The Triad

Meet Elise, sarcastic, witty, charming, oh and a witch.

Elise has her whole life planned out before her eyes, as most witches do. She becomes leader of the Convant and High Priestess of the Witches Circle. Running a World full of Wizards and Witches. These things will most definitely occur, there's no doubt about it. The universe does in fact work in favor for magic. Though this doesn't mean there won't be any adventure along the way to this future. Perhaps a rogue would do the story good? Or maybe a charming Elf fellow from a whole new dimension, and by charming I mean completely annoying and having no good graces in Elise's little witchy book. Though when the fate of the Dimension's rests in the pairs hand, well you can't help but call back up can you?

The Triad is the first installment of the Convant Series and brings to you an action packed journey with a lot less of the romance side and a lot more sarcasm, magic and adventure. Read Elise's story and join her through magic.


5. The Caged Animals

Chapter 5: The Caged Animals


"What were your thoughts on the Prince from Midra?" 

"Didn't have any." 

"You must have at least had some idea?" 

"He wasn't necessary."  

"But he did become so in the end?" 

"Well yeah." 



“Restoration is at 6% My Lord”

The voice echoed in the dimly lit room. The very words themselves seemed to move the dust that was found all over the place. At the front of the room was a lavish mahogany desk, one that you may have found in a rich man’s house. Behind the desk that was littered with papers all representing plans, was a high black chair that had its back facing the voice.

“Is everything else in order?” a husky voice sounded back. The man’s solemn attitude and darkness lurked in the very words that he spoke. The voice may have represented such a figure as The Grim Reaper. Or maybe it was the aspect that this nameless and faceless man was in fact death himself?

The figure at the entrance quivered at its Lord’s words. Its talons scraped against the black tiles and it scrawny red wings flittered with anxiousness, “Yes My Lord, all is going as plan. The Order is under no impression of us yet,” the creatures raspy voice came out with fleeted breaks now and then but its robotic answer seemed to satisfy the Lord.

“Keep it that way, I do not want them meddling in affairs that are not theirs. Remember I want you and the other Fomoiri to report to me hourly on the restoration of our lovely Princess.” The man’s voice turned slightly sour at the end, something that the Fomoiri picked up on as it quickly bowed its deformed body, though the gesture would have been unobserved by the man, “Oh and do tell Eleshka that I am awaiting results, tell her time is ticking and I’d hate for her to be wasted.”

The creature looked wary and slightly shook at the order given, “Straight away My Lord.” After a period of silence the Fomoiri took its leave and left the dark room. The chair abruptly turned around and the man was finally shown. His long black hair hung over his skin which was pale and gaunt like. Dressed in black robes the same colour as his pitch black eyes this man surely did represent death. But who are we to know what death looks like? For we are but mere mortals that live in a world full of technology that rapidly takes over, do we not?

The man glanced sharply at the papers on his desk and with one swift movement sent them all flying onto the ground below. Perhaps they were not to his taste? Or perhaps things were not really going how he wanted them to?

He took a harsh intake of breathe and finally let a sentence slip through is pale pink lips, “You will wake up my dear, and when you do,” a deadly laugh made its way through the room, “oh when you do I've got something extremely special planned for you.” The man smirked and turned back around in his chair, no longer facing the entrance.

Perhaps if there was one thing we as mortals know about death is the fact that you can never out run him. No matter how fast you are, nor how many tricks you have up your sleeves. For once death has his sight set on you then he will do as he pleases. 

Meanwhile along a dark corridor, the Fomoiri walked ever so slowly away from its master’s room. Talons grated along the hard concrete ground producing an echoing screech, while wings flickered in and out touching the narrow walls before drawing in again. Soulless red eyes glowed in the dim corridor and represented the face of a demon. The Fomoiri stopped at a door, a gangly grey hand reached up and knocked.

“Miss?” A voice called back and the Fomoiri opened the door, its talons scratching down the wood before closing it behind it.

A woman sat in front of a mirror, blonde hair waved out in preparation to the comb the she was holding. A picture of heaven herself plucked straight from the angels, save her pointed ears, narrow green eyes and dark attire.

“This time is private for me so you better have a fucking good reason for interrupting it darling.” The woman continued combing while her voice produced a hiss to dangerous unsaid words.

“He wishes for me to replay a message to you Miss.” The voice was cold and rasping for breathe.

The woman clucked her tongue and stopped combing, “So he sent the pathetic creature of you in here to tell me? Lazy bastard couldn't even tell me himself.”

The creature continued, “Time is ticking for you Eleshka, he hates waiting and wants results,” he paused as if thinking his next words before a wicked grin set onto his face, “He would really hate for you to be wasted. But you know what he is like when he has to wait for such tedious results.” Another flicker of the wings had the Fomoiri held by the throat onto the wall.

