Tom Riddles Diary

It is 2018 after the battle of Hogwarts. In year 3 at Hogwarts, Clementine finds a diary with a big hole in it sitting on a rusty sink in Moaning Myrtles bathroom but when she mends it with a spell and starts to write about her days, she is surprised to find that she isn't the only one writing in the diary...


6. Time to go

I couldn't understand it. I felt wanted. I guess I just jumped at the chance to belong.

I ran for about 5 minutes before I ran out of breath. Then I realised, I can't live without food and definitely not without my wand. I had gotten a few metres into Hogsmede so I decided to walk back to school. When I got there, instead of going to bed or talking to Lotus, I put an extension charm on a handbag and packed...

-My Wand

-Some food

-A book (or three)

-A sleeping bag

-The diary and a quill and ink

-A spare set of clothes

-A bottle of water

-50 Galleons

I held my wand and slowly crept up to the painting that opens up to the castle when I heard footsteps. "And where do you think you're going?" It was Lotus. "Umm... ahh to the toilet haha if ya gotta go ya gotta go haha"I said almost as a question. "No you're not, you are running away. Food a water bottle. Oh my. The diary. I don't believe it. You brought him back didn't you. YOU BROUGHT THE DARK LORD BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled.

"I'm sorry about this Lotus" I stated very calmly "Petrificus Totalus" I said swiftly giving my wand a wave in Lotus' direction. "You will tell no one, understand? Otherwise I will come back and you and your friends will get hurt. I will show no mercy" I couldn't believe what I had just said but I left without another word.

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