The Diary Of A Depressed Teen

Just my day-to-day diary of struggles.


1. Tuesday 12th November.

I woke up early as normal on a school day.

I went downstairs and had my breakfast, I had Cookie Crisp Brownies.

I took my tablets, did my hair and makeup, and then got dressed for school.

My taxi came at 8:15am just like it normally does.

I got to school at just before 8:40.

I went to PFS and waited outside with Fern and Chloe.

Phie walked past, its her birthday today.

Travis and Lucas got in, and started playing around on Travis' scooter.

Finally Ms Hawthorn got in and opened PFS.

I took my letter down to pupil services, it was just explaining why i wasnt in yesterday.

When i got back to PFS, Mrs Whitcombe was in there.

I sat down.

She asked 'Whats tumblr?'

I began to explain, and then asked why.

She said she knew about my blog. She couldnt know. No. This was horrible.

First lesson was science.

I started walking to it. I didnt make it. I couldnt. I was scared.

Instead I went to the toilets.

I cut, but then cleaned up the blood.

After spending about 20 minutes in the toilets, i got the confidence to go to PFS.

My favourite lady from pupil services Mrs Wheeler came down and cleaned up my cuts, and bandaged me up.

I spent the next hour or so.. crying. I just couldnt hold it in.

They didnt trust me. I wasnt allowed to go to the toilet. I wasnt allowed out for break.

I had my 1:1 maths tuition with my maths teacher after break. I had the feeling she knew what happened. But its ok, because i like her. I trust her.

I went home after that and went to bed.

I fell asleep for 2 hours.

My mum and sister got home at 5:30 and then mum did dinner.

I watched Shutter Island, and I just finished watching The Impossible.

Let me know if you think i should keep doing this 'daily diary' thing? Thankyou.

Jess. Xxxx

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