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Stella grew up as a rich mans daughter, not even realizing that life was too easy to be true. But eventually she sees that, and when she does, she meets her twin sister Ivy she didn´t even know she had, on her elleventh birthday. Ivy tells Stella that she is a witch, and Stella without any doubt, exepts the fact. Stella invites Ivy to come and live with her, and together they find an old map of the house and find a library that once belonged to e great wizard... But Stella cant go to Hogwarts, because her parents will think she is crazy.., But luckily headmistress Mcgonagall is there to help... Together they find a solution, and Stella and Ivy start a new chapter of their lives in a book they didn´t even know existed....


3. Letters from beyond


Stella hastily walked down the long halls and corridors, until she came to her destination: the diningroom. Her parents were already there waiting for her, sitting patiently, though with concerned looks on their faces. "Hey..." she said sitting down. Her parents remained quiet, but after a minute the waiters came in with the special birthday dinner. They started eating in silence. "Where were you today?" Veronica asked. "In my room reading..." Stella answered. "But I went down in the rose garden because of the good weather... Why?" She asked staring at them. Her mother's expression softened. "Oh no reason... Just... I went to look for you in your room... But you weren't there... But now I understand..." She smiled. "It was surprisingly good weather today!" She laughed. "Looks like someone has been a good girl this year!" Her father pitched in. They all sat and smiled at each other for a while until the waiters came in and served dessert. They chatted for a while about random stuff, until Stella excused herself and went to her room. She glanced at her watch. 5:59. A little longer than I said, Stella thought and unlocked the door. "Finally!" Ivy said as she got up from the bed. She was wearing a bathrobe and a towel around her head like a turban. The tv was running in the background but there lay several books on the bed. "You took a shower?" Stella asked a little surprised. "Yeah I felt a little dirty... Did you know there´s a bathtub the size of a swimming pool in there?" She asked as she pointed back at the door. "Yes..." Stella gave a little laugh. "Whatcha reading?" She asked looking behind Ivy. "Oh nothing special..." She looked over her shoulder. "You know, I thought about Shakespeare... But then I thought, why not just start light... So donald duck!" She laughed and jumped on to the bed again. "Well I´ll find some clothes for you... I suspect you wear the same size as me?" Stella said and went over to her closet, and quickly found a bright blue dress, that was exactly like her own. "No.... I`ll find something new for both of us." She muttered and looked on. She found a pair of white jeans and a coral colored t-shirt for herself and another pair of white jeans and a bright green t-shirt for her sister. They both changed quickly, and Ivy was about to turn off the tv, so they could talk when they suddenly heard something tap on the window. Stella went over, and quickly opened the window. A light brown owl fluttered in and landed on Stella´s desk. It was carrying to letters. One was for Stella and the other for Ivy. "They´re form Hogwarts..." Ivy said quietly.

"From where?" Stella asked as she untied the letters. "Hogwarts." Ivy replied as she slowly came over to Stella. "Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry... Open it... And give me mine...." Ivy´s voice drowned away as Stella slowly opened the seal that closed the letter.


Dear miss Danefield. We are pleased to inform you that you have been excepted at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. The Hogwarts express leaves platform 9 and 3 quarters at Kings Cross station the first of September at 11 o´clock. Please take a look at the first year shopping list, and buy all things required. Each student may bring either a cat, an owl or a toad.

Headmistress McGonagall


There was another letter in the envelope and it was the first year shopping list. Ivy quickly ripped her letter open too. It was exactly the same as Stella´s. "Ok... There´s a school..." Stella whispered.

"Where are we going to get all this stuff?" She then exclaimed after carefully looking at the list. "Dunno..." Ivy muttered. "Is there a phone number we can call and tell them that we don't know where to buy all this stuff...Or that I can't really go for that matter..." Stella stopped. "My parents will never let me go... They are like the reality people, and they don't believe in magic... They'll think I've gone crazy!" She suddenly went white. Just then the owl that had brought the letter, softly hooted in the background. Ivy suddenly got an idea. "I think the owl stayed for a reason..." She slowly said. "Do you have any paper... or parchment?"


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