Who are we...?

Stella grew up as a rich mans daughter, not even realizing that life was too easy to be true. But eventually she sees that, and when she does, she meets her twin sister Ivy she didn´t even know she had, on her elleventh birthday. Ivy tells Stella that she is a witch, and Stella without any doubt, exepts the fact. Stella invites Ivy to come and live with her, and together they find an old map of the house and find a library that once belonged to e great wizard... But Stella cant go to Hogwarts, because her parents will think she is crazy.., But luckily headmistress Mcgonagall is there to help... Together they find a solution, and Stella and Ivy start a new chapter of their lives in a book they didn´t even know existed....


2. What the...?

She arrived at the meet panting hard, and went over to the counter to check in. "I see you're back." A cold voice said behind her. She turned and saw that Becky, the meanest and fattest girl you will ever see in London, stare angrily at her, her little lips twisted up in a mean grin. "I thought I told you to never show your face here again tutsy. So... I´ve decided to teach you a little lesson..." She smiled like an insane person, as four other just as fat and mean looking girls stepped out from her fat behind. Becky cracked her knuckles, and Stella went completely white. What to do? She thought desperately and looked around for a way out. But just as Becky took a warning step forward and her ultra tight jeans crackled Stella concentrated on the side that seemed to be on the verge to snap. And it happened. It happened so fast that Stella didn't even notice until she heard a giant "pop" and then Becky was standing in her baby pink very dirty underpants with all of her helpers laughing uncontrollably beside her. Just then the lady behind the desk came back from a bathroom break. "Anyone here to check in?" She asked sweetly, though her smile fading as she saw the situation Stella was in. "Girls please!" Was all she got to say before Becky pulled up her pants and the four other girls jogged away, their fat legs working in top gear, and Becky running awkwardly trying to hold up her ripped pants. "Now dear, do you need to check in?" She asked Stella. Stella nodded a bit shocked about what had just happened. "I´m going to need your name sweetheart." The lady interrupted her thoughts and looked kindly at her. "Uh... Stella Danefield..." She muttered. The lady typed something in the computer, and after a second, the printer beside her printed a fax out and she gave it to Stella. You've still got about 50 runs today... And all over town too... I´m so sorry, but this is all we have..." She looked a little worried. "I'll manage." Stella said and took the fax. With a last smile she left the counter and went over to Rebecca, her old tutor who was handing out the different boxes of cookies to people in line. Stella quickly waited in line, and when she finally got up to Rebecca, her patience was about to run out. She had limited time!

"Ahh Stella! Nice to see you again!" she said. "Still up to the same tricks as last time I saw you?" She whispered and smiled. Stella nodded quietly and smiled back. "So... Whatcha got there on the list... Let me see..." She took the list out of Stella´s hands and quickly got all the boxes of cookies and put them in a red hand truck for her to pull. "Wow you've got loads..." She said, also looking worried. "Oh never mind that..." Stella said and took the hand truck and the list. "Where to start..." She said walking away and looking at the map.


A few hours later Stella came back to the meet, with success running through her. She'd done it!

Now who was good or what, she thought and smiled to herself. The smile quickly faded though as she saw Becky and her "friends" waiting at the check out counter where no one was sitting. "Uh oh..." she muttered as she came closer. But instead of taking that check in counter she turned left pulling her hand truck with her as she walked. She looked around desperately for someone to help her, but the meet seemed suspiciously quiet. She quickly went around the stage where Patricia, the one responsible for the entire meet, would announce the best cookie delivery scout, and headed in the direction she knew Rebecca was in. When she finally arrived, there was almost no time left, so she decided to go to the other check in counter. She came i time and the same lady as before took her list, the receipts from the customers and the money they had payed. "Looks right to me... Ok you are good to go!" She smiled and gave Stella the badge for 1000 cookie deliveries. Stella smiled back, took the badge and gave her the hand truck. Then she left, the badge proudly hanging on her chest. She glanced at her watch and realized that it was only 3:30, so she decided to go home and explore the map she had found on the stairs. She hurried down the streets and when she finally came to the huge road leading up to her house, she was again out of breath. She quickly walked up the allé, but walked past the front steps leading up to the house, and headed in the direction of the rose garden door. It was not locked as always and she followed the glossy red bricks by the wall, as she always did. She soon came to the tower door, that was completely hidden by the rose bushes, but Stella knew where the handle was, and she opened the door with ease. She carefully closed the door behind her, taking up the flashlight standing beside it. She then took two steps at the time up the stairs, and in no time she was back in her room. She silently closed the shelf behind her and reached behind the books taking out an old piece of parchment, before putting the book back. She went and sat down at her desk, and then carefully unfolding the piece of parchment.

