Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


7. The truth

I woke up the next morning to the movement that Niall kissed my bare back. I lay on my stomach in bed and he had pulled down the covers. He kissed me lovingly over my back and I raised my head. Directly he met my gaze and smiled big.
"Good morning, honey!"
I blushed and smiled a little bit. He moved up and kissed me. I couldn't resist him and the only thing that was in my head was Niall. He ended the kiss and rubbed my face with one hand.
"We can take a shower and then eat some? I'll take you and pick Lilly, then I want to be with you all day!"
Direct my thoughts began to spin around. Lilly? God I had to tell the truth to him, but how?


We showered and Niall made ​​sure I was all clean. It tickled when he pulled his hands over my body, and he was amused by it. We put on our clothes and quickly ate some food. I still had the idea to tell the truth, when we went out to the car. I tried to think of the right word, but I didn't dare. It was as if my mouth had become accustomed to the lies and it couldn't open up to the truth.


"You brood!" I suddenly heard Niall say and I met his gaze.
"Well maybe!" I got out of me. "It's happened very recently and ..."
He smiled and drove down the right street. Lilly was at a friends place and I knew she'd had a fun time there. Niall stopped outside the house and then took my hand in his.
"Please let me be with you and stop thinking so much. I know it's hard to maybe let me in, but try!"
My God, I wanted to tell him about everything! "Niall you're her dad!" But my mouth went dry and I screwed up. I felt like a murderer who wasn't telling about my victims, but no one knew that I killed. Maybe I could write it on a piece of paper to him? Or maybe ask someone else to gossip? CRAP!


Lilly threw herself into my arms and she hugged me tightly.
"Mom, I missed you!" Then she saw Niall and direct she light her up. "And Niall's with you? Mom you're just the best!"
Sarah laughed and then looked curiously on us.
"So did you have fun?"
I nodded and hugged her.
"Thank you that you stood up and took her!"
She hugged me back and I noticed that she was more curious about Niall. Lilly threw herself into his arms and he hugged her.
"I will be with you today!"
I looked at Sarah that she realized what had happened. I saw it in her eyes and I saw it in her face. I just nodded at her and she had to hug me again.
"Congratulations!" she whispered lightly in my ear and giggled. "You fit together!"


It was a wonderful day. Niall gave us food at Nandos. He took care of us and I've never seen Lilly so happy. He took us to an amusement park and when we got home she was tired. Niall took her into the bedroom and helped her to bed. I chose to go into the kitchen and put the kettle on. I wanted to tell the truth now and I wanted to be honest. Niall was reading a story Lilly and I was grateful that he came so near to her. I realized I had made ​​a mistake and I realized that the lie really grew.


When Niall came into the kitchen, I sat with a cup of tea in front of me. He smiled but I chose to be serious.
"I must ..." I stopped and immediately he sat down beside me.
"What Tess?"
I felt the tears coming and I looked down at the table. I felt his arm around my back and he searched my eyes. I swallowed and wiped away tears.
"Niall, I have to say something that perhaps will make you angry, but I can't be silent any more!"
He wasn't sure, but he didn't move.
"Okay, better to tell it now or never?"

I nodded and swallowed again.
"I was hurt when you broke up. I ended up in a vacuum and I didn't know what I would do....!"
He hugged me.
"I know I hurt you! I have apologized and I will continue to show how much you mean to me!"
I took myself out of his grip and looked at him.
"After almost two months, I realized I was pregnant, but I was afraid to say it to you. I kept quiet for all, that it was you who was Lilly's father. I didn't even say anything to my parents., I thought you would be angry if you were told about it! "
Niall fell silent and just stared at me. I couldn't interpret his face and he seemed to be almost shocked.
"I had no other!" I whispered. "You're the only one I had sex with, but I didn't think you wanted to be a dad. Thought you said you didn't have time and you chose the another life. Years passed and I lived with the lie as if it was true. Not even Lilly know the truth!"

He said nothing and immediately came all the tears at once. I was shaking and I felt hopeless. Now he knew and he could throw hateful words at me. I tried to collect myself, but couldn't.
"And now I'm afraid I will lose you both!" I got out of me.


I don't know how long we sat there. Niall said nothing and he seemed almost to think about the truth. He was totally shocked and I noted that he seemed to be angry. Still, he said nothing. I took my hands to my face and continued to cry. I poured myself total of all water and finally I was totally tired in the body.


In the end, he seemed to collect himself and hugged me. It wasn't a loving hug, but still a hug.
"Okay, I must admit I didn't expect that part, but okay!"
I held him and just shook
"Sorry!" I got out of me. "But I thought didn't you wanted me and I ...!"
He silenced me and sluggish the hands over my back.
"I know what I said and I understand you, but at the same time .... It has been three years and you haven't even tried to tell me that?"
I released him and looked into his eyes.
"I thought you'd be mad at me!" I whispered. "Or you could take her away from me!"
Niall looked into my eyes and stroked my face. He smiled slightly and seemed to collect himself.
"Tess, I would never take her away from you. You are her mother and you are the only one she trusts. She loves you so much and I see it on her."

I nodded
"So what happens now?"
He seemed to consider himself on that piece.
"You know what?" he whispered. "I'm doing what I had planned. I get to know you again and we start over?"
I nodded
"But promise you will not leave me?"
Niall nodded quickly and laughed a little bit.
"If you promise to tell the truth no matter if I get angry or not!"
I nodded. (much nodding)


That evening Niall stayed over. He slept next to me, but we just hugged. The last thing he said was that he loved me. The last thing I was wondering was if I was ready!

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