The Royal Diary (16+)

It seems to be many girls' dream to be a princess. Of course! Who doesn't want to own priceless jewels and beautiful silk clothes? C'mon!
But after you have read this story, you won't think so. Being a princess back in 300 years ago wasn't easy. You have to learn all the table manners, be a perfect princess and wear all those funky clothes (including all beautiful silk clothes and priceless jewels). Worst of all, you might have to marry somebody you don't love or even know at a very young age just to keep your country safe and sound.
Coming next is a very good example. Princess Athena, 19, was going to marry some whoever he is called Prince Louis The Third. However, Princess Athena has already had a lover, which turns out to be a theif, Harry Styles. Would Princess Athena be able to safe her true love? Would it be a fairytale, or tragedy? We will see.


5. First Date

5th Janaury

Dear Diary,

    Stupid. Very Stupid.

    My first date with Louis.

    That was a total DISASTER.

    It was a usual and calm morning. The birds were chirping and singing their songs of delight. Flower buds were blossoming. The sun was shining proudly. Cheerful scene.

    I woke up as usual. Dressed up as usual. Eat my breakfast as usual. But then finally somthing unusual.

    Father and Mother had to go out for some royal meeting (again) and I was left alone with Niall. Father said that today I would have my first date with Louis, just to 'let us know more about each other'. Ridiculous. All I need to know is that I will marry him someday.

    The date was set at 12:00, which was at lunch. I had to go to Louis's palace for that. Jerk. Shouldn't he pick me up on time?

    I set out my 'journey' at 10:30. It's such a long way. I passed fields and houses, and sang for the beautiful scenery. I hope I can do this every day.

    I arrived at Louis's palace on time. It was the same as mine, royal and big. There, I saw Louis, standing at the middle of the dining room, waiting for me.

    "The chef had already prepared the meal. Shall we start?" Louis asked. I nodded desperately.

    The meal was delicious. And the servants were polite. Nice.

    But there is only one problem. Louis.

    During the meal, we have nothing to say. Let's say Louis is such a boring person.

    "So, how are you?" Louis said, trying to break the silence.

    "Erh, quite good, thanks for asking," I said.

    Silence again.

    "Um, are you ready to marry me?" Louis asked, foolishly.

    Tears were coming again.

    "Sure. You're such a interesting person," I said, trying my best to ignore him, and blinked of the tears.

    "That's great. I'm sure you will be a good wife," Louis said with a charming smile.

    The rest of the meal was just silence.

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