No Secrets (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Skai Webster and Harry Styles meet at a dance concert due to family. Rumors appear that they start dating, are they true? Is the 'love' real?


4. Hectic Life

Hey guys, so I've got quite a few likes, favourites and comments which makes me happy! Yay for making me happy, I've been having a rough time lately too. It's my birthday in 2 days and The Hunger Games Catching Fire comes out in 3! Yay. I can't wait.


Skai's P.O.V.

"Skai, get up." My mum said shaking my shoulder, making an attempt of getting me up. I groaned loudly as she left my room, she had opened the curtains. Great, just great mum. You want me blinded. Shay walked into my room and started jumping on my bed, barely missing my body.

"Get your ass up girllll." He said to me, I flung off the covers and he tripped on them and fell off my bed. I laughed as he ran out my room, I got up and closed the door so I could get changed. School. Oh the joy. Note: sarcasm.

I got changed into my white button up top, tie, skirt that goes just above my knees (required to be that length or below) and my blazer. I grabbed my straightener and decided to straighten my hair then braid my fringe out the way, I put on some natural makeup then walked downstairs to get breakfast. I grabbed the bread out of the bread box and then dumped it on the kitchen bench, I looked over into the family room to see Analisa's face covered in food. The usual morning sighting for my family. I put the toast in the toaster and got out some jam, I watched the toaster waiting for it to pop.

"HOLY MOTHER OF GOD." I screamed as the toast popped out, how does that even work. Your general horror movies won't scare me but the toast popping out the toaster scares the living day lights out of me. I grabbed the toast and threw it onto my plate as it was hot, I spread the jam onto my toast and then put everything away. I took my plate around to the dining room table and started eating my breakfast, I watched as Shay prepared his cereal while awkwardly looking at me. He already had a stain on his school uniform making me laugh, he looked down at his top and ran upstairs later returning with a clean one on. I finished my toast and I washed off my plate, I ran upstairs and packed the books I needed for my classes and I put my laptop in its laptop bag. I slipped on my black vans and walked downstairs, Shay was already waiting for me. We said goodbye to our family and walked out the door and down the path towards the bus stop. We sat on the cold metal seat at the bus stop along with some other kids that lived near us. The bus pulled up and we all walked on showing the driver our bus passes, I walked to the very back of the bus where my best friends and I always sat.

"Hey darling." Millie said, I sat down next to her taking the last seat at the back.

"Hey Millie." I replied cheerfully.

"Hey Blue Skai." Dylan winked, I punched his arm playfully.

"Skaiiiiiiii." My other best friend, Jojo said.

"Hey Jo." I said.

"Don't call me that." She scolded and turned to her boyfriend, Adam. He waved to me and being my polite self I waved back.

"Omg Harry Styles." I heard Dylan say, I turned around to see my phone in his hand. He had it turned on and he was looking at my lock screen of Harry and I at the park together. I fought for my phone but Millie took it and she was sitting the furthest away from me. "Isn't he just gorgeous?" Dylan said being serious, yes I have a gay bestfriend.

"Yeah, and he's also Skai's boyfriend." Jojo piped in, Dylan spun his head super fast like the exorcist or something.

"WHAT?" He screamed making people look at us.

"I said-" I slapped my hand over Jojo's mouth, Dylan knew what she meant he was just suprised.

"I thought you watched the news." I said to Dylan, he shook his head furiously. My phone started vibrating in my hand and I looked at the screen, Harry was calling. "It's Harry." I said to them, Dylan demanded for loudspeaker and I agreed but only if they kept quiet. I clicked accept and I heard muffled voices on the other end. "Hey babe." I said trying to tell Harry to act all coupley.

"Hey baby." He said, good he got the idea.

'What's up?" I asked, I have no idea why he's calling.

"I just called to say I hope you have the most wonderful day at school and that I get to see you tonight!" Harry said cheerfully, Millie had to cover Dylan's mouth to stop him from squealing.

"Aw really?" I asked excitedly.

"Yeah, can't wait to see you. I better let you go, it sounds like you're on the bus. Bye, love you boo." Harry said to me.

"Bye bye lovely. Love you too." I said and with that, both Harry and I hung up. As soon as I hung up Dylan squealed and everyone looked back at us, I got them to finally look away and Dylan had a massive freak.

"Omg. Who? What? When? Where? Why? Have you met One Direction? Or Niall? Niall's my baby. I love him so much omg. Skai!" He said super fast but I heard it all.

"Yeah, I've only met Niall though." I said casually, Dylan kissed my hand many times.

"Next time, bring me?" He kept asking all the way to school, I finally gave in and he shut up. By the time we got off the bus the bell rang and we all split off and went to our home groups. I walked to my home group and got my name ticked off, I went on my phone during class and waited for the bell to go. The bell went and everyone scurried off the their classes, I looked at my time table, English first up. Probably am good at the subject, I usually finish my work before others.

I entered the English room and Millie waved her arms furiously at me, I walked to the back corner where we usually sat. I dumped my textbook on the desk and sat down next to her, we talked while waiting for the teacher. Mr Simmons walked in and everyone shut up, he sat on the front of his desk and looked around at the class.

"Well everyone's here today." He said ticking off our names in his notebook.

"That's a first." Tommy said making everyone laugh, he was the class clown.

"You were the one that's usually away Thomas." Mr Simmons said winking, he always used Tommy's full name to tease him. Mr Simmons is my favourite teacher, ever I'm pretty sure. "So because we have everyone here we're gonna have a test." He said clapping, there were a bunch of groans going around the classroom. "Kidding, you guys have a free choice project to work on. Choose your topic and then come tell me, then get researching." He announced, this time there were cheers everywhere. Cool! A free choice project, on anything we wanted. I looked over at Millie and at the top of the page she had Soccer in big bold letters, of course she'd do that. Millie was a massive fan of soccer and she was also very good at playing, she read the game well and knew where and when to pass the ball. I kept thinking, what on earth do I want to do. I checked my phone and I had a message from Harry. That's it! I'll do my project on Harry, he's from a boy band people know about and I know lots about him. I looked at his message.

