WW1 Diary entry

For my half-term history assessment, my year had to do three diary entries from the perspective of a soldier during the first world war, so I hope it is pretty accurate in terms of language and capturing the thoughts of the soldiers' view!


1. Summer of 1915

                        I have finally arrived, here, in the trenches of the Great War! It is great and exciting to be in the trenches, and I am feeling honoured to be fighting for King and country! One of the best things about being in the Great War, is being able to have access to three full meals a day, when, just to think, I was living on a few vegetables every day! 

                     Another good thing, is that the clothes we have been issued are warm, and thick, though a little scratchy, but compared to my quite thin, extremely itchy clothes back home at the farm, and the boots that rubbed through my thin socks, these are heaven and a luxury.

                   I am very pleased to say that nearly all my friends from back home have joined up with me, and are in the same trench-I say nearly all, as a couple of them decided to stay home, due to the fact that the remaining farmers would have been either crippled, much older and being past their healthy peak. All I can say is that the friends I have with me fills the hole in my heart that is missing my family back home.

               I have not gone over yet, but tonight I have my very first job helping in the Great War-being a sentry! I cannot wait, most say that new soldiers do not get to have a go at sentry on their very first day, as they are not as experienced as other, older soldiers so I am very, very excited, maybe even more than joining up! Though I must admit, I am still ever so slightly nervous what is to happen in the future and who is to win the War-I can only hope and pray it is us Brits though!

           At least my friends and I still get to talk and sing about home, which is very comforting, even more comforting the fact that nobody has come to attack us yet. That is is a good thing, I hope, as it means the Germans are still gathering for the 'big fight,' as it feels like the calm before the storm! Anyway, I must go, as I can hear us start to sing!

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