Last Dance

As Aydin danced with her sister I sat and watched the twins. Desire burned brightly and painfully within me. I watched the natural redheads out on the floor in the club. Their hips moved in sync and their eyes closed as they laughed. I really don't think she'd ever take me back. I hurt her. I have to accept that I'm a monster.


1. Chapter One

Aydin's POV

"No! I'm sorry! I can't do this anymore! I wanna change! I'm sorry!" the man in my grasp pleaded. I felt the pull. "I can't spare you any longer Paul. You've had your chance." I pulled and felt his soul fill me up. I closed my eyes. I sighed a sigh of relief when he was drained. I laid his body in the trash filled alley and walked away. My high-heeled leather boots clicking on the cement and my green eyes glowing a molten steel color. I walked along the sidewalk until my phone rang. The only thing was a picture. I flashed to that place.

Okay. I know you guys are all like, 'What the hell is this chick?!?' Well I am death. I am like the grim reaper. I can gently pull souls or I can rip them out painfully and things get bloody. My name is Aydin. That's it. No last name or anything. I am the way I am because I met two men and a girl. Dorian, Aleksandar, and Aimee. Aimee and Dorian are like me but Aleksandar is not. No one really knows what Aleksandar is. My twin sister is way different and the Roses have never seen anything like her. Our dad is Dorian. Our mom is mortal or I guess a human. Most of the Roses are immortal. Anyway.

When I got to the place, Ayllah, Aimee, Dorian, Aleks, and some guy I didn't know were there. "Finally Aydin! We've been waiting." Aimee said. "Yea I know. I was finishing some business. So what's up and who is this guy?" I said. He was tall, and handsome. I knew he was immortal and really, really old. But he was hot in a very good way. "My name is Marcus. I was told to come help try and save these kids." He said sticking his hand out. I looked at it and then looked at Dorian. "So what's the plan?" I asked Aimee. "Well Marcus will go with you and Aleks while Dorian, Ayllah, and I will go around back. We've both got two people who can flash. So incase ya'll need to get out of there." She turned around and they walked off around back. "Well let's do this." I said walking up to the door. "You're just gonna walk in?" Marcus asked. "Well yea. That's how we do this." I said as I kicked in the door.

I stalked around the building, the only sound being made was the slight clicking of my boots and Marcus's heavy breathing. "Can you at least try to shut up?" I snapped at him. He smiled apologetically. I rolled my eyes. I heard Aleks chuckle quietly behind me. "Oh just shut up ya Norwegian Oaf!" His blue eyes turned dark as he glared at me. "Just focus Aydin." I turned my attention to the big black door that was in front of me. "Obsidian. I can't flash in and I can't flash out."  Aleks nodded at me. I took that as a signal to open the door. I slowly reached for the handle. Before I touched it, the knob turned and the door slowly started to open. As soon as I got a glimpse of the man, or should I say boy, responsible for opening it I stopped. He was very gorgeous. His sandy blonde hair fell into a neat, but messy flop just above his eyes, his eyes, so blue, captured my gaze, his smile was crooked, but took my breath away, and he was quite tall as well. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" He whispered at me. "My name is Aleksandar. This is Marcus and Aydin. Aydin and I are part of an organization called the Devil's Roses. We are here to take you with us." I nodded in agreement, still stuck on his eyes. "My name is Sam. Anne, Liam, and Katherine are inside." He opened the door wider and I saw a little girl staring at me with a deer in the headlights look. "Hi. I'm Aydin. Let's get out of here." I held my hand out to her. "It's okay Katherine." Ayllah's voice said behind me. "H-H-How do you know my name?" The little girl stuttered. "I'm just like you." She squatted down and I stepped out of the way. "Come on now." The little girl reached her hand out and Ayllah grabbed it. "Now!" Aimee came around the corner touched Ayllah's shoulder and they were gone.

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