Can You Love Me? Can I Love You?

Ingrid White wasn't typical. Basically imagine the most spunky, hipster-like girl in your school, and and add some nerd and even more spunk. Your end result would be Ingrid White. She was a writer, and she lived in a small town in Tennessee.

Enter Niall Horan. International celebrity. Irish. Loved by all.

Will these two be able to fall in love despite totally different lives?


2. Complicated Much?

(Niall's POV)  Today was the day that our Teen Vogue interview was being released, so we were going back to the studio for a sort of release date celebration like we always do. I normally hated these "celebrations", it was overcrowded and we weren't even able to have a good time because we never did get a second where some editor was telling us about their genius, incredibly talented daughter/niece/granddaughter that we just HAD to listen to... And as much as I love out fans, as much as I love that more and more teenagers are getting into music, it honestly gets a little tiring sometimes. But today, I couldn't wait to go to this party. For one reason and one reason only. Ingrid. I hadn't been talking about her to the boys because I didn't want them to think I was crazy again, but honestly, I was in love with her. She slipped me her phone number the day of the interview and I hadn't been brave enough to text her until about 2 days ago. I mean, I just didn't want her to think I was weird, or clingy, or even just a stereo-typical boy band singer, because I'm not. Anyway, when I did text her back I had to wait for literally 3 hours before she responded. I thought she was just blowing me off, she does NOT seem like the kind of girl who would be nervous about talking to a guy, but she finally did answer and we ended up talking for like 6 hours straight. I was happier than I had been in a long time, and I discovered that we actually have a lot in common. She can pretend to be edgy and cool, but she has a sweet side that I can't help falling for. So anyway, this party tonight is seriously stressing me out... I need to convince her that I'm worth falling for, because I honestly can't imagine life without her. I was deep in my thoughts when my phone buzzed beside me, dragging me out of my thoughts and making me jump. I looked at the screen and my heart sped up when I saw the name that had sent me a text. 

InGrid <3" Hey, so are you coming to that thing at the office tonight? I wasn't going to, but my boss said I had to, and the last time I told my boss that a "party" was lame I almost got fired.... And I REALLY need this job.... SO anyway, hopefully I'll see you tonight :)" 

Me:" Yeah, I'm coming, same thing with me, my boss says I have to go... But oh, well. At least we'll both be there, right?" Sending that text was easily the scariest thing I've ever done... Even scarier that opening the 2012 Olympics... I was basically telling her that I liked her... Oh my gosh, I can't believe I sent that... 



(Ingrid's POV) "WHAT IS THIS?!" My boyfriend Issac yelled as he held up my phone. Oh,no. By the look on his face I had a pretty good guess of what he'd found on my phone. I had told him to stop reading my  texts, but Issac is not the kind of boy to listen when his girlfriend tells him something. I had wondered about breaking up with him, but I couldn't seem to find the strength to say goodbye. We had been dating for four years, since were about 15, and my parents LOVED Issac. He was the kind of boy who would act perfect and loving around anyone else, but when he got around me or around his friends, I'm not gonna lie, I get scared of him sometimes. he's not abusive, yet, but he has this way of towering over you and convincing you to do things you never wanted to. He's the kind of boy that was popular during high school, though he was a right bully, but just fell apart after we graduated. he started to drink, and he was no longer the sweet, football player I thought he was. I guess he just been hiding his true self from me. Anyway, Issac had found the texts between Niall and I. Now I hadn't been flirting with him, not by any means, but Issac doesn't exactly love it when I'm in contact with any guys other than him. Issac gets mad if I talk to my brother for too long, if that tells you anything. "Is, it's not what you think. I swear, he's a guy that I had to interview at work and he texted me about the interview, that's ALL" 'You know what Ingrid? It doesn't seem like it's nothing, you know quite well that I don't like it when you talk to other guys! This is NOT ok! You are MINE and that loser better know it!" He through the phone at me and I ducked before it hit me directly in the face.  "No,Issac, do you want to know what's not ok?"  "Sure, Darling, but it better not be any different than what I already told you wasn't ok" He snarled at me with a smirk on his face, he clearly thought he had great power over me. Oh, my, think again lover boy. "What's not ok is when a boyfriend tells his girlfriend what to do and not to do. Oh! I have an idea baby! Get out." He looked at me with shock and anger in his eyes. He picked up a lamp and started to throw it at me. "You can't do this. You are MINE. You belong to ME!" "Wanna bet, darling? Actually, see, this is my house and I CAN report you for trespassing, and for abuse. You know me, so you know that I will absoluatly call the police Get out or I WILL get you in jail." I smirked at him as he slowly walked out screaming profanities at me. But as soon as he walked out, I sunk to the floor. My parents would be so mad. They had loved Issac. My friends will be mad. They entirely expected Issac and I to get married. I was alone. I had never been alone. Now what? What do I do now? I don't miss him. Not by any means, but everything in my life will be different now, and that made me want to cry. I have to figure out to live again. Now what? 

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