The Triad

Meet Elise, sarcastic, witty, charming, oh and a witch.

Elise has her whole life planned out before her eyes, as most witches do. She becomes leader of the Convant and High Priestess of the Witches Circle. Running a World full of Wizards and Witches. These things will most definitely occur, there's no doubt about it. The universe does in fact work in favor for magic. Though this doesn't mean there won't be any adventure along the way to this future. Perhaps a rogue would do the story good? Or maybe a charming Elf fellow from a whole new dimension, and by charming I mean completely annoying and having no good graces in Elise's little witchy book. Though when the fate of the Dimension's rests in the pairs hand, well you can't help but call back up can you?

The Triad is the first installment of the Convant Series and brings to you an action packed journey with a lot less of the romance side and a lot more sarcasm, magic and adventure. Read Elise's story and join her through magic.


2. The Elf Prince

Chapter 2: Elf The Prince


"After your first encounter what was your plan?" 

"Stay distant." 

"And did this work for you?" 

"Obviously not." 

"What were your thoughts on her?"

"Nothing, she was a job. These questions can't actually be helping you can they?" 



“Hey Jake, what you got for me today?” The police station was busy than ever and she found herself enjoying the comfort that the familiar environment brought to her.

“Elise! How’s my favorite little witch going? Had fun at that meeting you had to go to?” Jake, the head of the police department, was as cheerful as he always was when he saw Elise. He was getting close to his age and had the signs of greys a couple of years ago. However he was a good detective and knew the right ways to handling the officers and the citizens of Chrysler.

Elise grinned, showing her teeth and laughed, “Plenty of fun and stirring Jake. But I’ll tell you what two hours in there leaves me starved and unable to control my wits.” Jake just laughed at her. The man had known her since she was in diapers and was best friends with her mother, he knew Elise through and through, including her dislike for the meetings the Convant held. “So Jake tell me what we got today, normal or something magical?”

The slightly pudgy man in front of her smiled, “A mixture of both, we’ve gotten a new recruit in and we need you to do the usual. He’s been in the force a while apparently, however I doubt he’s up to speed with the whole magic side of crime from our side of the works.”

She frowned, this wasn’t what she was expecting. The force hardly ever got new recruits, maybe once a year? And usually they had someone else do the debriefing situation and then she’d just fix up some shields, why waste her time with such nonsense? Though Jake usually had a good reason for everything he did there had to be a pretty darn good one on why she was being told to do this and not look at some hexed items. “Jake, what aren’t you telling me about this man?” She had stopped walking and was now staring at him questioningly. 

Jake seemed to let out one of those sighs that represented how tired he was, and how long of a day this had been, “The newbie isn’t exactly human. We got a call through from the Convant to let him come in and watch things. I think they were trying to say he wanted to see how we work things? They wouldn’t give me any details. Anyway Toran told me that he’s from a different world or whatever. I’m sure he’ll tell you everything.” Strange. Usually Toran would have told her that something as important like this was happening to her district, it was after all her district.

“This day better not get any weirder Jake. Or I swear someone’s going to end up with a wart on the end of their nose.” With a huff Elise entered the room Jake had delivered her to, though she felt like she was questioning a criminal then some newbie officer from a different world, with the factor the room was your typical questioning room, fixed with that special mirror glass and all.

“Well Elise I’ll leave you to it.”

“Now just you wait Jake. I’m going to need some coffee and I know you have some donuts or something lying around. Don’t be holding out on me Jake.” She really did feel perched, like she hadn’t eaten in a day or so.

The man just laughed in response, “I’ll see what I can scrounge up Elise. Have fun, this one’s a handful.” As the door shut behind him it was then that she vaguely looked over to the man sitting at the table, no not at the table, on the table.

“So you’re the witch then I presume? Bout time your Convant sent someone worth talking to. Gods above I’ve been dealing with half plucked unknowledgeable people all day,” the man before her hoped up and held out his hand, “This is the correct way here right? You shake hands?” Elise just nodded in response and shook his hand. Man it was hard to get a word in. “I’m here representing the planet of Midra and Dimension 0.4. Official heir to rule that place, gosh it’s going to be a handful I’ll tell you now!” Elise racked her brain as she thought of the Midra species. They were like the Elven folk? Gods she really needed to brush up on the species of magical folk there were. He certainly wasn’t from any demonic dimension that was for sure. Midra had to be a planet of the fair folk, there was no denying this guy’s similar features to them. 

