The Triad

Meet Elise, sarcastic, witty, charming, oh and a witch.

Elise has her whole life planned out before her eyes, as most witches do. She becomes leader of the Convant and High Priestess of the Witches Circle. Running a World full of Wizards and Witches. These things will most definitely occur, there's no doubt about it. The universe does in fact work in favor for magic. Though this doesn't mean there won't be any adventure along the way to this future. Perhaps a rogue would do the story good? Or maybe a charming Elf fellow from a whole new dimension, and by charming I mean completely annoying and having no good graces in Elise's little witchy book. Though when the fate of the Dimension's rests in the pairs hand, well you can't help but call back up can you?

The Triad is the first installment of the Convant Series and brings to you an action packed journey with a lot less of the romance side and a lot more sarcasm, magic and adventure. Read Elise's story and join her through magic.


3. The Broken Crown

The Broken Crown


"Who hired you?" 

"I'm pretty sure you already know this." 

"Humor us." 

"General Toran." 


“Look all I’m saying is you had it coming for you. I told you not to meddle with things, and what do you do? The exact opposite of what I said!”

“And how was I mean to know the dolls were going to come out and attack me? Last thing I expect from antique dolls is for them to all get up and try and attack.”

“Well you haven’t see many horror movies have you? You’re like one those idiots that dies first! And it’s not about the factor you touched the dolls, it’s the factor that you completely disregarded what I said! Those dolls had been possessed and haunting the house, I thought you of all people would be able to feel the waft of possession and demonic energy they gave off.” Elise glared at the idiotic prince in front of her. They had made it back to the station and completed the issue at the Matthew’s, though the issue hadn’t been done without a few stupid decisions here and there. Namely the factor that Ragon had decided to interfere with her exorcism on the dolls.

And now here they were bickering in the police station, and they’d only known each other for two hours. Most of the officers had taken up residence and were watching the argument with coffee in hand and laughing at something they’d say, though a glare was accompanied by Elise when they supported the elf.

Elise sighed and ran her hands through her hair, nearly shuddering at the greasy feeling of it, man she needed a shower. “All I’m saying Ragon is next time we need to go on a field case, just do what I say, okay? Don’t try to do some heroic thing and then make matters worse, you have to listen to me when it comes to this type of thing.” She was fed up and really needed to get home and have this freaking shower and relax, though that was tough luck with this idiot coming over tonight.

Tarragon just sulked and moved to the door, “Hey Ben am I right to head off?” Elise was sure her eyes were wide and she was pouting as she glanced at Ben.

The officer just shook his head and smiled, “Get out of here and catch up on some rest,” Elise just grinned and turned to the door, “Hey Elise? Do bring your own food tomorrow.” She continued on walking to the door, trailing behind her was her life and her reply.

“How long have you known me Ben?”


“Don’t touch anything, don’t speak to anything, and don’t even move from that couch, okay? Good.” She nodded and went to make her way up the stairs to her bedroom before stopping. “I’m going to have a quick shower, did you want something to eat, drink?” Tarragon didn’t have time to respond as she quickly backtracked down the stairs and turned left into the kitchen. What the hell did the Midra elven people even eat? Tarragon had screwed his nose up at the pastries and she was sure he didn’t want last night’s frozen pizza. Grabbing a container of strawberries and a bottle of water she went back to where he was sitting on the couch. Throwing the stuff at him, Elise then made her second journey up the stairs.

Her room was a haven for her, exactly how she wanted it with its hundreds of books stacking everywhere and anywhere, fairy lights that hung across the room amongst a netting that draped low that it nearly touched the bed. The one thing though that held her heart was the photos that littered the wall. Photos of friends she had in her youth, of her and her now friends in the station, family photos that just consisted of her mum, and photos from events held by the council and the circle.

Her eyes zoomed into one in particular, it was a photo of herself with Toran. The photo had been taken in the year 2000 when she was only 9 years old. Her brown hair was tied into a messy ponytail and she grinned at the camera with gapped white teeth. Toran was smiling down at her while handing the childlike Elise a book to mark the 2000th year of the new age. She still held that book in her possession and had used it to write ideas and paths for her future.

Elise smiled fondly recalling the evening, before she rushed to do what she had first intended.

As she made her way down the stairs, humming a distant tune, Elise grinned at the pleasantry that being refreshed could give her.

“Why do I feel like this place is caressing me?” Elise entered the room and found Tarragon fidgeting on the couch, the container of strawberries and water empty in front of him.

She plopped down next to him, drawing her feet up “This house connects with my magic, when I’m in a good mood it will be the same, and when I’m in a shitty mood, well it will feel like the house wants to kill you.” She smiled in good humor at the look of horror on his face. “It should be just like your nature shouldn’t it? The elfin folk connect deeply with nature and your magic resides in the trees and plants, they should connect with your emotions?”

