Tom Riddles Diary

It is 2018 after the battle of Hogwarts. In year 3 at Hogwarts, Clementine finds a diary with a big hole in it sitting on a rusty sink in Moaning Myrtles bathroom but when she mends it with a spell and starts to write about her days, she is surprised to find that she isn't the only one writing in the diary...


7. Survival

The days were getting colder and I new I would have to find somewhere to take shelter.

Every time I walked into a town though, I couldn't show my face because word had flown through cities of my unknown whereabouts.

At last I reached a small pub called 'The 5 Snitches' I guess I was a branch of 'The 3 Broomsticks'. I asked to stay there a while and they said I could use the attic. When I walked in I could smell the musky smell of the dead. There were cobwebs hanging from every corner and the light was never on nor off and as it flickered I could see the remains of an old bed with a mattress of dead moths and beetles, the floor was dusty and creaky but the thing that caught my eye was a small trunk in the corner of the room. I slowly walked over and tried to open it but it would not budge. I realized there was a lock on it. "Alohomora" I stated. Nothing happened and when I tried to open it again it was still stuck. I decided to try the next day so I fixed the room up with a spell and went to sleep.

When I woke up there was a tray on my floor with last nights roast chicken a newspaper and a cheque. "oh no!" I said to myself. "I don't have enough galleons to pay for this!". I quickly grabbed a piece of chicken and my bag and just as I was about to jump out of the window, I saw the trunk. I remembered how strange it had felt the night before. I grabbed a hairpin from my hair and tried picking the lock. After 1 hour had passed I finally got it open. Inside the trunk was a trapdoor.

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