The woman, Eleshka, breathed in and grinned, “Such lovely little wings. Must be so sensitive for a demon like yourself. What is it like? Having such a noticeable weak spot, a pressure point?” She licked her ruby lips and ran nails over the soft tissue of wing causing her prey to flinch back.

“Respect little Fomoiri, I am your superior and can snap your gorgeous weak wings so quickly you wouldn't even be able to even think up a defense,” She leaned in closer, “Tell him that if he wants to speak to me he can do it in person, not by some half ass fucking doll of his,” she threw the creature down on the ground and stepped back, smiling as it made its way into standing position, “do I make myself clear little Fomoiri?”

The creature just nodded before scurrying across the room and out the door, only to be followed by a sick laughter the echoed through the halls. Such darkness presented itself in this place, and all working somewhat together.  


Coldness. That was what she felt when she heard that her father was still keeping tabs on her. The last she had heard he was switching his time working down in hell for the devil himself and spending his weekends frolicking around Europe. In all honesty Elise knew he was the one that had ordered the Nephilim on her, who else had the power and the order to hire a Nephilim? But still it was a shock to hear the words that her father was out of hell, how else would he have been able to hire Carter?

Elise slowed and moved to the side of the room, starring up at the Angel fire as it danced a song in the flames. Carter knew right then he should have denied it, left the blame on the old bat that had also hired him. But she already knew no matter what and he found himself cursing in angelic tongue at his undermining the girl. He was a warrior, a trained killer and on the off side slightly fucked up. He was also the only Nephilim trained by angelic warriors and yet he had fucking lost to an A grade witch. Carter swore knowing that that was hardly the truth, Elise was no way just some ordinary witch, but that still didn't excuse him. He could only imagine bloody Uriel scolding him, not for losing but for underestimating and not taking precautions.

“You can leave,” Carter looked up and found Elise still starring at the lamps that carried that fire that always got under his skin. He wasn't sure if she had even spoken with how soft her voice had been but as she kicked at the marking that was binding him here he found she had actually spoken. With the broken seal and the binding spells that had vanished he could leave, instantly dematerialize before she had time to rethink her options.

Elise looked up to find Carter starring at her, there was no emptiness in the spot where he sat, just him sitting there and she found she wanted to reach over and trace the shadowed lines that crossed over his face. It was a thought she found herself agreeing to as she moved over to the warrior slowly. His brown eyes held curiosity yet puzzlement. Why wouldn't he be puzzled though? She had flat out locked him down here and was now letting him free. Elise stopped suddenly when she had made to side of the table, no she couldn't let herself show tenderness toward a man her father had sent on her. He would play through that and use both of them in the end.

She looked off for choices before shrugging, “You can either leave or stay and follow through your orders. I won’t cage you here and I’m not going to force you out,” Elise scoffed and rolled her eyes, “Though I certainly am thinking about it, but for the mean time come up stairs and grab something to eat and drink before you decide. I am after all your host.”

She smiled as gently as she could at him, knowing that this sudden change would be completely hay-wiring his warrior brain into thinking she has some secret motive. There was a certain animalistic side to those of Nephilim blood and you had to subdue it before it could escape. But at the moment Elise could really care less about having some secret motive. It was late and she needed to sort out the elf and Nephilim and then she needed food and sleep.

As gently as she could she beckoned Carter to follow her and then made her way up the stairs not before a soft wind blew out the angelic fire in the lanterns. Not looking back for knowing that Carter’s curiosity had won and he was indeed following her she grinned in triumph and made it to the kitchen where a particularly angry looking elf stood.

Elise nodded and smiled, “Tarragon, you seem in high spirits.”

“Elise it seems the Nephilim is now out?” Tarragon hissed and in return Elise’s eyes twinkled with amusement.

“Ragon there is certainly something I must praise you on,” she walked past him and smirked, patting him on the back, “I know I haven’t known you long, less then a day in fact, but your observation skills are immaculate,” she scoffed, “I certainly am unable to point out the obvious so well.” She smirked as he bristled at the hidden insult while walking to the fridge.

Her small microwave notified her of the time, 9pm, late but not too late. Not that it made a difference with how long and exhilarating this day had been. A frown puckered up on her face, she was a witch and needed to start acting optimistic or else negativity would gather and would put complete havoc in her life along with bringing quite dark things. She shivered remembering when her cousin had wound up with houseful of ghouls and other unearthly creatures at her house. The whole family had to go and help her out, worse part was actually having to see the family, gods above there was a reason she stayed in her little city town in Australia, and not with the rest of the family in America. She may have made a negation to Toran to get posted here. Only place far away they couldn't bother her without teleporting, and it was where she had been born and lived before her mum thought it was safe to get back with the family, gods know why she had wanted to do that. They were bat crazy the lot of them, stereotypical witches and wizards really.