“They do and they don’t. Nature is connected by many different weaves of magic connections from different people. It doesn’t reside in one motion but naturally plays its course with the use of all of us. I’ve never heard of a home obeying the demands of ones owner though.” Tarragon looked thoughtful at the prospect. It was common here though, witches and wizards had to have boundaries, and thus if the house knew something was wrong with their owner while in the house, then the house would act with the stored up energy supply it had borrowed from said owner.

Tarragon was having a hard time with the new lifestyle, gone were the finer things of his planet and home. The soft natural breeze and the flute tunes that always whistled in the stream of trees had him yearning for the sweet bliss of nature. However here he was stuck in a world that’s magic was different. A world that was slowly but surely killing the nature that was slowly declining. It was a stab in his chest every time he had to go outside and smell the hazardous fumes that to him represented a looming black cloud of death. He knew though that the magic in this land was trying desperately to save it, that the witches and wizards were connected deeply with it the nature. However he couldn’t help but resent the humans for their selfish ways.

Tarragon was suddenly drawn from his thoughts and back into reality, and to his side an angry witch glowering.

“You know you’re a hypocrite right?” Elise was frowning at Ragon, her mouth set in a thin line and her eyes gearing up ready for an argument.

However the elf was not baited in and merely shrugged, “I am a Prince, Elise.”

“Oh trust me I haven’t forgotten that,” she waved her finger in front of his face, “And don’t forget who I am as well!”

Tarragon in return just laughed and sat back on the couch, “I don’t think I could. Now to business hmm? Think we could put aside your antics for now?”

She just laughed, “Tell me about your infamous criminal Mr. Ragon, and how I can be of assistance.”

“The first thing you need to know about Eleshka is that she contains royal blood,” Elise kept her face impassive but in reality her mind was screaming at how much worse this could get, “Eleshka is my cousin however she is counted as a bastard for the factor her mother is not from Midra. On one side she contains the royal lineage of Midra but on the other she is of Chaoson blood. Her mother is of high power from Chaoson and had the ability to travel.”

“Crap, this is going to be a fun year! I need a drink, you want something?”

“I’m fine thank you. Elise you need to recognize that this will not be an easy fight, like I said before you will need to tap into both sides of your power inheritance.” Elise had filled a glass of lemonade before stopping to turn back to Ragon.

“And I do believe that I mentioned not to bring up that topic,” She sighed, there was no way she was going to discuss her father today, “It’s still light out. Make yourself comfortable Ragon, there’s food in the kitchen and you just press the red button on the remote to turn on the TV. I’m going for a run.” She knew that wasn’t what he wanted to hear. Perhaps he wanted some words of hope, something along the lines of ‘sure Tarragon! Why don’t I whip out the power I inherited from my dad that I’ve also been trying to hide for 20 years?’

Ragon just seemed to nod as she grabbed her phone and earphones before walking out the door.

Tarragon sat starring at the thing Elise had called a TV. He had of course done some research on Earth before coming here and knew of some sort what the device was used for, however he didn’t really know if he found it any particular interest. Another thing he also knew was that he should stop bringing up Elise’s father, it seemed she did not like that one bit. Tarragon sighed, the house was giving the creeps and was way too quiet for his liking. It seemed to whisper, ‘try anything and you are seriously going to end up hurt.’ He needed to change that haunting whisper, so with a quick decision he did as Elise had instructed and pressed the red button on the remote. Instantly the tv brought life and picture to its screen, and it was so much different and real then his studies brought. The screen’s channel was in the middle of a showings sequence that represented old lands quite like one of his neighboring worlds. The music soon ended and words launched onto the screen, Game of Thrones. The title was replaced with the actual show finally, and Tarragon instantly settled onto the couch as he viewed the screen itself pictured a woman with flowing white hair.



‘Everything that kill me makes me feel alive-’ the lull beat of One Republic sent her heart racing as she jogged back home. Three blocks left. ‘-take that money watch it burn-’ Perhaps when this was all done she’d go to one of their concerts. She could even take Ragon, make it a something in congratulating the both of them that they survived some battle she knew nothing about. And perhaps after it they could go out and do something really fun. Show Ragon the true delights that Earth brought. She instantly wondered what he was doing, had he tried to turn on the tv and instead set the place on fire? Or had he just decided to read a book from her collection. Whatever it was Elise instantly decided it wouldn’t be good and with a sudden burst of fear that her house was burnt to the ground she quickly rounded the corner. Two blocks left.

