No Secrets (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Skai Webster and Harry Styles meet at a dance concert due to family. Rumors appear that they start dating, are they true? Is the 'love' real?


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Hey people! So I really hope you like my fanfic. I don't know about it, is it bad? I got 150 reads, it may seem small but it seems like an achievement okay? We have this transition next week to go into the big high school and the guy I like wants to see me! Hopefully I don't make a fool of myself in front of him. I must say, I've been happy the past week but right now I'm really sad. So I'll write and listen to music to try cheer me up. Hope you like this chapter! xo


Skai's P.O.V.

*3 weeks later*

I woke up to Shay screaming, oh great.

"WE HAVE 6 WEEKS HOLIDAYS BOO YAH!" He screamed, I heard him run upstairs and I groaned, please don't come into my room. Please. I heard him run past and he went into his room, I sighed and rubbed my eyes. Now I was awake I wouldn't be able to sleep again, I got out of bed and opened my curtains then went on facebook.

Harry Styles: Wanna catch up today, beautiful? <3 xx

Skai Webster: Sure. When? Where? <3 xx

Harry Styles: Surprise. I'll pick you up at 9:30am. <3 xx

Skai Webster. Okay baby. <3 xx

I looked at the time in the corner of my laptop screen, 8:30am. I had an hour to get myself looking like a mutated antelope to normal Skai. I got up off my bed and went over to my walk in wardrobe. I picked out a ying yang tank top with black ripped shorts, I decided to leave my hair naturally wavy so I grabbed my black 'bad hair day' beanie and slipped it on. I found a cute little connected heart  bracelet and I slipped my black vans on. I did some natural makeup not putting the barbie affect on, I grabbed my phone off the charger and walked down stairs. I walked into the kitchen to see mum wiping the table, she smiled and washed off the cloth. I went to the fridge and grabbed an apple and took bites out of it, it was now 9:15.

"What's happening today?" Mum asked sitting down on the sofa next to me.

"Harry's taking me out." I said to her, she nodded.

"Nice. You look beautiful, honey." She said kissing my forehead and walking into the office, I wiped my head and watched the kids show that Analisa was 'watching.' All she was doing is playing with her dolls but if I try changing the channel she screams at me. There was a knock at the door and Shay was down the stairs like kid flash. Wow.

"It's Mattias! He's here!" Shay screamed swinging open the door, as soon as he did his face dropped. "Oh, hi Harry." He said smiling nicely.

"Hi buddy, is Skai there?" He asked, Shay stepped out of his way so Harry could enter. He saw me and walked over and sat down next to me, his hand landing on my thigh. Shay ran back upstairs excitedly, Harry laughed at him.

"His bestfriend is coming over today." I explained, Harry nodded. He leaned in and kissed me then pulled me in for a hug. "What are we doing today?" I asked.

"You'll have to wait." He winked, he knew I was an impatient person.

"I can't. Pweaseeeee." I whined, he laughed and shook his head. "Fine no kisses for you." I pouted.

"Fine then." He said standing up, I stuck my bottom lip out and stood up. He intertwined our fingers and we started walking out, I yelled out to mum that I was leaving and we walked out to Harry's car. I got into the passenger side and Harry walked around to the drivers side, he got in and put his seat belt on as did I. Harry started up the car and did a U turn from where he was parked, we drove down my street and past Dylan's house. My hand was sitting on my thigh and Harry grabbed it and held it as his other hand was on the steering wheel. "Did I tell you that you look absolutely stunning?" He asked me.

"Nup." I said smiling.

"Well you look absolutely stunning." He said squeezing my hand quickly, I smiled. "Baby, what's new?" He asked.

"Nothing." I smirked.

"How are you?" He asked trying to make conversation, I could see his grin spread across his face.

"Fine." I replied, I knew he hated when I did this.

"Is this gonna be one of those one word conversations?" He asked me, I grinned.


"But you get my point, right?" He smirked.



"Seriously?" I asked, trying not to laugh.

"You do one word questions, too?" Harry laughed.

"Harry!" I said slapping his arm lightly with my free hand, we both had a laugh. I watched where Harry drove studying the neighborhood around me, it was cute. A good family type area, Harry pulled into the parking lot of a park and parked the car. He stopped the car and undid his seat belt, he got out and ran around to my side opening the door for me. I got out and kissed his cheek, he locked the car and we walked into the park. I felt his hand in mine and he started guiding me down a little stone path. We passed a playground and a fountain before we got to an area where there were balloons, steamers and several tables and chairs set up.

