Twisted: A collection

Collection of dark romantic paragraphels.


4. The pill

I still remember when I took the pill. It was exactly 2 years ago, a friend told me he found them online and somehow managed to buy them via a strange website that uses a different kind of currency. I had smoked weed and tried several other drugs and hallucinogens that took some time to hit and then the effect lasted for as much as 12 hours. The paranoia of feeling the effect is never going to fade off. I knew it well, the foolishness of thinking that almost made me laugh. That sensation ended on the third day with the effect. Paranoia turned into authentic fear. I pass day after day in this altered state, but I can't get used to be this way. The feeling of acceleration makes me feel in a rush all time, a rush that you know it tiring you, but you never recover, because the rush never ends. Inside my mind I am able to think about very complex stuff, and comprehend a lot of things that had no explanation for me before the pill, but my social skills and physical abilities are so poor everyone close to me thinks that I am sick, others think I have depression or that I have a very personal issue that I somehow cannot tell. 

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