PS.I Love you...

Alison is a 16 year old typical,
A Girl who loves one direction ,
Until someone by the name of Harry,
Steals her heart ..
& never lets go of her ...
Alison is confused but loves him deeply with passion ..
What should she do ?? ..


1. Chapter 1- Is he the one ? x

He is undescirable you couldn't describe him In one word that's how hot he is ..

Every time he'll pass me and his rich perfume flatter the oxygen around me my eyes shine bright like diamonds his adorable cute,curly sexy hair as he looked everywhere .

Every time I was with my friends and hell glimpse when I flick my hair I'll laugh and feel a adrenaline through of emotion .how could the hottest person in the world be looking at Alison Redmond out off all the girls ?.

I always wanted him but always had a feeling he wanted me ...

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