"I've been wanting you to meet my family, where better to do it than one of the kids birthday parties where everyone attends!" He announced, I hugged him tightly. I was nervous to meet his family, like they wouldn't like me. We walked up to the family and they all turned and smiled at Harry and I. We first went up to Harry's mum and sister.

"Mum, Gemma, this is Skai." Harry said introducing me.

"Hello, hun. Wow you are a stunner." Anne winked at me, she hugged me and walked off somewhere.

"OhMyGod. OhMyGod. I've heard so much about you. Harry's right, you're absolutely perfect. OhMyGod.Harry she's a keeper." Gemma said very fast I could hardly make out what she was saying. She pulled me in for a hug and hugged me tight.

"Gemma, calm your farm, please." Harry said rubbing the back of his neck, Gemma nodded and walked off to talk to a guy around mine and Harry's age. Harry dragged me over to a little girl sitting on a chair opening presents, obviously the birthday girl. He knelt next to her and so did I. "Hello princess." Harry said, she turned towards us with a big smile on her face.

"Harry!" She said dropping the present that she was in the middle of unwrapping and hugging Harry. He kissed her cheek and put his arm around her, she showed us her tiara.

"Now Abbey, you know Analisa from ballet?" Harry asked.

"She's my bestfriend." Abbey said replying, Harry laughed.

"This is her big sister." Harry said introducing me, I hugged her.

"Is she your wife?" Abbey blurted out, everyone around that could hear laughed.

"Not yet, sweetie. Not yet." He said looking at me. That sentence echoed in my head. Not yet, sweetie. Not yet. It was like Harry was saying we were still going to be together to get married. Like he wanted to be with me forever. Was this true? Or am I just overreacting. I was introduced to the rest of the family and I chatted away to them through out the day, later in the day I saw Gemma sitting on a bench alone nearby so I left Harry and walked over to her. 

"May I sit down?" I asked.

"Sure." She said patting next to her, Gemma and I had this connection. She felt like a true sister, I just got along with her well.

"May I ask you something, Gemma?" I asked, I hadn't been able to get the whole marriage thing out of my head. I've been thinking about it for the whole day, I have no idea why though.

"Yeah, go for it." She replied, smiling sweetly at me.

"Earlier Abbey asked if I was Harry's wife and he said not yet. I don't know, it's kinda got to me. I mean, we haven't been dating for long but it's like he's planning to stay together with me forever or something." I hesitated, Gemma let out a small laugh.

"Skai, I've never seen Harry so head over heels over a girl. He really really likes you, so much. He can't explain his love for you. Harry's that type of guy. Maybe he worded it wrong, I don't know. But if he does mean it, is that what you want too?" She said, I never knew Harry liked me that much.

"Yeah, I mean when we've been in the relationship for longer. It'd be a dream to marry Harry. I really really really like him, Gem." I said, she nodded.

"Well good. You fit perfectly together." She said, I thanked her then went and found Harry. He was talking to Jonah, the boy who Gemma was talking to earlier. He's their cousin. I hugged Harry from behind and I startled him. He realised it was me and he turned around and put his arm around my waist, Jonah greeted me.

"And where were you?" Harry asked me.

"I went to talk to Gemma." I said poking out my tongue.

"About?" He asked.

"Oh, just things." I said, he looked angry or something.

"Yeah, well me and Jonah can talk about things too." Harry huffed.

"I never said you couldn't, silly! You have your boy talk." I said walking off and going to see Abbey. She was playing with another little girl in the tree, they stopped talking when I came over. I leaned on a branch and looked up at them. "I'm sorry I didn't get you a present, princess. I didn't know Harry was bringing me. I'll get you one soon, yeah?" I said, her face lit up.

"Promise?" She asked climbing down a bit so I could link my pinky with hers. 

"Pinky promise." I said, she climbed back up to the other little girl, I leaned against the tree trunk and watched them as they laughed and played together. I remember being like that, except with Jojo and Dylan. We only met Millie in year 10, she was a new student and we adopted her into our group. Well, not literally. I loved climbing trees. I stood up and started climbing up the trunk, I climbed higher until I got to where the little girls were. I sat on the branch across from them and they giggled. "What are you cheeky monkeys doing?" I asked, they made monkey noises and broke out into laughter.

