Insanes Haven

Bradie has a hard time dealing with her who has passed and her father who has been in the army for a while. As she cuts herself Cody, her childhood, best friend immediately suspects something. Cody tries his best to make Bradie feel wanted and not alone. Cody tries so hard to make her happy and as he was trying to make her smile, romance started to appear. But will this new couple drift away over college?


5. Gentleman and discussions

"Cody where are you taking me!?" I say.

"You will see....right...NOW!" He says unblinding me.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! AHHHHH!" I jumped up and squealed I caressed Cody as my eyes were glued onto the beauty of the building.  He took me to the Disney store which opened for the first time today. Ever since they Announced that there will be Disney store it was my dream to visit.

"Ok where do we start my princess?" Cody asks bowing to me.

"Why I really want to try on some crowns." I say in royal voice while bowing like a princess.

"Let's go!" Cody says grabbing my hand gently. Then I saw it. It was a big castle right in front of my eyes. Shimmering embroidery and a big entrance. THe store was empty because it was going to open at six. But Cody's uncle knows the owner so we got an exclusive look. I started to focus on the castle again. "You wanna go in?" Cody says.

"Yes!" I squeal again. I twirled in the castle. Dresses for petite little girls and action figures for brave little boys.

"Why may I have this dance my princess?" Cody say.

"Yes we may have this dance my knight in shining armor.." I say giggling. He twirled me around and around. I beamed my eyes to the mirror as he twirled me around I bent down on my knees and he was standing behind me. I looked at the mirror and suddenly pops out a crown. Cody slowly places it on my head. "Your my princess." He whispers in my ear. He looks down to me and then I looked up at him. We kissed like magic was created by us and the moon was powered by our sparks. Cody then stops and looks at his watch. "Oh the festival is about to start." He says. We sprinted out of the majestic palace and on our way to the festival.

We arrived at the festival right in time. We were like the first ones there so we got in first. "Ooh can I have some cotton candy." I say. Cody went to the snack place and took out his wallet. He paid for two cotton candies, the huge whirlpools of pink designed swirls consisting of strips of sugar dried out of melted syrup that had been worn on a warm vessel and one whipped  strawberry smoothie that dances in our mouth as we swallowed it passionately. I started with the cotton candy and It melted sweetly in my mouth. Then we finished a smoothie with two vertical pink and white bendy straws.

"Hey you wanna go on a Ferris wheel?" Cody says.

"Um.." I say. Cody looks at me with suspense. I felt my stomach rumble and my teeth chitter. I bit my lip and I kept shaking my leg. I ran behind the porta potty and I threw up. It was like I threw up a rainbow. There was sugar everywhere.

"You ok, Bradie?" He asks.

"Way too much sugar.. That's it."  I say.

"Well Um I am going to send you home and I am going to take care of you." He says fiercely.

"Cody are you sure?" I say .

"Yeh" he says.

"I guess, sorry we have to leave." I say.

"Let's go" he say. We reached successfully to my small home.

"I am going to make you something salty, ok?" Cody says.

"Sure, I guess" I say.

"Here you go, eat some crackers instead." He says.

"Thank you" I say sadly for some reason.

"So college is about to start in a few days" He says.

"Yeah um where are you going?” I asked. “Remember our plan was not to stay in dorms so we can still live in our houses." I say.

"Uh yeah about that.. I got offered a scholarship from the best culinary school in the country." He says.

" Oh my god! Cody that's amazing!" I say.

"You don't understand. They offer a full course in Italy for five months." Cody says. "What?" I said.

"Yeah." He says.

"Well, you're not going, right?" I say.

"Uh this is a chance of a lifetime." Cody says.

"Yeah but what am I gonna do?" I say.

"Didn't your dad offer you to live on the military base with him?" He says.

"Yeah, in VEITNAM." I say while tears were running down my face. "Yeah, I know but you can stay with your dad on base for five months and when my course is finished we can both move there together." He says.

"Cody what about my college." I say.

"Why don't you go to Cambridge?" He says.

" Cody, Cambridge is not in Italy." I say.

"Well, there is many community colleges." He says.

"Thanks but maybe I should live with my dad for good. They have a good school there and my dad can take care of me." I say.

"But." Cody says.

"But, we are going to enjoy on what is happening right now. Before we both leave we will have the time of our life." I say.

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