boring, normal life anyway. Now I just had to figure out what to do. Niall broke my train of thought as he woke up and held my hand. His other hand was brushing away the silent tears I hadn't even noticed had fallen from my eyes. I had no idea what my life was going to be now... And i just keep thinking about little Darcy. I know I would never be able to give her a normal childhood, but my heart just aches when I think about her little dark eyes filled with fear and entering a whole new life at such a young age. 

(Niall's POV)  I woke up next to Ingrid and I can't even tell you how happy it made me. i'm sure it sounds stupid, and certaintly now manly, but this girl, she was beginning to become my world. And I knew I loved her. Despite the little time we'd had, and I knew she didn't like me back, but I knew I would wait for however long it took for her to love me back. And I hated seeing her hurt like this. I can't even imagine what was going through her head. So much had happened for her in the past couple hours and her eyes looked lifeless. "Ingrid, are you ok?" i asked her after i decided I couldn't just let her think, thoughts could be dangerous, I knew this more than one might imagine. "Yeah.... I just.... What happens now? My parents will be furious that I'm not still with Isaac and I hate myself for letting his little girl go on her own and i don't even know who I am. How sad is that, Niall, I'm 19, and I have no idea who I am. I built my life, my mind, my everything, around Isaac, and now he's gone.... What do I do?" She whispered the last part and then fell onto the bed, sobbing. I held her in my arms and it was everything I do to keep from crying as I watched her positively break right in front of me. I whispered into her ears, telling her that everything would be ok, because what else was I supposed to do? i couldn't even think rationally. I could only think of how much I wanted to protect her from the world and make everything better. it's clear that she didn't have a great childhood from what i've heard about her family, and this Isaac guy meant everything to her. i just wanted to make everything ok. And it's so weird, I have never felt this way before. i have never wanted to take care of someone like this. And I love the feeling it gives me. I love the feeling just being around her gives me. "Ingrid, I know it's hard right now, but I will make things better. I promise I will make your life better than it's ever been before" I whispered into her ears and felt her turn around and she kissed me softly on the lips. Maybe you could think we were moving too fast, but maybe you've never been in love. Maybe you've never met someone and realized that they were meant for you. 


(Ingrid's POV) We got out of bed, after I laid in his arms for hours and went between crying and kissing him. He didn't want to leave me! I couldn't believe it.... But anyway, we got up and got ready and then I had to go to court. i guess the court system moves really fast because they already had Isaac on trial and patrol as soon as he left the hospital last afternoon. When we got to the courtroom, my heart broke as I saw little Darcy all by herself in one of the big chairs. i couldn't believe that someone would leave a one and a half year old all by herself! And why was no one from the orphanage her for her?? I knew then that I couldn't leave her, I had to adopt this little girl. I didn't care anymore that I was only 19 and I wouldn't have anyone to raise her with or that she might be in the way of my career. None of that mattered, I knew that she was going to be mine. But anyway, the trial was long and complicated and I couldn't wait to get out of there. They finally decided that Isaac was guilty of being an abusive father and partner and he was eventually out into jail for 4 years.... Everyone seemed to think that four years was overkill, but personally I think he should have been locked up for much longer. I didn't want to ever look at him again. When we went to leave, I immediatly went to talk to the judge and tell her about how I wanted to adopt Darcy. The judge told me that she had been in a similar situation and didn't adopt the child involved and how she had always wished she had, so she promised me that she would help me adopt Darcy. She actually had some adoption papers there already and she gave them to me and wished me good luck. "You ok? Niall asked as I walked over to him and he held me in his arms for as long as he could before we had to walk out to his car. Funny how, in a mere few hours, Niall had helped me find my way. I actually an idea of what to do now. And in those few hours, Niall had cared for me more than Isaac had in the years that we'd dated. Oh gosh, I just hope Niall will stay with me when I adopt Darcy.... He's famous and has a career he loves, AND he's only 20. I can't expect him to become the parent of a child that's not even his, with a girl he's only know for a few weeks. That's crazy. But I still have this little sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, he'll surprise me and want to still be with me....

(Niall's POV)  I knew it was weird, but I wanted to adopt Darcy. Ingrid was dealing with so much, and I despite how much she might feel bad for Darcy, she had so much going on. And I couldn't stand the idea of little Darcy in an orphanage, all by herself, and I knew that Ingrid couldn't stand that either. Could I do it? Could I be a single father? Even if the boys didn't approve, I'm sure they would help me raise her, and she could have a happy childhood. I knew it was too much to ask Ingrid to raise Darcy with me, but maybe someday I could convince her and she'd come around. I don't think Ingrid will stay with me. I know she kissed me this morning and slept next to me last night, but she's going through so much right now. She needed comfort and i was there. Next week she'll probably find a new apartment, because I'm pretty sure she was living was Isaac, and it might be too full of memories or something, and she'll forget about me. But that's ok. It would hurt me to see her leave, but I got to comfort her in her time of need and that's something. At least i got that. And I could take Darcy to Ireland with me, or she could stay in London with the boys, or something. Between the five of us, she might have a decent father figure, and we could make her life as good as possible. I knew I had to do this.  If not for me, than for Ingrid, or just for little Darcy. Crazy how it went from an interview, to an innocent crush, to a love, to a life change....   



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