Can You Love Me? Can I Love You?

Ingrid White wasn't typical. Basically imagine the most spunky, hipster-like girl in your school, and and add some nerd and even more spunk. Your end result would be Ingrid White. She was a writer, and she lived in a small town in Tennessee.

Enter Niall Horan. International celebrity. Irish. Loved by all.

Will these two be able to fall in love despite totally different lives?


3. Could I Fall For You?

(Niall's POV)  When I got to the party I was surprised to find that Ingrid wasn't actually there.... I wondered what had happened and I hoped that she was ok. I mean, Ingrid had told me that she was coming and I was already like 20 minutes late and she wasn't here yet... I decided that it would be best to text her and make sure that she was ok. 

Me : Hey! :) I'm at this lame party my boss forced me to go to.... You at the same lame "get together" yet? Haha, look, that rhymed! 

InGrid <3 Yeah, I'm not there... But don't worry! I'll be at the lame party that my boss forced me to go! :) Later  

I smiled to myself when she sent me a response almost right after I sent her a text. She was such a sweet girl, even if she tried to be all tough and punk. I hated the fact that I was falling in love with her and I knew that she wasn't falling in love with me. How could she be? Ingrid was the type of girl who was confident and loved her life without anybody else there, and I knew that she was way out of my league. Some girls would like me only because I was famous, but Ingrid had much too much self respect for that. I decided in that moment that i needed to make Ingrid White fall in love with me, because I knew in that moment that I couldn't live without her. Not ever, and I couldn't let that happen, I was going to marry this girl, just you see, we'll end up together. 


(Ingrid's POV)  Niall's text made me laugh despite the desperate tears falling down my face. This boy was the ONLY person that could make me laugh even though I was crying. See, I wasn't even crying because I missed Issac, or that I regreted letting him go, because I didn't. But I was helpless now, it's like I had to find out who I was now, since I had spent so very much of my life with him. And Issac had always been the outgoing one, he would end up dragging me to places and I would follow behind. I started dating him at the age that you really find out who you are, so I ended up building myself around Issac. But now he was gone, and it was like I had to learn to walk again. It had been hours that I had spent on the floor of my bedroom, and when Niall texted me, it was the first time I had an idea of what to do. I texted him back and started to get ready for the party. Most of the time I would never care what I looked like for an office party, but since Niall was going to be there (and honestly I was only going so I might see him), I figured I would at least kind of try this time. I put on a red dress that was my Grandmother's in the 50's and some black heels. I couldn't help but to smile to myself while putting on my winged eyeliner, because Niall already cared about me more than Issac had, and I had only met Niall a few weeks ago. When I got to the party I walked in and I swear everyone in the room stared at me. Was I really THAT late? Niall ran up to me and pulled me to the side. "Ingrid, are you ok? Lila just got the call and told everyone here, so we wouldn't worry about you. That totally backfired..." "Wait, what call? Why would I not be ok?!" I was pretty much shaking Niall as I frantically asked him the questions. "You don't know?! Oh, Ingrid... Look at your phone" Niall replied in voice full of what sounded like pity. What the HECK had happened? I looked at my phone to find several missed calls from various numbers, half of which I didn't even recogonize. I clicked on the first voice mail and put my phone up to my ear. "Hello Ingrid, this is the Nashville General Hospital, we were told you were the one to call for Issac Young and his daughter Darcy. Normally we would have called the spouse or parent of the patient, but seeing as Mr.Young's wife died last year while giving birth to Darcy, and we understand you are his current partner, we decided to call you. Anyway, Mr.Young and his daughter have been in a car accident, we don't know if they'll make it. We would appreciate if you could come by to sign some papers as soon as possible. Thank you, goodbye." I looked up at Niall with shock, i had to get to the hospital. I needed some answers. 

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