Time is running out, no one knows how long it will be until he goes completely crazy.


2. Chapter 2.

Her fork nosily scraped across the plate as the leftovers fell into the hole. As she placed the plate in the sink, her phone softly vibrated against her thigh, something that she disliked but prevented her from missing important calls. She swiped to answer it.


‘Tessa, we all have decided that it would vital for you to come in tomorrow, to participate in your usual duties.’

‘Tomorrow?! Sorry sir, but tomorrow is my only day off.’

‘We know, but we thought having you come in everyday would ease some trust between you and Harry.’ Tessa took a deep breath in. Her eyes etched with dark circles, spots erupting at the sides of her temples. All she wanted to do, and was inclined to do was snuggle into her covers and spend the day catching up on Breaking Bad, and massaging her sore feet into some lukewarm water. Her priorities were put first for once. Not anyone’s. Not Harry’s. Especially not Harry’s.

‘Sir, I apologise once again. My contract specifically states...’

‘Tessa! Do you not understand our dilemma at the moment? Something is wrong with Harry, mentally. We don’t know how long we have until her escapes or even refuse to communicate to us completely. Hundreds of lives are lost every week because of this sick person. We need to find out who is partnered with him and put a stop to this. The nation, the world are counting on us. If we don’t complete this task, efficiently and quickly people you see around you every day, including you will be fired,’ Tessa’s boss sternly said through the receiver. Tessa sighed tucking a few strands of greasy hair behind her ear.

‘Okay,’ Tessa breathed and without a word the line was dead between them. Tessa went to the bathroom, smothering herself with angelic, thick bubbles as she massaged her scalp, running her favourite coconut scent around her body. Once she was cleaned, Tessa stepped out with a thin towel wrapped around her small frame, a thin mask stinging her face. A tooth brush was whipped out from the cup, and quickly whisked around her pearly, white teeth.

She cleaned up the small perimeter, washing the mask off and then stepping into a tank top and washed out shorts. With pain, she set her alarm onto her usual early time and closed her eyes, trying to block the teenager’s extremely attractive face and deep, slow words.


It was a mere 7:00am, the city still travelling at high speed and bright lights blocking visions. Tessa walked into her usual stop, her cream leather bag hardly hitting the side of her thigh. She felt as if her body was a wired mechanical toy, needed to be wound up every once in a while to focus. Her hair was messily scraped into a high ponytail, skinny jeans clinging into her skin, as if they were preventing her to breath.

As she approached the counter, she gave a soft cough alerting the young stranger staring through the pristine glass windows. Once she ordered, she exited with the flaming drink wrapped around her slender fingers, as she took small sips to prevent a patch of dryness, still smothered into her tongue from her quick attempts at sipping.

Tessa saw the large building loom into view, glass panels revealing the inner sources but blocking what really was happening there. She entered the building, immediately welcomed with a few chirps, which she occasionally, and quietly replied to.

A throaty groan emitted into the air, as Tessa remembered the flight of stairs needed to reach her destination. This building was worth millions, but had not bothered to install elevators in this section of the CIA, to prevent hazards that had happened in the past, long before Tessa started working here.

She was met with the face of a thousand wrinkles, otherwise known as her boss as she entered the large room. He beckoned Tessa over, and her eyes bored into the glass screen as she saw Harry there, slumped in his chair, exactly the way she saw him last time.

'Our officers were monitoring him all night, he hasn't moved, well except for the use of our laboratory,' he said. Tessa couldn't help wrinkle her nose in disgust, at her colleagues. Everyone deserves at least an element of privacy.

Tessa pushed the door open to his cell, ignoring the woman who was trying to press an earpiece into her palm. As she entered the cell, Harry's eyes flickered over to the presence but then resumed to his original position of scowling at his hands.

Tessa found courage, sitting down without a wave of shivers overcoming her. She looked at the slouched figure, searching her mind on what to say to him.

'Hello Harry,' she said clearly. Harry didn't reply, much to Tessa's disappointment. She was trying to block out the millions of thoughts swarming in her brain, how she craved to hear his angel-like voice again, something that had even previously memorised slowly fading away, due to his lack of words yesterday.

She mentally cursed herself, trying to distract herself by looking at the tiny foam bubbles at the rim of her cup.

'Coffee?' Harry said surprising her.

'Wha..what?' Tessa stammered.

'Coffee?' Harry repeated, oblivious to the fact she wanted him to elaborate. Tessa looked at what Harry was looking at. Her Starbucks cup?

'No, it's a hot chocolate,' Tessa replied looking down at the cup and back to him. Harry nodded slightly not saying a single word, while Tessa tried to think what happened.

'I thought we could start on some exercises if that's okay with you?' Tessa said. Harry shrugged.

'Give me your hands,' she ordered and Harry looked at her and reluctantly stretched his arm. As Tessa took his hands in herself she couldn't help but feel a burst of proudness. His large, rough but soft hands fell odd with her tiny hands.

'Tell me how you feel Harry,' she said slowly closing her eyes. When she opened her eyes she saw he was doing he same.

'I can't..' He stuttered helplessly. Tessa stayed quiet so he could continue.

'Its a massive world wind of madness, I can't think,' he said as if he was in pain, which made Tessa's heart squeeze.

'Tell me what you see then Harry,' she said.

'I see happy people. Happy people smiling,' Harry said. Tessa couldn't help but smile at his childlike sentence but she stayed silent.

'But I see sad people, sad people crying. Sad people in pain,' he said flickering his eyes somewhere else, breaking the hard connection between them.

'Do you.. Do you know these people?' Tessa choked looking at hopeless boy in front her. Harry squeezed his eyes as if in pain, and he got up suddenly going to the corner of the room, his back to the confused Tessa. He slunk down onto the ground his face distorted and pained, facing away from Tessa. He pulled his knees into his chest.

Tessa stood up quietly heading over to him . She didn't know what would happen if she touched him or tried to speak to him.

Tessa suddenly heard ragged, heavy breathing coming from Harry. She realised he was having a panic attack so she bent down him and rubbed circles on his back with the palm of her hand. She slowly reassured him, telling him to keep breathing in and out.

Harry looked up at her, tears lingering at the edge of his eyes.

'He.. He..'Who?!' Tessa pleaded urgently.

Instead of giving an answer he collapsed into her, wrapping his strong arms around Tessa.

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