WW1 Diary entry

For my half-term history assessment, my year had to do three diary entries from the perspective of a soldier during the first world war, so I hope it is pretty accurate in terms of language and capturing the thoughts of the soldiers' view!


3. Battle of the Somme 1916

           I cannot go on any further, I am a broken man, who has seen what no man should ever see, I am dirty, filthy, living like one of the pigs on the farm back home, constantly scratching and performing like a monkey in a circus for the people who call themselves Britons, who are 'good Christians,' but if we are being faithful to God, why isn't He himself being faithful to us?

           The recent battle at the Somme in France was like Hell itself, and I simply cannot imagine a place worse than this, as the last people from home I called brothers, alive and somewhat well, singing along for extra comfort, now lay dead, silent as mice, up and over the trench-they are dead because of the stupid bloody tactics of our Lieutenants, and Sergeant Majors, who wanted us all to go up at once, now lay mostly dead with the people I called my brothers.

           All I want now is to be dead, like them, littered on the floor of this broken war, instead I am always having to pick lice and flecks of mud off my once clean, recognisable Brit army uniform, one I used to be proud of, one I could wear out in public and not be laughed at in the streets, but now, now I am quite ashamed to be part of this uniform, to say that I am British, and it seems we are not going to win this once promising war.

           I miss my home, my family, my old like, and I cannot bear this pain any-more. Please, dear God, help us all, and take me and my remaining brothers home.

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