“Miss Witchy? You awake?” Elise looked up to notice the Midra waving his hand in front of her face.

“Yeah sorry just spaced out a bit.”

The man snorted “You’re telling me. I was telling you some pretty cool stuff I’d learnt while here and you were just gone. Anyway your back to reality now, my name Miss Witch, is Crown Prince Tarragon Midrais, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Elise crossed her arms, “Your names going to be a handful, and I prefer to be known as Elise. Elise Ereshkigal heir to Earths Convant and the witches circle if you must know,” she walked over to the chair and sat down. It wasn’t even half of the day and she already wished she was back home in the comfort of her bed and books, “Let’s get down to business, why was the Prince of Midra sent here? How long are you staying and why on the goddess do I have to babysit you?”

The Prince moved to the table, this time taking the seat opposite her instead of on the surface, “So you’re Elise Ereshkigal the infamous witch? I must say I was hoping for something a little bit more impressive, though you’ll have to do I suppose,” Elise’s eyes flashed at his comment. There was no way she was getting put down today, “Down to business already? Someone obviously needs to lighten up a bit. But I suppose we’ll have heaps of time to work on that. Miss Ereshkigal, I was sent here by the decision of the Dimensional Council and my father at the factor that a rogue has escaped our planet and dimension and made it to your home Earth. I will be staying here as long as it takes to capture the rogue, and perhaps a bit longer after that.  I have also been directed by the Council that as I am the next heir and so are you, it is best for us to work together. To create a more knowledgeable experience and alliance for us I do believe they said. You are quite a word in our world Miss Ereshkigal, with your lineage you surely must be quite powerful.”

Elise was definitely wrong, this day was getting worse by the minute, “Hey Elise? I got you some coffee,” they both looked up at the new voice only to see the pudgy officer holding a cup and a bag of what smelled like fresh pastries, “Crap you actually look like you need this, you all good Elise?” Jake’s voice was concerned and she smiled as he glanced between her and the prince, eyes narrowing on the latter. It was always good to have someone like Jake on her side.

She waved him off but still accepted the coffee and bag, “Yeah I’m all good Jake. Like I said extremely hungry, we’ll probably be out in twenty. Who’d you have to rob to get the pastries?” She smiled to show she was all okay and in return he laughed.

“Chris happened to have some on hand.  He won’t miss them, I think,” Jake shrugged and scratched the back on his head, “I’ll see you soon. We got an incident down at the Matthew’s old place, something about noises in the attic and pictures moving, you can bring the newbie along and show him the ropes once you’re done.” And that was the final statement as he walked out the door leaving a resounding silence in the room.

Elise turned to face the elf again and found his slightly slanted eyes staring at her, “Are your humans usually this brisk, and for the love of the gods what is that smell?”

A smile cracked onto her lips as she tried very hard not to laugh, “Assorted pastries and coffee, want one?” She held out the bag but in response he crinkled his nose.

“No thank you, I would rather not.” It was kind of comical how his nose was crinkled and his mouth had screwed up all over some pastries.

“So tell me about this rogue we’ll apparently be tracking. How bad is he on a scale of 1-10?” Elise asked as she munched on a mini chocolate croissant. Gods these things were like a gift from the heavens.

“She, Miss Ereshkigal, is one of my Dimension’s worst criminals and has killed many to get what she wants. We lost her a two years ago,” Elise nearly spilled her coffee as she went for a sip.

“Hold up, she’s been in Earth for two years?”

“No you’re mistaken. Eleshka Oakwan has been visiting prohibited dimensions, her goal is to kill the members of the Council, and in the mean time she has been gathering an army from the prohibited dimensions. Eleshka is not one to stall Miss Ereshkigal, she tried to kill my father before she escaped Midra, and now we received word that an unverified portal has been opened here on earth. We found the portal and discovered the same air that surrounded the one she used to escape Midra and other dimensions. I do believe that Earth and the Council is in danger, and this includes you and myself Miss Ereshkigal.” Tarragon sat back, his green eyes glinting and his hands clasped in front of him.