"We were having a tea party." Abbey said. "This is my  friend Yasmin." She said introducing me to the other girl."She's six like me!" Abbey said hugging Yasmin with her free hand. They were both clinging onto the tree trunk. I played tea parties with the girls for 10 minutes until we heard a voice.

"Abbey! Yasmin! Have you seen Skai?" It was Harry, I saw him appear at the bottom of the tree. I smiled at him when he saw me, he face palmed and laughed. He waited at the bottom of the tree for me to get down and caught me as I jumped from the last branch, we fell to the ground and laughed. I watched his face as he laughed, wrinkles beside his eyes indicating he was having quite a laugh, big smile spread across his face and the way his eyes glinted in the light, I liked that little sparkle. "It's time for us to go." Harry mentioned helping me up, I put my arm around his waist and we said goodbye to the girls. We said our farewells to everyone and walked back to the Harry's car, he opened the door for me and I hopped inside and waited for him to get in.

"Six weeks off of school is going to be nice." I said as Harry ducked his head when he got into the car.

"Why the heck do you have six weeks off?" He laughed.

"Schools getting a remodel and they can't be stuffed getting transportable buildings so six weeks off mannnn." I cheered fist pumping, Harry laughed at me and started up the car. Once again he held my hand as he was driving, it took around 20 minutes to get from the park to my house. Thrift Shop by Macklemore came on and I turned it up and wound down my window as did Harry. We blasted the music and sang along and screamed pretty much.

"THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!" We both screamed in sync, when the song finished we laughed our little butts off. Not literally. I seemed to always be laughing or smiling with this guy, it's absolutely amazing. Harry's phone beeped and I grabbed it out his pocket and read the text.

From The Irish Lad

Dude we have an interview in 20.

"Harry, you have an interview in 20."


"I'll ask."

To The Irish Lad

Hey Ni,

Skai here. Where's the interview?

From The Irish Lad

Hey Skai! And our studio. Harry knows the one.

"Your studio, apparently." I said.

"Ah, I know the one." Harry said doing a u turn and driving the other way. I guess I'm not going home just yet. We soon drove into a suburb where everything looked rich, everyone that we drove past had fancy clothing and several expensive cars lined the streets. I gasped at some of the cars I saw, they were my dream cars. I caught Harry smiling at me and we pulled into a big parking lot outside of a massive building. Harry stopped the car and we got out the car at exactly the same time, he walked around the back of the car and intertwined our fingers, we walked into the building and Harry said hi to the secretary as we walked in. Harry took me to the boys dressing/chilling out room and all the other boys were there, Niall jumped up and hugged me. Out of all of us Niall and I were the closest, I've known him longer than all the other boys.

"Hey blue Skai." Louis said to me, I rolled my eyes. He knew I hated it when he called me that.

"Skaiiii. Hiii." Liam said pulling me in for a hug, I accepted and hugged him quickly.

"Hey Zayn." I said making Zayn look up from his phone, my guess was he was texting Perrie.

"Oh, hey Skai." He smiled.

"Texting Perrie?" I smirked.

"How'd you know?" He asked, a look of shock on his face.

"I'm a fortune teller." I laughed, "It's pretty obvious, dummy!" I said messing up his hair, everyone knew not to mess with Zayn's hair but I always did.

"Did you just?" He asked, turning to me.

"Yep. I did just." I smirked, he went over to the mirror and started fixing his hair. I walked over to the food and drinks table and grabbed myself a cup, I started pouring some water into a glass. Arms were wrapped around my waist and I turned to see Harry hugging me from behind, I leant into him and I felt his breath on my neck.

"May I have a grape?" Harry asked me, I took a grape one single grape off the fruit platter as he asked and popped it into his mouth. I heard him crunch down on it because his mouth was right next to my ear, I turned around and buried myself into his chest. I heard the boys awe and then a lady with a microphone on her head came in and told the boys they had to get into the interview room. I told Harry I'd stay in the chill room and watch the interview on the big telly, the boys left and I jumped on the big leather couch and grabbed a handful of grapes to eat while watching.

"So Harry, Skai's here isn't she?" The man asked, Harry blushed.


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