Candy Coated Hooks of Blood


1. Soaked


  She wandered aimlessly throughout her castle, absorbed in furious silence. Nothing was as irritatingly atrocious as these black nights. When she became victimized by her own kingdom, which was buried within a black trench under sea. The only thing illuminating the dark where what was once her army, transformed into Skeletal Angler fish whose insides cast a faint amber glow.

    She inwardly cursed the Queen; The divine being whose betrayal brought down every one of the other nine.

   The Queen of Hooks, Violetta, spent every night since then alone, brooding, Shedding tears while remembering how beautiful her Kingdom was. How the warm, ivory walls would glisten flawlessly in the sunlight. Her golden hooks dangling preciously from walls wrapped up with ivy, flowering with hundreds of gorgeous lilies.

  Before it was unmercifully ripped from the bank on which is sat by a stone golem, who then threw it crumbling into the sea, ending her days on shore.

   It was these memories that made her hate the water she was forced to live in. And now she could no longer permanently leave... after so many decades spent soaking in the cold depths, she'd become completely attached to it. Her once alabaster skin now blue and cold like that of a drowned corpse. Even her tongue had become slimy and elongated, teeth sharp and saturated, throat widening enough to swallow fish whole.

  And that was her diet. Fish, crustaceans, octopi, squid, seafood. Any attempts at eating land meat caused her to erupt painfully with vomit, followed by a swollen stomach unable to digest anything for three days afterward.

   Not that she could go hunting above anymore. Her sensitized skin would be severely damaged if exposed to harsh sunlight. She'd be a grotesque pile of bloodied boils by the end of a single day if hot enough.

  And yet, knowing this, she did not falter. Longing to reach where the castle dared to peak out of the water. Her body was overtaken by trembling, excitement consuming as she felt the water beginning to warm. Finally, She had  reached the last of the stairs, only to be harshly yanked backward by a webbed claw and pulled into a tight embrace. Cold, slimy scales sinking into her back, Needlelike spines threatening to tear holes straight through.

  "Hestia.." Breathed the queen.

    "Queen," rasped the mermaid, eyes bright with worry. "The owls are ravenous, peeling the skies for sights of our kind.."

   "Have you forgotten? The Owls do not prey upon those who are not fish."

   "Well, Of course, your majesty.. But am I not kind enough to at least warn you?"

   "You are. But I promise you, I will not became a meal for our feathering guests. So, relinquish me."


 She turned her back to the Queen, whispering inaudibly as she traveled into the darkness surrounding the submerged castle.

  "Please.. Do not let your bones be picked dry be their beaks..."



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