There were fine drawn lines on the parchment, revealing the secret tunnels everywhere in the house, including the part of the stairway Stella used to get out of the house with. She studied every line very carefully, examining the parchment, inch by inch. The late March sun shone brightly at her, and because it was such good weather she decided to go into the rose garden and read. The roses smelled fresh and wonderful and it was hard to concentrate on the little bench, there in the middle of the rose garden. Suddenly she heard a crack. A branch broke. The animals made their different sounds, but this one sounded forced. Like someone was trying NOT to make a sound. Stella quickly folded the map, and hid it under the bench, and then as quietly as she could, she picked up a rock and hid by the side of a baby pink rosebush. Stella could hear footsteps coming nearer and nearer, and she gripped the rock tighter in her hand. A girls face suddenly appeared from behind the bush where Stella was standing. They both screamed, and Stella got such a shock that she dropped the rock. They both stopped screaming after a second but they both stood rooted to the spot. The girl´s eyes were big with fear, and she looked as if she hadn't had a shower in a while. Though Stella noticed that she had some of the same features as herself. Sea blue eyes, high cheekbones and the same chestnut brown hair, that was slightly curly, as if it had been curled on purpose. Stella suddenly realized. "You... you look like me!" She shouted, but quickly looked around to see if anyone had heard. Everything seemed quiet but the fear in the other girls eyes grew. They stood there a while studying each other. "What´s your name?" Stella finally asked. "Ivy..." She answered.

"Ivy... What a pretty name!" Stella said brightly. She was still feeling a bit dazzled but quickly got up the conversation again. "It´s your birthday today, right?" Stella suddenly asked. "Yes but how did you..." The girls eyes widened, if possible, even more. "Hey you look like me!" The girl suddenly realized. "Yes didn't you hear me before? I said that you looked like me! And it´s your birthday today too... And it´s my birthday too... Is it possible that... you know..." Stella stopped and looked searchingly at Ivy. "Well... Can you do... you know..." Ivy stopped and looked around alarmingly. "Magic?" She whispered so quietly that Stella had to go all the way over to her to hear it. "What? You can do magic... That means that I can too?" She hopefully asked Ivy. Ivy shook her head. "Haven't you noticed... I don't know... Strange things sometimes happening?" She whispered. Stella thought for a while. She did remember a particular time where she had forgotten to close the shelf, and her mom tried to come in, but the door was locked and when Stella had looked over to the shelf it was closed... And a time where she had accidently knocked over her dads 20.000 dollar vase and it had miraculously survived the marble floor... She told Ivy about these things. "I guess that counts... But isn't there anything else like... When you were angry at someone... Something bad happened to them?" Ivy asked. Then Stella suddenly thought of the situation that same day, with Becky´s jeans popping. "Is that magic" She asked Ivy after telling her the tale. Ivy laughed a little. "Yes I guess..."

"Cool!" Stella exclaimed. "My name´s Stella by the way..." She said after a while. "So do you... Really think we are... You know..." Ivy looked around. "Sisters... Twins?" She asked with raised eyebrows. "I can't think of anything else that could explain this..." She pointed at herself and then at Ivy. "Well I have proof..." Ivy suddenly said looking at Stella´s necklace. She then lifted an identical one off her neck. "I've had this since birth..." She said quietly, as Stella examined it. "Wow..." Stella said having a strange feeling in her stomach. "But I got it from my dad.... Infact I got it today..." She looked desperately at Ivy. They stood there what seemed to be forever, untill Stella remembered dinner. "Uh oh..." She said after looking at her watch. Five minutes... "I've got to go..." She said hastily. "Well I don't have anywhere else to go..." Ivy said and looked down. "Well, why don't you stay in my room?" Stella asked hopefully. Ivy´s face suddenly lit up in a huge grin. "I´d love to!"

Together they got the map, and went up to the door. "You really mean that I can stay here?" Ivy asked, still a bit stunned that Stella had actually offered her a place to stay after the short time they had known each other. "Well, I´m a bit lonely..." Stella thought back to her painfully lonely childhood, with the entire castle of a house to play with. Through the years she had become friends with most of the crew that worked at her house to make her family´s life easier. But they never had much time to play since there were chores. They arrived at the door a minute after. "So your parents don't know about this tower?" Ivy asked suspiciously. "No clue." Stella answered and opened the door that revealed the stairs. She took the torch and motioned Ivy to get in. She then firmly shut the door and started walking up the stairs. "So where do you live?" Stella asked. Ivy looked down. "I used to live in an orphanage, but they didn't want me anymore... You know because of magic..." She felt ashamed to tell Stella this, and was afraid that she didn't want her after she knew. "Well then I suggest that you hold on to your socks, or else they are going to be knocked off..." Stella´s voice drowned away as she opened the shelf into her room. Ivy gaped at the luxury items that were everywhere you looked from floor to ceiling. "Well come in!" Stella urged her, holding open the shelf. "Ok... Welcome to my room!" Stella said happily as Ivy stepped in. She closed the shelf and looked at Ivy. "Well you're welcome to read anything you like..." Stella said and chuckled. Then she looked at her watch. "But I have got to go..." She hastily went through her closet and found a bright blue dress that complimented her eyes and put it on. "I´m going to lock the door... Uhm there is a bathroom behind that door there," she pointed at a door in the corner, "and take a shower if you need it... Watch some tv... But take your shoes off..." She found the key to the room and quickly walked over to the door. "Just dont go out of teh room... I´ll be back in half an hour." Then Stella left the room and locked the door with a "click". She left Ivy with a million questions in a room filled with things she´d never even dreamed of seeing. She shrugged and took her shoes off as she went over to the bookshelves. "Wow..." Ivy said quietly. "I´ll never be done in here..." She muttered. 


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