The Bridge


1. Perfection

My heart sunk dejectedly and my bones became heavy aching with forlorn as I kissed her goodbye lovingly. It was unimaginable- life without her. Even as our lips parted, my soul cried for a few more mere seconds with her. My hands remained in hers for a fraction longer as I stood unable to break my gaze. Adoringly, I admired my love. Perfection. She was.

Coral, subdued cheeks slept just under her  bright, discerning eyes. Soft, pouted lips and flawless skin. I stared down into the wells of her soul, wishing, urging, needing her to see me. To look beyond her lost sight and...see me.


Her shimmering pupils remained frozen and unresponsive. 

She was still perfection. 


I embraced her for the last time before scooping up my rucksack onto both shoulders and turning reluctantly away. I stopped myself from turning back, scared I'd never be able to leave if I did. We loaded onto the Jeep and as the engine roared to life, sending hot sand and dust spiralling into the summer air. 


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