I have to be saved *ON HOLD*

Lauren was saved by a knock on her door. She was so relieved and happy that they had knocked otherwise she would've lost her virginity to her father and she was 9 at the time. And that was 4 years ago. She is now 13 and living the life any teenage girl would want. She's living with teen heart throbs, One Direction. But once apon at time, she has been having the same dream over and over again and One Direction have to step in and save her. But what do they have to save her from? What is this nightmare that Lauren keeps having?

Read to find out in... I have to be saved


6. Saved

Lauren POV

"Lauren, where are you?! Come out, come out wherever you are!" My father called as I stayed curled up behind the sofa. "Where could she be? The last time I saw her was when she crawled to hide behind the sofa....." Everything went silent for at least 5 minutes but then I heard more movement. I looked up to find my fathers devil eyes staring down at my innocent blue ones. "Boo!" I screamed and tried to get up to get away from him, but he pulled me back with the heavy metal chains tied to my ankles.

I squirmed and squeeled to get out of his grip but I was already too weak to do anything. I pulled me up to my feet but I couldnt stand. I tried with all my strength but I could not. He dragged me up the stairs by wrists and threw me into the bedroom. He untied the chains and told me to sit on the bed. I did. "Now, get unchanged..." He ordered with a stern voice. "Wha......W-Why? I-I-I dont need to." He nodded and pushed me towards the bathroom. "Take as long as you want. Have a nice shower and smell fresh." I was so suprised by his kindness, that I did do what he told me to.

I ran the warm water into the bath tub and watched it fill up. Once it was full of bubbles and strawberry smelling bubble bath, I took off my clothes and slide into the bath. My body burnt as the warm soapy water hit me. I suddenly started to ache all over but I didnt care. This was my proper bath for 2 years. My mother sadly died when I was just 7. Since then, my father has been treating me like his own slave.

I spent over half an hour just soaking myself in the warm water, and making sure to clean every single piece of my body, and wiping it clean of all the bad things my father has said or ever done to me. I got out and got the nearest towel, and wrapped it around me. I unlocked the bathroom door and walked into the bedroom to await my fathers next instructions. "Ah, here's my lovely daughter!" Back away, I know you dont mean it! I thought. But, I inched forward, walking towards my father.

"Now then, I want you to lay down on the bed, and have your arms up above your head. Like this....." He showed me and I obeyed him, still clinging onto the towel. I layed down on the bed and put my arms up abover my head. "Ok, Im just going to tie your arms to the top of the bed so you dont move ok?" My father said in a 'soothing voice'. I didnt find it very soothing at all. I just wanted to know what he was going to do to me. "Your such a pretty person, you know that right?" He told me, planting kisses on my neck.

"W-What are you doing to me father?" I asked, with my voice craking and my whole body shaking with fear. "Ssssh....Dont make any sound. Ok?" I nodded. He moved his hand down my body and started to do some 'exploring' as he would call it. Tears fell from my eyes as flashes of what I thought he was going to do to me. He was going to take me away, into another world and make me loose my virginity. I was hoping to save it for someone who deserves it.

He was pulling the towel away from my body, but doing it slowly, taking in every inch of me. "DONT DO THIS!" I cried. Of course, he didnt care what he was doing. He just stared at me, smiling as he took the towel. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "WHO IS IT!" I pulled the towel away from me, leaving me exposed. He turned and shut the door, going downstairs in the process. I pulled my legs up to my chest, in trying to cover myself. I couldnt really here what was going on but all I could here was him shouting. "WHAT! WHO SAID!?" "I WAS JUST ABOUT TO PUNISH MY DAUGHTER!" "I WAS GOING TO GIVE HER A RIGHT BEATING I WAS!"

I heard his voice getting quieter and quieter and then the door slammed shut. Tears still fell from my eyes. I have been saved. If it wasnt for the knock on the door, then I would of been beaten. Hard and fast. I tried to take the pain away by just crying more and more, and trying to find my fathers razor so I could cut the pain away. I looked around the room to find a gun on the floor. Just what I need. I moved my hands in an 'up anda down' motion, trying to cut the rope. No use. "Hello?! Anyone here?!" It definitely wasnt my fathers voice.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and footsteps heading towards me. I wanted to shout out and tell them to go, but I didnt. "Hello?" The voice echoed again. "I-........Im in h-h-h.....here!" I called. The footsteps suddenly stopped outside the door. I saw the door knob turn and then........






"NO!" I called out, "Dont come in here!" "Why cant I? My name is officer green. Im here to help you, but I can only do that if you let me in....." "Y-......You cant come in here." Tears fell some more. Maybe crying the pain away isnt such a bad idea after all. "Im not clothed. M-........My father...." I couldnt. I just couldnt tell him what was going to happen to me if it wasnt for the knock on the door. "Your father what, sweetie?" I swallowed and told myself to say it. "My father was going to rape me.... And Im sorta naked." "Ok then, Im going to get you outta here. But I'm going to open the door, not look, come over to you, and cover you with a blanket and Ive got some clothes here for you too...." I nodded. "O-.......Ok."

The door slowly opened, and a police officer appeared. "Wait....." They stopped. "Are you still officer green?" I asked. He nodded. "Yes, its still me." They came forward and placed the soft blanket over my exposed body. "Hi there sweetie. Im going to get you out of here, ok?" I nodded sobbing as he loosened the rope, and I clenched onto the blanket. "Sssh, its ok. Dont worry. Its over now. Everything is going to be fine now. " I smiled a good possible smile I could and quickly put on the clothes.

He lead me downstairs and into the back of his car, where he drove me to the police station. "Ok then. Im going to ask you a few questions about you and your father ok? So what is your name and how old are you?" I gulped and swallowed all my tears. (Not literally...) "My name is Lauren and Im 9 years old. I did have a caring and loving mother, but she sadly passed away when I was just 7." He nodded apologetically and smiled a fake smile at me.

"Ok, how was your mother killed?" "My father was in a gang and he kidnapped me and my mother and placed us in a run down building. He tied me up and my mother and sliced a knife over my mothers neck. She died of blood loss. Ever since, I have that played in my head every night as a dream. I hoped that it was just a dream, but I knew, deep down, that it wasnt." He came over to me and hugged me tight.

"Thank you Lauren. Your very brave for a 9 year old to tell me all of this. Im going to take you to a local child adoption centre and they're going to find you a new home. Where people care, and will look after you in alot better conditions than your father ever did. But first, we're going to take you to the hospital to get your leg checked out, along with all of your deep cut wounds." I smiled weakly and followed him into the police car.

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