Find That Girl

When a picture is dropped in the young and talented, Justin Bieber's guitar case, Justin is being send out on the search of his life. An ordinary day, and ordinary guy and an ordinary girl. Everything is so ordinary, but how come Justin is suddenly feeling something he has never experienced before? He NEEDS to find that girl before summer is over, and he has to leave for boarding school. Will he succeed? What if the girl turned out to be something he had never thought of? What if she could change everything? "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game."


8. Chapter 8.

 It’s unbelievable how one place can have so much meaning to you. I looked back at my small apartment. It was completely empty. My furniture was at Mr. Butler’s warehouse wrapped in white blankets. I looked into what had used to be my living room. I smiled as a memory popped into my head.

I slammed my hand onto my thigh. I was laughing so hard, that I almost couldn’t breathe. Chaz was lying on the floor, his hands on his stomach. Tears were streaming down his face. His laughter only made me laugh even more.

Ryan was looking at us, as if we were maniacs. His face was red with anger, but it only made Chaz and I laugh even more. Ryan kept asking us, what the funny thing was, but every time one of us tried to talk, the other one would burst out laughing. Then it was starting all over again.

I couldn’t get that image out my head. Ryan’s face covered in makeup. He looked so hilarious. The red lipstick was everywhere!

Ryan sat down at the couch and waited for us so-called ‘stupid fucked up idiots’ to stop laughing. When we finally contained us selves enough to show him the picture, we burst out laughing when we saw the horrified look on Ryan’s face.


I smiled at the memory. It had been so long since that had happened. But as I remembered that memory, more came streaming in.

How we would stay up all night watching basketball games, soccer games, hockey games, yeah even football games, with the table covered in redbull and chips. We would stay up and drink that shit until we got so hyper that we had to go out and play a round of basketball.

We would be playing around outside without our shirts on, until the break of dawn. Then we would go inside again, and crash the first place we saw. I once found Ryan with his head in the fridge, sleeping. I still tease him with it.

I shook my head, and with a smile, I pulled out my last suitcase and locked the door. As I stood in front of it, I glanced down at the name on the letterbox. Justin Bieber. With a smile, I removed the little piece of paper with my name on it, and walked down the stairs for the last time. I didn’t look back. Because, what had happened in that apartment, stayed there. Who knows? Maybe, one day, I will move back there.

I opened the door and looked at my two best friends with a smile on my face. Ryan and Chaz were standing in front of Ryan’s car. I smiled as I placed my last suitcase in the back of his car. Then I went up and placed myself in between my two friends. We all just stared at the building.

I couldn’t help but smile. All the memories… Even if something happened between us, we would always have the crazy memories from that apartment. Without a word, Ryan got into the driver’s seat. Chaz let out a soft sigh and got into the passenger’s seat. Myself, I  closed my eyes. Took a deep breath, and whispered:

“Thank you for all the memories.” Then I got into the back of the car, buckled up, and let Ryan and his car take me away. It was too late now. I wasn’t going back to that place. I was officially going to boarding school.

As we drove out of LA and off to the place I was going, we didn’t say much. The radio was playing low in the background. Occasionally, I heard Chaz mumbling along to the lyrics, but other than that, we didn’t do much. I leaned my head against the window, as I watched the trees fly past, outside.

As I grabbed my suitcases from Ryan’s car, my two friends looked at the place I was going to be staying at. Huge buildings, forty-five miles from LA and surrounded by the beach and a forest. It honestly looked cool. I placed my suitcases on the gravel road and looked at my two best friends in the entire world.

“God. I honestly never thought I was going to say this, but I’m going to miss your ugly faces.” I said. Ryan chuckled.

“Well, I’m not going to miss you Bieber.” He said as he winked at me. Giving him the middle finger, I hugged both of them.

“Well. I guess that this is it, then? No more late night soccer in the middle of the road? No more parties together? No more laughing at Ryan’s ugly face wrapped up in makeup?” I said. Chaz laughed and put his hand up for a high five. Granting his wish, I slammed my own into his.

“I guess so.” Chaz said, when he was finally done laughing. Looking closely at my best buddies, I grabbed my suitcases and started walking towards the main entrance. The thought of not being able to see those two goofballs every day, made me sad.

But I had to remind myself, that the place in front of me, was my future. And as I took another step, and another one, and another one, I felt myself, slowly accepting it. I had to look at it as another challenge. A challenge I was going to overcome. Because when the time is right, we would be together again.

“Yo, Bieber!” I heard Ryan’s voice call from behind. Turning around, I looked at my best friend’s face. He was smiling.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Don’t give up on your dream, okay buddy? You have an amazing talent. And I know that I might not always have been the most supporting friend, but promise me one thing, okay?” Ryan stepped a few steps closer.

“That depends on what it is.” I laughed, causing Ryan to smile at me.

“Promise me that you won’t give up on it, no matter what comes your way. Promise me that you will stay strong, and promise me that you will stand tall. I believe in you, bro. You’re going to be something huge, one day. Trust me. Promise?” He asked as he got close to me.

I shook his hand.

“I promise, Ryan. Good luck with law school. If I ever need one, I know who to call.” I smiled as I hugged him one last time.

Smiling at Chaz, I told him to watch out for bears up there in Canada.

“Don’t worry bro! I’ve got that covered.” He said with a wink, that made me unsure of what he meant. But with Chaz, you never really know what is going on in his head. Smiling, I grabbed my stuff and walked inside, only looking back once.

As I had gotten my schedule, room number and key, the rulebook and a thorough explanation of where the different things were, I smiled at the lady at the counter and took the elevator up to my floor. Stepping out, I sighed as I saw all the numbers on the different doors.

How the hell am I going to find my room? I cursed in my head. Not wanting to look like an idiot, I turned right. As I walked down the hall, I got closer and closer to the right room number.

485, 486, 487… 498, 499, 500! Finally! I thought as I unlocked the door and walked in. The first thing I saw was a lime green suitcase. Lying in the middle of everything. Sighing, I dragged my stuff over to the bed that wasn’t taken.

I looked around, and accidently I caught sight of a bra inside of the closet on the other side of the room. Figuring that a guy wouldn’t bring that kind of stuff, I got to the conclusion that I was sharing my room with a girl.

Smiling, I took a closer look at her stuff. She had already taken use of the bookshelf. It was filled with all different kinds of books. Fantasy, Romance, Non-fiction and Science fiction. I heard a door click and hurried over to my own bed, just in time for the girl to step out of the bathroom. She didn’t see me at first, but I saw her.

As she turned around, she got a shock. I hurried to apologize. Luckily, she laughed.

“It’s okay. I guess you’re my roommate? Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Emma Jones.”

It was like everything stood still as I just stared at her. Her brown hair, her smile, her eyes. Yeah even the hidden dimple in the left corner of her mouth. She wasn’t wearing the blue flower dress, but was dressed in a comfy pair of denim jeans with a white top and a black oversized hoodie. Her hair was wet, so I guessed that she had just taken shower. I didn’t know what to say, so I said the only thing I knew I could say.

“Hi, my name is Justin Bieber, nice to meet you.”






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