sugar and spice (confectionately yours)

Hayley,her little sister Chole,and their mom have finally settled into their new homw above their gran's tea shop.but things at school aren't so peachy.Hayley's former best friend,Artie,is stuck working on a "special project"(okay,it's detention!)with Hayley and her new pal meghan.But artie and meghan are like oil and water---they just don't mix!This looks like another recipe for disaster!!!!


1. down in flames

you know,this dance would be totally great,Marco says as he takes a cupcake from the platter I brought (the I person is hayley),if it weren't so much like an excution.tell me about it,I said.the boys are lined up against one wall of the gym;the girls are lined up against the other.the refreshments table and decorations are the only clues that we're not here for a game of dodgeball.the music here is better than at most executions,though.what flavor is this?marco asks,taking another bite of cupcake.PISTACHIO-ROSEWATER.Weird but good,he pronounces.then he pulls a small video camera from his pocket and trains it on the cupcake.PISTACHI-ROSEWATER by Hayley hicks,he narrates,then swings the camera to face me."how did you come up with this flavor,Hayley? I'm not sure how to answer this.I mean,I came up with it in my mind.Through the power of pistachi nuts?HAYLEY!C'MERE!In a corner , i see Meghan pointing with one hand,and waving at me with the other.She's standing halfway underneath the bleachers.You'll be sorry,Marco says as he aims his video cam at Meghan.I usually am,I tell him,but I go over to join Meghan anyway.Guess what this is,Meghan says, pointing to a black metal box-like a thing.Does it take X-rays?I ask.It's a fog machine stupid,meghan crows.She does a goofy little jig.She's wearing a pink dress with white poka-dots and turquoise tights,and her bangs are a matching shade of pink.She look like a crazy tropical bird doing a peculiar mating dance."you brought a fog machine to a winter dance?of course not meghan huffs.I took it out of the drama department's prop closet.but.......why.NO BODYS'm the seventh grade class rep!I can't let the dance go down flames.








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