She shook her head, no need to go off tangents, she needed food. She grinned and opened her fridge, faltering slightly when she realized there was hardly any food in there. Quickly shutting it she turned to Carter and Ragon and smiled.

“So is anyone actually hungry? Like seriously it has been such a day that one wouldn't even be able to think of food. I’m certainly not,” she cursed suddenly when her stomach gave way and rumbled through the kitchen, “Tarragon I know you are new here but that sound was me expressing just how much I don’t even feel like food right now,” she grinned only to be met with pointed looks from the both of them and her stomach making that stupid noise, “Oh shut the fuck up would you?” She glared down at her stomach and sighed as the first pangs of hunger elapsed inside her.

Rolling her eyes she walked into the lounge room, and very so graciously she threw herself onto the couch, her face now planted on the pillow and her voice muffled. Life sucked 75% of the time for a witch, seriously. She could conjure freaking flames, read people’s minds, change her look in seconds, but could she conjure up food? No, fucking no. And that just made life suck.

Elise did her best to pout to herself in the pillow, “I’m hungry.” Though her voice was muffled and most likely unheard by the elf and Nephilim that were standing there watching with complete amusement.

Elise flipped herself over and starred at them with hooded eyes, “Carter you know the human world more than Ragon. Take him out and get me food before I use my witchy powers to make one of you combust.” She waved her fingers with a smirk, “You can even use my car, and I presume you know how to drive.”

Carter laughed slightly, “And you can’t go because?”

“Because I’m letting you two spend the night here and however many nights Tarragon spends here on Earth and however many you spend working for my father. Now be nice and go and get me food, I’m starving.”

He was about to say something only to be waved off by Elise before she curled up on the couch and glued her eyes to a program on the TV.

Carter turned to the elf and grinned slyly, “Well I suppose that leaves us getting food.” He walked over to a rack that housed keys and grabbed the best one fit for a car. “Shall we go then?”

Tarragon only narrowed his eyes before nodding sharply and following the Nephilim into the outside and then yet again into the car. He sat straight and glared at the Nephilim from the passenger’s seat, “I don’t trust you.”

Carter scoffed while reversing the car, “Yeah well that much is obvious isn’t it fairy boy?”

Carter watched as the elf shook in anger at the insult, “I am of Midra Royalty, Crown Prince of Midra and to be on the Council. Some respect would be nice.” His voice was a low hiss and already slanted eyes narrowed even more on the angel human hybrid.

Carter scoffed and briefly faced him and in return narrowed his eyes before facing the road again, “Some respect should be eared. You think you deserve respect? Styx’s River, you must be crazy if you think anyone from Midra Royalty deserves respect. Yeah I know Midra’s backstory, all those wars and what did you do as realms practically begged for your help?” He shook his head in disgust, “Realms that were your friends, and you just watched as they were completely destroyed. Let’s not forget the amount of planets your realm once had. Oh the desire to be at the bloody top never fails to capture the minds of Kings!” He laughed as the elf sat in silence.

Tarragon’s lips set into a small line before he looked out the window. Carter thought that was the end of the conversation before he heard a faint whisper, “That is not me whatsoever. I know of Midra’s past, I resent what my ancestral blood has done, but I will not repeat their mistake.”

After a while Carter nodded and silence captured the car.



Elise watched from the couch as the TV spilled secrets on how you too can have the most athletic body, just give in your credit card details and it was all yours. She sneered and reach for the remote only to fall off the couch in a look oomph. She lay there on the ground just staring at the ceiling for a while before doing somewhat of a hobble attempt to make her way up.

She knew what she had to do while the pair was gone. A sigh escaped her lips in a slow exhale of air as she aimed her footing to the phone. The phones hum slightly irritated her as she picked it up while dialing the number she hadn’t though of in quite a while. A couple of rings sounded before she heard a pause.

“Hello, is that you Elise?”

Elise hummed in response, her mum’s voice hadn’t changed whatsoever, and she quickly replied her greeting “Yeah hey mum it’s me.”

“Elise darling, I wasn’t expecting your call. It’s quite early over here did you know?” She yawned for god measure as if to make her point. Elise huffed, it was probably what around 2 in the morning maybe 3?

“Sorry mum. Look this is important. Pretty important actually.”

