I have to be saved *ON HOLD*

Lauren was saved by a knock on her door. She was so relieved and happy that they had knocked otherwise she would've lost her virginity to her father and she was 9 at the time. And that was 4 years ago. She is now 13 and living the life any teenage girl would want. She's living with teen heart throbs, One Direction. But once apon at time, she has been having the same dream over and over again and One Direction have to step in and save her. But what do they have to save her from? What is this nightmare that Lauren keeps having?

Read to find out in... I have to be saved


8. New home

Lauren POV

I smiled weakly and followec him into the police car. I didnt speak at all in the car ride but after about 20 minutes, the police rolled up outside of what seemed like a run down building with cracked windows and a wooden door. He opened my door and I got out, feeling very worried about what lies ahead of me. I followed him inside and a youngish lady stood at the desk. "Hello sir, how may I help you?" She asked. The policeman nodded and pointed to me. "This is Lauren. She was found in poor conditions after her father was found to be a rapist and a robber... Is there anyway she can be adopted as soon as, so she can start all over again?"

The lady nodded. "There are some people coming today between 3 - 4pm which is in about half an hour." "Great. Lauren, we will come back to ask some more questions but lets just get you sorted out first...Goodye!" And with that, the policeman left, leaving me scared and standing there all alone. "Hello sweetie, my name is Mrs Lovelie. Everyone here is treated fairly and we have some people who would love to meet you. Follow me...." I followed Mrs Lovelie into the livingroom to see about 3 girls my age, standing there.

"Hey!" One of them said and came at me, giving me a hug. I smiled knowing that some people actually cared about me. We pulled away and took a step back. "My name is Alice, and these are my friends, Georgia and Hannah." They smiled and gave me a little wave. I returned the smile. Mrs Lovelie left leaving me and the girls alone. "So, whats your name and how old are you?" Asked Georgia, I think. "My name is Lauren, and Im 9 years old and Ive only just got here....." They giggled and waved there arms up in the air.

"We're 9 too!" We kept talking until it came to what boy/girl bands we liked. "I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! EEEE! Im sooooo in love with Niall!" Georgia jumped up and smiled in mid air. Hannah stood up. "Me on the other hand, I LOVE Little Mix, but I do like One Direction too. My favourite in One Direction has to be Harry." We were interupted by a knock on the door. "I'll get it!" called Mrs Lovielie, then I saw someone run past the doorway. I heard talking and then footsteps heading this way.

I looked towards the doorway, to see 5 good looking boys standing there. I looked back at Georgia to see she wasnt standing there anymore. I looked back at the boys to see Georgia was hugging them. I just shot a weak smile at them and sat down with Hannah. "Who are the boys?" I asked. Hannah nodded. "That......Is One Direction. And as Georgia said, she is madly in love with them." I laughed at her comment and looked around to see if I could find georgia, but I had a pair of hands covering my brown eyes.

"Guess who?" They said. I shrugged my shoulders but then heard georgia in the backround. "Thats Lauren! And sitting near her is Hannah!" Georgia sounded really excited. I removed the set of hands covering my eyes to reveal the same 5 boys standing infront of me that I saw in the livingroom doorway. "How old are you sweetie?" One of them asked. "I.......I-Im 9." "Ok, whats your name then love?" another one spoke. "My name is Lauren, whats yours?" I asked.

"My name is Liam and this is Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Niall." Liam said, pointing to each boy standing infront of me. "Could we adopt you love?" Asked the blonde one, Nail? Noe? Niall! Yes! Niall asked. I did a combination of shaking and nodding my head. "Im only 9 Niall. And yes, I'd love to be adopted by you!" He smiled and had his arms out for a hug. I got up and walked towards him and wrapped my arms around him. I had a big smile on my face but I turned to georgia to see her crying?

I walked towards her and gave her a hug."Whats the matter?" I asked. "I........Its j-just that you're getting adopted........Adopted b..-By One Direction!" I tried to comfort her but I was being called. "Lauren! C'mon, We're adopting you!" "Bye Georgia and Hannah!" I skipped off Happily and stood beside the boys. "Are we going now?" I asked, giggling trying to sound like a 5 year old. "Of course..." The boys left the house or whatever its called and I followed them close behind.

30 minutes past, and my eyes fluttered open.I must've fallen asleep. WOW! Niall had his arm around me, stroking my hair. "We're here!" I looked outside the window to see what looked like a mansion, with a long driveway with golden gates. Like what the queen has. The car came to a stop and I opened the door. I got out and took in all the surroundings. "Is this where you live?!" I asked looking around. "Yeah...." They all just walked up to the door and I quickly followed. "What about my stuff?!" Liam turned to me and looked down at me. "The butler will do that. Just follow us, we'll show you your room."


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