Just Another Ordinary Girl

Just another ordinary girl, who's life changes with one word... hello


7. Dance with me

I sat up in bed, gasping. "Oh my God." I inhaled and exhaled frantically. "Just a dream. Okay, I'm okay," Then I heard it again. *KNOCK KNOCK* Well I was definitely awake that time.

"Kay, you in there?" Oh, it was just Kathryn. It's okay, it's not Jason, just Kathryn. Last night's events flooded into my mind, causing tears to well up in my eyes.

"Coming Kath!" I yelled. I pushed the covers back and swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I walked to the front door, opening it to find Kathryn standing there, with two Starbucks coffees.

"Holy shit, what happened to you?" She said, surveying my appearance, her eyes bulging.

"That bad, huh?" I said, letting her into my apartment. She flopped down on my sofa and I went to turn my heater on.

"Yes," she said bluntly. Well, at least she was honest. "But, it's nothing some Starbucks, a chat and some face wash won't fix." She smiled at me. "So, what did that asshole do to you?" Her face suddenly serious.

"No, it wasn't Louis. He was fine. Great. Amazing." She raised her eyebrow at me smirking. "Don't give me that look, I like him, okay?"

"Like I knew you would," she sang. "So if it wasn't him that was the cause of your zero sleep and tears for Europe, who was it?"

"I ran into Jason. Or fell I guess. And he was with her." I spat. "Stella." I felt a tear fall down my cheeks. I wasn't even aware of the fact that I was crying. "And then he threatened me!" I gasped uncontrollably as tears fell freely down my cheeks.

"Oh my God. Come here." Kathryn wrapped her arms around me.

I let out a laugh. "I didn't tell you the best part though," I said pulling back. "Louis punched him! And it was fantastic!"

"Marry him." Kath said smiling. "So, has he called you yet?" She asked.

"No, I don't think so. But I was sleeping, so I might have missed the call." I replied.

"Well how was the rest of your date? Amazing? Was he nice?" She grinned at me.

"So amazing," I said. "And, wait for it, last night, he asked me to be his girlfriend!" I half-screamed.

"What?" Kath screamed back. After the excitement died down, we talked for over an hour about him, and whether he had any hot friends for Kath. Of course. "Well, I should be going," Kath said finally. "I have to go shopping for my mother's birthday." She groaned. "I'll call you later, okay?"

"Okay, thanks for coming over Kath." I said gratefully. I let her out of my flat and shut the door. As I got into the kitchen, there was another knock on the door. I walked to the door, thinking about the fact that I was still in pajamas.

I opened the door, and immediately my eyes met another pair of dark blue ones. I felt lips pressed to mine as Louis pushed me backwards so he can come in and shut the door. "Morning," he said, smiling mischievously.

"Hi," I gasped. "That was... Unexpected. Come in, why don't you?" I teased him.

"Sorry." He said, not looking the slightest bit sorry. "But I've been calling you all morning, and I was worried because you weren't picking up, and after last night-" his words got cut off as I kissed him.

"Let's not talk about that," I pleaded. "Let's just forget that we even saw that asshole last night." I said.

"Okay," he said. "So, do you want to go and get lunch or something?" He asked.

"No. I'm tired of eating out, let's make something here. Or we could just order McDonalds and watch movies?" I asked.

"Well, that sounds good to me." He said, following me through to the kitchen.

"Could you look for a number for a McDonalds number in the phone book?" I asked. "I'm going to go and get my phone."

Leaving him in the kitchen, I walked through to my bedroom and picked up my phone that had been on charge. My room was a mess, there were clothes everywhere and my bed was unmade. I turned around to find him leaning against my doorframe. "I ordered." He said.

"Oh, thanks." I murmured. "Sorry about the mess in here." I blushed.

"That's okay, I like mess." He advanced towards me. When he reached me, he smoothed my knotty hair. "You're beautiful,"

"I look awful," I murmured, looking down. He tilted my chin up, but instead of kissing me, he held out his hand.

"Dance with me," he said.

"But there's no music," I said, confused.

"What are you talking about? My favorite song is playing!" He said, with false surprise.

I laughed. "You're going to have to explain."

He put his hand over mine, placing them both over my heart. "Do you hear it now?"

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