She could hear her mum scoff, “That important that I needed to be called at 3:30 in the morning? And it must be getting later over there.” Elise could only imagine her mum shaking her head as she sat up in her bed, all the well knowing that what her daughter called her for would be important. Elise never called. Only on occasions that called it, Mother’s day, Birthday, all the holidays that required it.

Marison was a woman that knew when something called utter seriousness, she was a very powerful witch after all, so with a heavy sigh she continued her reply, “Elise darling tell me what is wrong.”

Elise shook slightly, knowing what she was about to ask her mum would either leave her silent for a while, or yelling. Hell Elise didn’t even know why she was doing this, “Mum, I- I need to contact him,” Elise could hear her mum intake sharply so she quickly carried on, “He knows something mum. He sent a bloody Nephilim on me. Not just any Nephilim, a Warrior! I need to talk to him mum. Find out what this is all about. What the hell he thinks he is up. Something has to be up for him to stick this guy on me.”

Marison was silent for a second before she spoke, “Honey, you haven’t spoken to him in over 7 years.” Elise nodded in remembrance, she was 15 when she learnt the truth about her dad and all the pent up lies. So on that day she vowed never to speak to him again. And it had certainly been going good for her before he stuck Carter on her.

“Mum please. I know you must have a number or something, I think it’s about time I talk to him anyway.” Elise hated herself for saying that last bit, she hated how empty the words felt. But a part of her knew that she should talk to her father, with what had arisen this was as better opportunity then no other, and she had to be an adult now, not her 15 year old self.

“I have a number Elise, I’ll give it to you now, just promise me you won’t get into any trouble?” Elise could hear the resignation in her mum’s voice. How she wanted to fight what Elise wanted, but knew that it would be horrible for her to do so.

“Yes I’ll try not to unless it comes looking for me first.” She rolled her eyes.

Soon after Elise had said her goodbyes to her mum and made promises of coming up soon she starred at the number on the ripped piece of paper. It was a small thing yet held such a great importance to her.

A shudder echoed through her and she slowly breathed in and out before looking at the numbers and typing them on the small keypad of the phone.

The phone was slowly put through and she found herself listening to a female’s voice, “Hello this Julian for the Office of Alstom Networks and Security, how may I help you or direct your call?” The voice was definitely British and Elise found herself wondering why her dad was in and Office Building, let alone Alstom. She’s heard of them on the news, practically ran England’s Security if she remembered correctly.

Elise rolled her wrist in a circle before answering, “Hi there Julian, I was um wondering if there was a Lysander in the building?”

Elise could practically hear the fake deploy voice that secretary, “Lysander is unable to answer to anyone at the moment. I am afraid he is in a meeting. May I ask who is calling to send a message?”

She paused for a moment for shrugging, “Tell him Elise called, his daughter.” Elise could hear the woman exhale slightly before a moment of silence capture Elise, she was about to hang up when the woman started speaking quickly.

“Very sorry Miss Ereshkigal, turns out Lysander is in fact in his Office,” Elise scoffed and rolled her eyes knowing full well he was to begin with, “I’ll direct your call to him straight away Miss.”

Without getting so much as a chance to speak the phone became silent and she found herself wishing back the hum that had been annoying her. All too soon though and she felt her stomach drop with anticipation as the call was suddenly put through.

She didn’t utter a single word, only tried to breathe in and out deeply and slowly. She also knew that he liked having the first word, and the last. So it was probably best to give it to him after 7 years of complete silence.

“Elise is that you?” While the words held question she knew without a doubt that he completely knew it was her. Yet she couldn’t help but nod before realizing they were talking through the phone.

“Yeah, yes, it’s me. Look Lysander before you say anything we need to talk. And I don’t mean on the phone, I mean in person.” She could hear his sharp breathe at her calling him his name instead of dad, and for some reason it stabbed her in the gut, though she ignored it.

“Elise honey I’ll do anything you want. Did you want me to come to where you are? I can come down tomorrow if you want?”

Elise sighed, “Sure, yeah that’s terrific. I presume you know where I live.”

Lysander let out a small laugh, “You always were predictable Elise. I’ll see you tomorrow. It’s nice to hear your voice after such a long time, thank you. Thank you for bringing me in again.”

Elise shivered, though whether at the coldness or the chill that still to this day entered her father’s words, even when they were somewhat nice, she did not know. Ignoring his words she sighed and walked over to the couch, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She disconnected the call straight after that and she could only imagine him sitting back and slightly smirking. He always won in the end, even if it had been seven years. He was like a lion, knowing its prey, and when caged off from something well he grew agitation and persistent.

Curling up into a ball on the couch she began to wonder if she had done the right thing, bringing her father into her life again. However she also began to wonder when she would have food. That seemed more important she though as she slowly drifted off into sleep.


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