As she made her way through the block Elise’s senses were suddenly on full alert. Perhaps it was just Mumford & Sons messing with her mind but truly she knew that there was someone watching her. It had been tingling on her mind for the past half an hour, but it wasn’t now with twilight dark sky and the sudden incoming of the nights cool breathe that she truly felt the lingering of eyes. ‘-so now crawl on my belly to the sun goes down. I’ll never wear your broken crown. I can take the road and I can fuck it all away. And in this twilight our choices seal our fate.’ The songs melody seemed to end in a soft lullaby and Elise rolled her eyes, typical melodic song to match creepy night mood. She stopped instantly, senses on overdrive, and pulled out her headphones curling them around the phone and shoving them in her bra.

There was no beating around the bush now, “You’ve been following me,” Elise stated it so simply she nearly slapped herself. Shouldn’t she be running at him, hands ablaze and screaming a sentence that sounded eerily like, ‘fuck off now and you won’t regret it later when you go home with burnt eyebrows and some nasty bruises.’

No one came out which in return caused her to sigh. Seriously, her stalker couldn’t be at least a bit more cooperative? “Of for god’s sake please be quick about this. I have a not so skilled on human appliances guest at my place and I seriously think my house could be burnt down,” Elise rethought the last bit before mumbling, “or at worse a dead freaking elf prince in my lounge room.”

Growing restless Elise muttered a quick summoning spell that presented her stalker to now be out from the shadows and in front of her. The man in front of seemed to only be a couple of years older than her however she dismissed all looks on the man as she poked him in the stomach.

“Look buddy I don’t have all night. Who are you? Why were you following me?” The guy kept his mouth shut which in return Elise just smirked and muttered another spell, however as she brought the spell forward an overriding sensation awakened in her and she quickly brought the spell down and narrowed her eyes at the man.

With a hiss Elise produced the word through her clenched teeth, “Nephilim.”

It seemed the fates had it against Elise today, her day was not going as planned and was becoming unexpected, for a witch this was something terribly unfortunate and only represented more occurrences like today.



“Elise Ereshkigal.” The little girl stood up, however unlike the children from before she bounded up the staircase and into the arms of Toran, or as she referred to him, Uncle Tor.

Toran smiled down at the young girl who grinned widely at him, in many years it would be her up here presenting children like herself the books of paths. He handed her book and watching as she gripped it like the world depended on it, a quick shout was heard from somewhere at the back of the room, a voice hidden behind the heads of the witches and wizards the littered the room. Both elder and child turned to the shout of Elise’s mum’s voice and smiled just in time for the flash that arrived not long after.

Elise quickly looked up at Toran and thanked him before running off the stage into the blur of heads causing Toran to smile before calling out the next name.


“Mummy mummy! I finally got my journal!” Elise ran to her mother in glee and quickly jumped up for the hug that her mother offered.

Marison smiled at her daughter’s glee, “You did. But remember you have to be careful of everything you write, for a witch the universe will bend ways to make what you write in your pathways book become real. That means no writing about s 6 foot cake!”

Elise nodded before laughing, “Don’t be silly mum! I can cake from the fridge,” Her eyes suddenly twinkled in hope while her mouth set in a thin line, “Mummy? Was daddy able to come tonight?” Her body and face showed she was ready for the major let down that had been the common occurrence for the past 9 years. However her blue eyes twinkled with hope only a child could have. Perhaps daddy will finally be here! It is after all the yearly path day and her 9th birthday.

Marison’s eyes set hardly however she seemed to contain a forced smile on her lips for her daughter, “Yes honey he is. He didn’t come inside,” more like he wasn’t allowed, “But he is outside waiting to hear everything.” Marison sighed as she watched her daughter quickly run out of the building with such a squeal of delight it could make a banshee jealous.  One day she would learn the truth and she wouldn’t have such feelings about her father anymore, Marison knew from experience.

“Harvesting hate for him will not be the best for her Marison, you and I both know that.” Toran stood next to the woman and starred at the pathway the young girl had gone.

“I know and, I can’t help but feel a little bit at Lysander at what she will truly thing when she is old enough,” Marison turned to face the general, “Lysander really does care for her Toran. You can see it in his eyes and the way he interacts with her. It’s hard to believe that someone like himself is actually able to feel such love.”

Toran shook his head, “Lysander was once pure and good Marison. A part of that still shines through in the light of Elise. Even the Devil still had a spot of purity in him no matter how tainted he is.”

“Lysander isn’t the Devil though, he isn’t that evil. Though that still doesn’t stop the outcome of Elise’s future emotions. She will hate him and in return the race surrounding that, perhaps she will even hate me for lying to her for so long.”

Toran glanced back at the door, “Only for a short while Marison, you are still her mother and Lysander is still her father. Take the present as it is, the universe will work in favor in the end.” Toran left with the parting words that Marison had heard so many times during her years. No matter how many times Marison heard it though she had the unfortunate feeling that the universe may work out alright for her but it would not work out alright for her daughter, Elise Ereshkigal was after all born from the depths of pure light and tainted darkness. 


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