Elise grinned, “I’ll let you know your highness that this girl doesn’t stand a chance. I’m up for a challenge,” she cracked her knuckles, “and trust me I haven’t had any fun like this in a while,” the spark she was playing with at the meeting returned in the palm of her hand and Elise twirled it around her fingers, the fire dancing in and out, “A witch needs to use her power and have a little fun now and then.” Elise watched the flame and grinned before blowing softly and watching it carry to the Prince who in return caught it. Though it wasn’t long till Elise let the spark go and left him holding nothing.

“Your lineage like I said makes you very powerful Miss Ereshkigal, however with this comes a threat to yourself, your friends and your family. Eleshka is dangerous and hasty, however she too is powerful. I know of your family and this battle will grow into something we cannot imagine, Miss Ereshkigal you will have to open the other half of yourself and not just use your mother’s magic but also the powers received from your father.”                                                                                                

A wind swept into the room sweeping Elise’s hair back  and forth, though the prince in front of her was none to fussed at her mini tantrum, “Now we have to go to the Matthew’s, but later your coming with me to my place and we’re going to discuss a few things. And seriously just call me Elise before I slap his royal highness.”

Tarragon grinned playfully a glint in his eyes, “So forward, and yet so violent, things must get quite kinky in your household,” Stupid cocky men, in response Elise through a pastry at him hitting him straight in the face. “And Elise, perhaps you should call me Ragon, my friends tell me it’s less of a mouthful. And I think you might have other matters at hand tonight instead of my name,” the freaking elf have the hide to even wink at his last sentence.

Elise just rolled her eyes, “You’re going to be fun while you’re here. Get your stuff together Ragon, where going to visit some magic gone wrong.” She stood up and pushed her chair in before turning around and leaving the room.

The atmosphere of the station yet again surrounded her as she went to find one of her favorite officers. As she walked past the desks she received the usual smiles and hellos.

“Hey Chris thanks for the pastries! They were terrific.” She smiled as she found the youngest officer in his desk at the corner. Chris had been the newbie from last year and was completely smitten with Elise, it was just all too adorable. Though Elise thought the 19 year old still had to gain the bravery to ask her on a date. She wasn’t interested him that way however, she wasn’t interested in anyone that way, something that infuriated her mum greatly. Elise was 22 anyway, 3 years older than the kid and she was a witch. Plus she was beyond sure he was going to find some adorable girl for himself and have a cute little family.

Chris blushed a little as he looked up from his case work, “Oh hey Elise. Jake told me you were coming in so I thought I’d get you something, we all know how hungry you get.” Elise laughed in response, yes she was infamous for the food she had stolen from around the station.

“Thanks for the thought, muchly appreciated I’ll tell you that. I better go, Jake’s got a case down at Matthew’s place, and I have to show,” she directed to Ragon who was behind her, “the newbie the ropes. Fun fun, anyway have a good day hey?”

Chris grinned, “Have fun with that Elise, hey I was wondering if you’re free tonight if you’d like to have dinner or something?”

She quickly looked behind her at Ragon who was finding it hard not to laugh, “I’m afraid not I’ve got some business to deal with. Perhaps another night?”

His face fell but in a flash he smiled, “Sure yeah. Later Elise!”

She just smiled tightly and made her way outside, “Don’t you say anything, got it?” she warned the prince next to her.

“My lips are sealed. Though I must admit that poor kid certainly is infatuated with you. Be a shame for him to know I’m going home with you tonight.”

“Oh don’t start, it’s just a little crush he’s got, he’ll get over it. All the newbies do, meaning you’ll get over yours in a year or so,” Elise just shrugged but a smile tugged onto her lips as she watched Ragon laugh.

“You wish miss witchy, you wish.”

“You kids done?” the voice of Jake came from the car and Elise quickly ran down opening the front door only to be pushed out of the way by the elf. And while he sat there smugly in the front seat and her smoldering in the back Elise couldn’t help but feel like the universe was setting her up for a storm, one that would last quite a while.



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