Insanes Haven

Bradie has a hard time dealing with her who has passed and her father who has been in the army for a while. As she cuts herself Cody, her childhood, best friend immediately suspects something. Cody tries his best to make Bradie feel wanted and not alone. Cody tries so hard to make her happy and as he was trying to make her smile, romance started to appear. But will this new couple drift away over college?


8. Who?What?When?WHY?!

“Bradie!!!” He jumped up and squeezed me tightly. A small tear escaped his eye as he said, “You got so big! I missed you!”

“I missed you too!” I said still hugging him. I haven’t seen him since I was 14. “It’s been 4 years since I last saw you.” I stated.

“I know! How’s Cody?” He said

“Oh..” I said

“Whats wrong?”

“No it’s just that me and Cody were dating..” I mentioned

“Were?” He asked.

“Yeh.. he’s going to College, in Italy.. I wouldn’t be able to do a long distant relationship since there is no wifi or any other type of phone service here.”

“Aw i’m sorry sweetie.”

“Its ok Dad. So, have you found anyone yet?” My dad was only 48 and looked great for his age. He was still young and needed to continue his life and move on from the past.

“Acually I got married!” He said

“YOU WHAT!!!” I almost yelled

“Yeh her names Sophie and I think you will like her.” he states.

“Can I meet her!?” I questioned

“Of course she’s right over here.” He waves me over to this gorgeous  woman.

“BRADIE!” I hear somone call out.


“Bradie come here.” My dad waved me over again. I gave Brent the one second hand motion. “Sophie I want you to meet my Daughter, Bradie.”

“Hi Bradie it’s nice to meet you. Your dad always tells me about you.”

“Anthony, I want you to meet my son, Brent.”

“Wait, Brent this is your mother..?” I asked confused.

“And this is your father?” He replied.

“And we are siblings?” We both said at the same time.

“You guys kow each toher?” Sophie asked

“yeh we met on the plane.” brent said

“well than this is akward..” My dad stated

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