Insanes Haven

Bradie has a hard time dealing with her who has passed and her father who has been in the army for a while. As she cuts herself Cody, her childhood, best friend immediately suspects something. Cody tries his best to make Bradie feel wanted and not alone. Cody tries so hard to make her happy and as he was trying to make her smile, romance started to appear. But will this new couple drift away over college?


10. Father and Daughter time

     "Bye, sweetie, I have to go for father daughter time, love you." My dad says passionately to Sophie over the phone.

     "Ready for bumper cars and eating asian food!?" my dad says excited.

I was on the terrace, silent.

     "Sweetie? Ready to go?" my dad says quietly as he was going near me.

I was sniffling and automatically he knew I was crying.

     "Anything wrong? If this is about the Brent thing, I am sorry but you guys like literally just met how can you be crying?" my dad questions.

    "Why didn't you tell me you were getting married! Dad! You said you guys got married in July! You knew it was summertime for me! And you didn't even invite me!!? I was cutting my arms because I missed mom and I thought you missed her too! I am happy you married Sophie! But you didn't even let me see you be happy again!  Brent says he found out over Skype! You didn't even tell me! Brent isn't mad at his mom because he had studies over the summer to take the program for SLCOM but at least his mother invited him! You want me to be happy well look at this on my arms!" I said while hold out my scarred wrists.

     "Sweetie, why would you hurt your self?" my dad says with tears.

     "Do you know what is like to be bullied all my life and to be distant from a guy I am best friends with and being apart from you! and losing mom.. I definitely have many reasons why I should cut my self. In fact, I do it often!" I say trying to hold back my tears.

     "Why are you fighting with me? You just arrived and you're fighting with me already? I am trying make you happy." He says

    "Well, it is not working. I am leaving! I don't need to go to SLCOM! I have student programs in my high school! Have fun with you new stupid wife and your new step-son!" I holler

As I was walking out I see Sophie at the door, with tears. I assumed she heard everything. She had dad's newly hand stitched uniform in her right hand.

    "Don't talk about Sophie like that!" My dad yells walking towards me

My dad cites Sophie.

    "I stitched you uniform" Sophie says while sobbing

I run out embarrassed I still had my luggage in the lobby of the apartment building. I asked somebody to drive me to the airport. I was crying so hard I couldn't feel my cheeks.

    "I am so sorry, Sophie. I know she didn't mean any of that she just said that because she is mad at me." My dad says while running out of the building. My dad sees that my luggage disappeared and assumed I ran out to the SLCOM dorms. He thinks I don't have enough money for a plane back but I had money saved up, a bunch of birthday money, holiday money, and dad sent me some money and a credit card. I got my ticket and there I saw a huge transparent window and I see my dad driving around the SLCOM school, worried.


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