Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


10. The house in Ireland

Maura and Bobby met us at the airport. Lilly was in my arms and she held me tight. She was shy and I noticed that she was almost afraid. Maura smiled at me and then looked at Niall. She hugged him and Bobby were cheering me.
"So how was your trip?"
Niall took his arm around my shoulder and smiled big.
Maura let her eyes slide over to Lilly and direct she light up.
"I see Niall in her!"
I smiled weakly and tried to get Lilly to release me.
"This is dad's parents., You know I have a mother?"
Lilly nodded and looked at Maura's direction.
"This is your grandma and grandpa, your father's parents!"

Lilly sought right away after Niall and looked at him.
"Is it?"
Niall nodded happily.
She laughed a little bit and then looked at Maura.
"I'm Lilly!"
Maura smiled and watched her carefully.
"I know, and your dad has told me so much about you. Shall we go to my house now?"
She nodded in reply and let a little of the grip around my neck.


I didn't felt like on the outside but I noticed that Nialls parents kept a distance to me. I was afraid that they didn't like me, but Niall looked constantly at me and tried to touch me to make me feel calm.
"It's a change for them!" he whispered to me. "Give them time, they'll change their minds!"


I immediately saw that Lilly won their hearts and she loved them right from the start. Maura went into the kitchen to make food. She looked a little askance at me but showed me to come along. Bobby and Niall went to the television and Lilly went with them.


"You were pregnant when you moved from Ireland?" Maura got out, and I nodded. She watched me closely and smiled weakly. "I must admit I was one of those who said bad things behind your back and I feel almost lost. How come you never said anything, then you let everyone talk?"
I swallowed
"Niall wasn't here and I thought you'd be angry with me., It seemed easier to let Ireland keep the innocent guy, than to ruin everything!"

She came straight up to me and hugged me. I was surprised and heard she cleared her throat lightly.
"Sorry I haven't been the kindest person to you!" she whispered. "I promise to do everything I can for you and I will give you a chance!"
I smiled weakly and released her.
"We, Niall and me, chose to put the past behind us. Please do the same and don't talk about it any more!"
She nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes.
"Okay, let's start from the beginning!"


Lilly had to sleep in Nialls old bedroom and she could barely sleep. She lay and looked at his stuff and her eyes were wide.
"Dad has lived here!"
Niall laughed and put again the blanket over her.
"Come on and sleep now!"
I stood in the doorway and laughed a little bit against them.
"It's not easy to have children!"
Niall gave me a quick glance and tried then to get Lilly to lie still.
"Tomorrow, I can show you where Mom and I were in school?"
She nodded and yawned
"And all the places that you have played at?"
He nodded and turned off the bedside lamp.
"I promise you!"


When we had finally closed the door Niall hugged me and laughed a little bit.
"She's wonderful, but difficult sometimes!"
I enjoyed the moment
"Just wait and see!"


We sat down on the couch and Maura and Bobby sat in the other major sofa. Niall took his arms around me so I leaned against him.
"Lilly is wonderful!" I heard Bobby say and I met his gaze. "She reminds about Niall, but has just as much from you, Tess!"
I nodded a little weak.
"I'm taking with me, photos of when she was little, next time. She wasn't like me at all!"
Niall agreed
"We'll take them next time!"
Maura nodded and watched us closely.
"So what are the plans? Seems like the fans know about it now, but we have chosen not to say anything about you!"

Niall held me tighter and seemed to ponder.
"We take one day at a time. It's a big change for Tess to have me back and Lilly must learn to know me fully!"
Marua nodded
"Are you going to move in together? You've still a daughter and you can't let her stay a week here or a week there? You must agree about her life too!"

I realized she was right and I looked at Niall.
"But the question is where we can stay and keep the fans away?"
Niall nodded and looked into my eyes. I saw that he wasn't sure, because I always wanted to wait. Maybe I was holding him back, and should listen to him more?
"New house?" he got out of himself and smiled weakly. I nodded.
"And not in the middle of London?"
"And with fences around!"
I heard Marua laugh
"I didn't mean you could do that now, but you have to plan how you want it in a year or so!"
I looked at her again and smiled.
"But like you said, everything we do affects our daughter!"


Actually, I realized that she was right. We had to take the step forward and build a future together. I had put behind me all the doubts and bite the bullet. For Lilly's sake, I really wanted the best and the best was that she would stay with us both.


We got to sleep in the guest room. Niall helped me make the bed. I heard his parents talking in their bedroom and I smiled weak against Niall.
"You hear through the walls?"
He nodded and laughed a little bit.
"It's not like home, but it's enough?"
I nodded
"Better than not dare go out. Do you have fans here to?"
Niall nodded weakly and sat down on the bed.
"But I hope they don't know that I'm here and that they let us be. I wrote on twitter that they would let me live my life, but it might not help?"
I laughed a little bit and gave him a light kiss.
"We'll see!"

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