Twisted: A collection

Collection of dark romantic paragraphels.


3. Together for ever

We were both truth that joy-soaked day when we swore to love each other. Your white dress as pure as our loyalty. Our smiles as real as our husband and wife life that followed after that day. Smile that I've noticed to be fading from your face lately. You can't deny it, I've been so close to your face this days. You just can't deny it. You turned cold and I have been trying my best to share my warmness with you. The spark seems to be gone and the oxygen that keeps me trying by your side is starting to run out as well. I hug you and you can't help but stay stiff. You just can't show you care anymore. I should have tell you that my love for you was forever. Now I lay here by your side in this small bed. I guess I never really understood the "until death do us part" part of our vows.

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