No Secrets (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Skai Webster and Harry Styles meet at a dance concert due to family. Rumors appear that they start dating, are they true? Is the 'love' real?


7. Tour? What Tour?

Hey guys, so I got 200 reads and i got excited. Achievement for me okay. So the other chapter was just a filler. I wrote all of this chapter and then it got deleted because my laptop when flat. So I'm writing it again. If you want to go see the outfits I suggest you go look at my polyvore @beesfanfanfictionacc 


"So Harry, Skai's here isn't she?" The man asked, Harry blushed and looked down.

"Maybe, maybe not." Harry said, all the boys were smirking at him.

"SHE IS!" Niall said yelling not being able to contain his giggles, the speakers screeched from when Niall yelled making everyone cover their ears. Niall had a cheeky grin on his face as they all took their hands away from their ears. I laughed and popped a grape into my mouth scrunching up my face as the sourness erupted into my mouth.

"Can we get her in here?" The man said, I groaned and the same lady from earlier came in and pretty much dragged me out the room. I fixed my beanie before walking into the studio, Harry pulled me onto his lap as I walked over to him. The interviewer smiled and opened his mouth. "Hey Skai, how are you?" He said shuffling through his notes.

"Um, great." I said, I felt Harry's warm breath against my neck. Another person came in and handed the man more notes.

"How's the relationship going you two?" The man asked Harry and I, we looked at each other and Harry talked first.

"Yeah, it's great. I've been happier. She makes me happy. She's perfect. We're going strong." He said, I guess it was my turn to talk. I didn't wanna sound too cheesy as it was being broadcast on the radio.

"We were both going through rough patches at the time, Harry asked me to be his girlfriend and it made me happy instantly. We seem to get along perfectly and I never stop smiling when I'm around him. I'm happier now, much happier." I said, Harry kissed my cheek.

"Everyone, Harry just kissed her cheek. It's a Skarry update. Start tweeting." Louis said winking.

"Skarry?" Harry and I both said at the same time, we looked at each other and laughed.

"Yeah, your shipping name. I made it up." Zayn said.

"Duhhh." Liam laughed.

"Now Skai. How are you gonna feel when the boys go on tour in two weeks?" The interviewer asked, what tour. I pulled my phone outta my pocket and checked it, I'll fake a text.

"I have to go. I'm about to get an important call. Really sorry!" I said pushing myself off Harry, he grabbed my hand but I shook it off and walked out the studio. Whatever happened to no secrets. What happened there? They wouldn't of only just found out about it if it's in two weeks, he would've known about it. I walked back to the chill room and flopped onto the couch. I grabbed an M&M and popped it into my mouth., I watched the interview on the tv.

"You boys excited for the tour?" The man asked.

"Yeah, definitely." Louis said

"Can't wait to meet fans." Liam said.

"Get excited, woop woop." Niall said putting his hands in the air.

"Yeah absolutely excited." Zayn said.

"Yeah." Harry said keeping quiet, he fiddled with his hands and looked down. "I needa pee." Harry said getting up and walking out. I knew for sure he wasn't peeing, he was coming to see me. The door swung open and Harry walked in fixing his chocolate curls."Skai..." He trailed off.

"What happened to no secrets? Jesus Harry." I said putting my head in my hands, he sat next to me and put an arm around me.

"I'm sorry, I just," He paused, "Knew you'd be upset about the idea of me being away for a month or two." He said, sighing.

"It would've been better if you told me a while ago. We could have arranged something, Harry." I said sitting back against the couch.

"I know, I was just, dumb. I'm so sorry Skai. Please don't hate me." He said, a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Hey, hey, Harry I would never hate you. You're my everything. Just, you need to tell me. No secrets. Please don't cry." I said wiping away the tear, he pulled me in for a hug and he sobbed into my hair. "Baby, stop crying, please." He pulled away and I wiped his tears away.

"I just feel so bad for not telling you. I don't want to lose you. What if a better guy comes along while I'm on tour?" He asked me letting out a few sobs.

"Harry Edward, no boy is better for me than you. There is no way in hell that I would ever replace you. I promise you." I said kissing him, he accepted the kiss and kissed back. We both pulled away and hugged each other. "Get back to the interview." I whispered into his ear, he shook his head.

"No, I'm staying with you." He said laying down, I lay in front of him and we watched the interview. He wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. We snuggled up on the couch and soon fell asleep into a drowsy slumber. It seemed like one minute into my sleep and I felt my shoulder being shaken, I snapped open my eyes to see Niall's face above me.

"I was sleeping." I growled at him, he giggled.

"You've been sleeping for the past hour, so has Harry." Zayn grinned walking over with a handful of doritios.

"Gimme a dorito please, lil Skai's hungry." I said, he handed one to me and I crunched down onto it. I turned to see Harry sleeping still, a slight smile sat upon his face as he slept. I finished off the dorito then woke up Harry. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me then sat up, the dimples imprinted in his cheeks made him even more adorable. I kissed his cheek and stood up and pulled him up with me, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.

"Hey Skai, you should come on tour with us." Liam mentioned as we all walked out the building.

"YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!" Harry screamed running into a sign, he fell to the ground and laughed. Oh wow, I worry about this child sometimes. We walked over to him and helped him up then we all discussed the idea of me going on tour with them. We all said goodbye and then Harry and I walked to his car. He opened the door for me being the gentleman he is then he went around and got into the drivers side. Once again he held my hand as he drove, we drove to my house and Harry came inside with me.

"MUUUUUUUUM!" I yelled through the house, I heard footsteps upstairs and mum walked down smiling.

"Harry, hi." She yawned, she pulled him in for a hug and he accepted hugging her for a second.

"Mum, come sit down. We need to ask tell an idea we've had." I said sitting her down on the sofa.

"You're not planning to become a mother and a father?" Mum said looking shocked, Harry laughed.

"No, mum!" I laughed."So, Harry's going on tour in two weeks. It'd kill me to be away from him for a few months. I could go along with him. I can get  online schooling. We've discussed it and I really like the idea, mum." I said, mum's face was still the shocked look when she assumed we wanted to be parents. I watched her as she was thinking, mum would usually say no to these things but I'd do anything.

"It is a good idea. Can you be sure that you'll be safe? " She asked

"I promise." I said.

"I will keep her safe, I won't let anything happen to her." Harry added.

"How long's the tour?"

"4 months." Harry and I said in unison, mum nodded.

"I'll let you." Mum said, Harry and I stood up and high fived. "If you promise to keep out of trouble." She said.

"WE PROMISE!" I yelled, I jumped into Harry's arms and he wrapped them around me keeping me safe. Mum walked back upstairs and Harry and I celebrated.

*2 weeks later*

"Take me with you." Dylan said laying on the ground and holding onto my ankle.

"You know if I could I would, Dyl." I said shaking him off my ankle.

"Goodbye, we love you!" Jojo said waving.

"I'm not leaving forever!" I yelled before getting into Harry's car, as always he held my hand as we drove. This time we were headed to the tour bus in the bus place. We rocked up at the bus yard thingy and we saw the tour bus, it was massive! It had 'One Direction' on the side of it.

"Wow." Harry said standing in front.

"Harry and Skai are here!" I heard from inside the bus, next thing we see is all the boys piling out of the bus onto each other. Harry and I laughed and walked over to them, they pulled us inside and started giving us a tour.

"Now guys, you're lucky we left you the double bed." Louis said pulling back a curtain to reveal a big double bed right at the back of the bus.

"Use protection." Niall said, I slapped his arm playfully and we all laughed. Harry and I put our bags in the two cupboards either side of the bed. All the other boys were lying on their bunk beds talking, they had a smaller space to sleep in but they still had enough room.

The boys manager rocked up along with Paul.

"All your stylists and I will be on the other bus. Paul will stay with you guys." The manager said walking out. The bus driver got in and we all went separate ways to different place. Harry and I went back to our 'room' and laid on the bed, cuddling up to each other. My eyelids were getting heavy but I didn't want to fall asleep on Harry, it was rude. 

"I don't want to fall asleep." I said sitting up and rubbing my eyes, he sat up next to me and put his arm around me.

"If you want sleep, you can get some baby girl." He said, butterflies erupted in my stomach.

"Thank you Harry. Will you cuddle me?" I asked him nicely.

"Of course lovely." He said laying down next to me, I put my arm over his torso and he played with my hair. I soon fell into a deep sleep, I started having a dream. Well what I thought was a dream. It soon turned into a terrible night mare, I did not like it one bit. I awoke with a start sitting up as fast as I could, Harry and the boys were on the bunk beds in the hall just outside and they all looked at me. I was breathing heavily and I felt tears streaming down my face, Harry got off the bed and ran over to me.

"Skai, Skai! What's wrong?" Harry questioned cupping my face in his hands, tears were still streaming down my face.

"I just had a nightmare, that's all." I said looking down, he pushed my chin up so I was looking at him.


"It was nothing, Harry."

"It definitely seemed like something."

"Well it was Talon. He found us and he bashed you and then shot you. He killed my whole family and then he bashed me and raped me." I said, my voice breaking at the end of the sentence.

"Baby, he will never hurt you or a anyone. I promise you," I looked down, "Listen to me, I won't let him hurt you. He won't get to us. I do promise you. He won't hurt any of us." He said before kissing me, I smiled during the kiss and we pulled away.

"THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND, ROUND AND ROUND." We heard Louis scream from the front of the bus, we both laughed and headed up there. All the boys were seated around the dining table which was quite large for being in a bus, Harry and I sat down next to each other and Paul brought in bags of Nandos.

"OhMyGod." Niall said grabbing all the bags and pulling them towards him, Niall loved Nandos. I had experienced this when I took him to the Nandos by my house. We all grabbed the bags labelled with our names, Harry grabbed our bag as we were sharing a meal. 

"Now guys, it's only lunch. After you finish you'll be setting up for your first performance tonight! Get excited." Paul said fist pumping, his fist hit the hanging light and it fell to the ground smashing making everything go the slightest bit dimmer as the daylight was shining through the windows.

"PAUL!" We all said, he had a cheeky grin plastered on his face.


God I am sure I'll have fun on this tour.



I don't know, I'm not awfully pleased with this chapter. I'm really bad at writing as you know so I'm super sorry! I've been busy too! Read my other fanfic that I started, it's terrible though! It'd be nice if you read it and gave me feedback thanks.

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