The Royal Diary (16+)

It seems to be many girls' dream to be a princess. Of course! Who doesn't want to own priceless jewels and beautiful silk clothes? C'mon!
But after you have read this story, you won't think so. Being a princess back in 300 years ago wasn't easy. You have to learn all the table manners, be a perfect princess and wear all those funky clothes (including all beautiful silk clothes and priceless jewels). Worst of all, you might have to marry somebody you don't love or even know at a very young age just to keep your country safe and sound.
Coming next is a very good example. Princess Athena, 19, was going to marry some whoever he is called Prince Louis The Third. However, Princess Athena has already had a lover, which turns out to be a theif, Harry Styles. Would Princess Athena be able to safe her true love? Would it be a fairytale, or tragedy? We will see.


4. Sneak out

4th Janaury

Dear Diary,

    People often say that girls or women who are going to be married are the most beautiful. However, it's not real.

    I was crying for the whole night. When I woke up, I had a massive head ache and a queer felling which made me wanna vomit. I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I saw myself. What a horrible sight! My eyes were swollen as I had cried for the whole night. My hair was a mess and my mouth smelt like I havn't brush my teeth for ages. I can't take this look anymore, so I asked Becca to set me a hot bath.

    During the bathing time, Becca massage my head and wash my hair. I washed my face and told myself to relax. The queer feeling disappeared and I started to enjoy the massage and the hot water.

    After the bath, I tried to make my mouth as minty as possible. I was pretty again. Becca had made my favourite food for breakfast ---  scrambled eggs with milk. I can't always eat simple food as Father always tell the chef to cook steak or pork or chicken for breakfast. I finished my breakfast as quickly as possible and went downstairs to the dinning room.

    There, I saw Niall stuffing food into his enormous mouth. I gasp at the sight.

    "Where's Father?" I asked Niall.

    "Hr sssss aort ooo um oyel eeeing," mumbled Niall.

    "What are you saying?" I was puzzled.

    "I said, HE WAS OUT TO SOME ROYAL MEETING!!!" shouted Niall.

    "Chill, bro, I just wanna know." I said, massaging my ears.

    "Hey were you okay last night?" Niall asked, worriedly.

    Although Niall and I always fight against each other, he is still a good brother.

    "How did you know that? I thought you were asleep," I asked.

    "I heard sniffing," he answered.

    "I was engaged," I mumbled.

    "What!?" screamed Niall, shocked.

    "To some guy called Prince Louis," I said softly.

    "Oh Prince Louis. I knew him. He's a nice guy. How lucky you are," he said.

    "No, I don't want to marry someone I don't know," I said determinately.

    "Let's stop this topic and do our own things," Niall said as he saw tears started to form in my eyes.

    "Okay, see you at lunch," I said, blinking off the tears.

    I turned around and went back into my room. I started to think. What should I do now?

    Just then, an idea floated in my mind.

    I borrowed some of Becca's casual clothes. I decided to go out for some time. Mother was still sleeping. I have to make sure I can come back before she walked out of her room.

    I sneaked out the castle with Becca's help. I can't go out without Father. You wanna know the reason?

    When I was five, I once was kidnapped by a guy called Zayn. He was just 10 by the way. His parents died when he was seven. All he wants was money. He kidnapped me and wrote a letter to my Father, telling him that I will be in big trouble if he didn't pay enough money to take me back. Luckily, my father's soldiers caught him and he told everything to my father. My father is a kind person. He let go of him and gave him some money. Since then I was not able to go out of the castle by myself. I was grounded for years.

    The world outside was wonderful. People were selling goods to each other. I had brought some money out. I bought some food which I can't eat in the castle and some hair decorations. When it was time to go home, I walked slowly back into the castle. What a wonderful day!


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