From Harry. <3

Hope your first lesson is fun. ;) <3

To Harry. <3

Actually it's going great so far! Free choice project on ANYTHING! :) <3

From Harry. <3

What are you doing? Huh? :) <3

To Harry. <3

Nah, can't say. I'll tell you tonight! :$ <3

My phone vibrated in my pocket once again but I ignored it as the message would be something like a simple "okay" I decided to got tell Mr Simmons what my topic was. I got up out my seat and walked down the aisle that separated the two sides of the room, I walked up to Mr Simmons who sat at his desk eating some noodles. Already?

"Mr, I have my topic." I said to him, he put his cup 'o' noodles down and grabbed his notebook and a pen.

"What is it Skai?" He asked me.

"Boy band member Harry Styles." I smiled, he scribbled it down into his notebook.

"Eh you'd know a lot about him. Wouldn't you?" He winked, I rolled my eyes. I totally forgot that teachers watch the news too.

"You saw the news story?" I asked, he nodded and laughed. "Oh, shh about it." I said laughing.

"Maybe you could get him in? I might give you more marks." He said, I thought about how crazy some of the girls and maybe boys would go. *cough* Dylan *cough. I turned and started walking back to my desk. "Remember, safe sex." I heard Mr Simmons say, I swung my head around and walked back to his desk.

"You're an English teacher, not a sex education one." I said making us both laughed. I got shoo'ed away when another student came up to his desk, I walked back and sat down in the hard lumpy seat.

"What are you doing?" Millie asked me.

"Harry Styles i said pulling out my lined book, I ruled up and put the title up the top. What did I know about Harry.

Full name: Harry Edward Styles

D.O.B.: 1st of February 1994

Family: Des Styles, father

Anne Cox, mother

Robin Twist, stepfather

Gemma Styles, sister.

I wrote a whole heap of other information that I could come up with in my head, I scribbled it down and had a two full pages by the time the lesson was over. Millie gawped at how much I knew about Harry without searching him on the web. The bell rung and everyone had their books in their bags and they were out the classroom in a second, I walked into the hallways with Millie and we headed to our calculus class. Millie and I were quite the braniacs when it came to maths and English. We sat in our usual spot, back of the room and in the corner. We sat here so no one could disturb us while working or talking, whatever we're doing.

"Test time!" Ms Papas said, her Mexican accent still ringing in my ears. Groans went around the room as she handed out an algebra test for us all. The day dragged on and on as we had tests for every other subject I had during that day, the last bell rang and kids went crazy like running down the hallways and all that. I met up with Dylan as he was walking home, like me, and we headed out the school gates, we walked down the side walk and Shay caught up to us.

"Go away." I said pushing him, he pushed me back and then ran up ahead where Dylan's sister was walking alone. Shay and Amelia are the same age, which works out really. The whole way home Dylan went on about Niall, Harry and One Direction. I kinda zoned out while he was talking and started day dreaming, about Harry. No Skai stop, there's nothing real between you two. It's all fake, he doesn't like you in that way and never will! I snapped out of my day dream when I got to the end of our street, I saw Harry's car out the front of my house. I nudged Dylan and pointed to Harry's car and Dylan started running and screaming. "Dyl! Wait up!" I screamed running after him, he stopped when he got out the front of my house. He was absolutely frozen. Harry was obviously there.

"Hey baby." Harry said running up to me, he pulled me in for a hug and I accepted. Dylan was still frozen as, I never thought he'd get like this around Harry. "Is it alright that I brought Niall?" Harry asked, ah that's why Dylan's frozen and as white as a ghost. Niall started walking towards us and he smiled and greeted me with a hug.

"Why didn't you kiss her bro?" Niall asked nudging Harry, Harry looked down and played with my fingers. Niall nudged Harry and smiled at the both of us. He obviously wanted us to kiss, Harry looked at me and I gave him a reassuring look saying it'd be okay. Harry leant in towards me and crashed his lips onto mine, damn I knew we were faking but I definitely felt sparks. Shut up Skai! He doesn't like you, you dumb mutt. The voice in my head spoke to me. Dylan was still standing on my lawn frozen.

"You don't mind if I brought Dylan along?" I asked pulling Dylan over, he went bright red and tried to smile. I laughed at him and he slapped me playfully, we went inside my house and I got everyone a drink and we went upstairs to my room. Harry and I laid on the floor while Dylan and Niall sat on the beanbags. Niall and Harry asked how our days were and Dylan and I told them about our boring day.

"So, what are you doing your project on?" Harry asked nudging me, I tried to keep my smile in but it spread across my face. Harry started tickling me, this boy knows how ticklish I am.

"Fine! Fine! I'm doing my project on boy band member Harry Styles." I blurted out, Harry stopped tickling me and leant in again and kissed me AGAIN. 

"They're such a cute couple." Dylan awe'd, Niall agreed with him and Dylan went bright red again.

"Skai, may I speak to you privately?" Niall asked, I nodded and we got up and went outside on the swings. We swung back and forth until Niall said something that made me stop in my tracks.

"I know you and Harry are faking."


Well there's chapter 4! I really hope you guys like it. I'm really bad at writing but I just do it for fun. How do you like this chapter? Comment below. Also, do you think Harry and Skai should keep it a secret? Or tell people the truth? Will they get over their exes? What will happen? You'll have to keep reading to find out! I love you all




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