Dark Magic

With demonic activity rising and murders escalating, the future of the mythical world looks bleak. Peril lay at every corner as Denise finds herself in the midst of romance, murder, and, life and death. Will she be able to control her feelings for a mysterious boy? And, will she be able to choose between right and wrong?

You shouldn't dabble in dark magic...


1. Prologue

The pentagram was seared into the ground in front of her. It's acidic touch burning away at the damp earth. The girl smiled briefly and took out a knife. Its jagged edges protruded in uneven directions. She pressed the blade against her wrist and whispered under her breath. Lamia. Lilith. Her breath caught in her throat as the blade was dragged across her wrist. She let a few drops of blood fall, still keeping within the circle. Raising her arms in a fluid motion she whispers in a hushed voice:

"I invoke you, Mother of the Darkness! I invoke you, Mother of the Night! Let your children of darkness open my heart. Let your demons of power fly inside. I shall give you a golden cradle to make a place for power. I shall make a place for power. I shall make a darkened fire."

The girl bent down and wrote her name carefully on the ground, inside the pentagram. Eris. A blue spark spread across the tips of her finger. Hovering slightly. Eris traced the outline of the pentagram. The circle came alive with dancing flames. Shadows were cast everywhere as the flames grew larger. And brighter. Faeries danced across the circle. Their moves in sync with the flames. Eris hissed. Scattering, the faeries flew in different directions. Few stopped in front of her with a look of rage. She, however, swatted the furious faeries as if they were mere flies. Her voice wavering a bit, she chanted:

"Lamia O Lamia te invoco, te invoco daemones Genitrix. Quia ego vir vester minister humilis."

Debris swirled around the area as she finished the ritual. Though the moon was partially hidden by the clouds, it shone with the same grandeur as the sun, almost as if it was the dark version of the Star. The forest teemed with life, with the occasional hoots of owls and the soft crunch of leaves. With a snap of her fingers, a dark pentacle appeared. It was heavily decorated with runes and symbols of dark enchantment. Eris reached into the pentacle and took out a weirdly shaped bundle. It was wrapped in layers of cloth and lined with silver medallions-the way the Egyptians lined their mummies with amulets. A faint cry came from inside the cloths, the sound grew louder as Eris rocked it back and forth. She pushed the materials farther apart to let some air in. A little baby clung onto Eris tightly while his desperate mewls became increasingly louder. She whispered soothing words to the baby as she rocked him back and forth, his head bobbing up and down. The winds swirled ferociously, occasionally overturning trees nearby and although the winds howled, it was deathly silent. Eris turned to the pentagram, still rocking the baby, a deathly pale woman stood. The leaves and trees that surrounded the area turned black and caved in on itself. The stench of death was everywhere, from the stench of rotting flesh and corpses to the smell of burning corrosion. 

  The woman looked beautiful-in an odd, dark way-with eyes as white as snow, her hair whipped the air around her, floating everywhere. Her lips were stained with blood, and her hands were tiny delicate things with sharp claws for nails. She sported a hauntingly white dress that reached Eris's legs, as if caressing them. "Lilith" her voice faltered as she stared at the woman in front of her. She bowed down and held the baby out to the woman in from of her. Lilith's clawed hands caressed the baby's cheeks, the baby cried in response to her ice-cold touch. 

"I assume this is the child?" Lilith smiled. Her sharp fangs glittered against the moonlight.

"Yes, Lilith." Eris stood up carefully and looked the demon in the eye. "That is the agreement, or can you not fulfil it, my lady?" Lilith looked amused. She dug her claw into the baby's cheek. He cried as a fountain of blood appeared, his cheeks stained red. Lilith licked the blood off of her claw and smiled. She picked up the knife off of Eris's palm and engraved the pentagram onto the palm of her hand, cutting deeply. Lilith placed her hand onto the baby's stomach and made an incision on his arm. 

"He will grow up as one of mine, with blood as venomous as poison." She looked at Eris, her eyes narrowing. "And I assume you want the magic coursing in your veins, Eris?" Her voice was like acid as she spat out Eris's name. The latter just smiled and nodded. Excitement glinting in her eyes.

Hoped you enjoyed that :) I know i'm not good, this is actually my first time writing in a 3rd person's point of view. I will try and update weekly, but, I am busy so it might be delayed for a few days. Constructive criticism, tips and reviews are welcome :) They help make my writing better! And let's face it, I need all the help I can get.


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