The Royal Diary (16+)

It seems to be many girls' dream to be a princess. Of course! Who doesn't want to own priceless jewels and beautiful silk clothes? C'mon!
But after you have read this story, you won't think so. Being a princess back in 300 years ago wasn't easy. You have to learn all the table manners, be a perfect princess and wear all those funky clothes (including all beautiful silk clothes and priceless jewels). Worst of all, you might have to marry somebody you don't love or even know at a very young age just to keep your country safe and sound.
Coming next is a very good example. Princess Athena, 19, was going to marry some whoever he is called Prince Louis The Third. However, Princess Athena has already had a lover, which turns out to be a theif, Harry Styles. Would Princess Athena be able to safe her true love? Would it be a fairytale, or tragedy? We will see.


3. Engaged?

3rd January

Dear Diary,

    I can't believe it! I was engaged! To someone I don't know! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

    Some new guests had come for lunch. They are the king of our neighbourhood country, King Philip the Second, and his son, Prince Louis the third. He looks know......just a perfect prince. Perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect shape and even perfect lips to kiss with. When he smile, or laugh, he will show his white and shining teeth, which hurt my eyes.

    He gave a deep bow to me and said, "Nice to meet you, beautiful Princess Athena," and kiss my hand, which made me blush.

    Although I hear that everyday, it was totally different to hear it from a prince. I bow back to him and said, "Nice to meet you too, your highness." Father seemed quite satisfied with my manners.

    Just then, King Philip the Second, asked me a very important question. "Princess Athena, do you like my son, Louis?" he asked worriedly. Me and Louis just stood there, shocked.

    "Yeah Athena, do you like Louis?" Father asked.

    Let me tell you, whenever my father ask you anything, you must say yes. Even if he ask you do you like to eat something you don't even dare to touch, you must say yes. If you gave negative answers, you will have a terrible experience after that. Trust me.

    I nodded.

    Big mistake. Biggest mistake ever. Father gave an evil laugh (although he treats it as a merry laugh), and said, "Great. Now I'm here to annouce, you two, Princess Athena and Prince Louis the Third, were engaged!"

    Louis and I looked at each other. Then gave a little grin. "Father, what a lovely trick!" I smiled to my father, and laughed.

    But Father looked so serious. He didn't laugh with me, but sent me a 'be polite your husband is here' eye. I stood properly. We were all quiet.

    However, it didn't last long. Louis asked a super duper silly question," When will we be married?"

    I don't why I started to cry. The word 'married' just made me choked. Tears roamed in my eyes and started to stream down. It was hot, and trickled down my face. I ran up to my bedroom and locked the door. This made the rest of the day miserable.

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