Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


17. Mistake?

I did it! I packed the bags late one Friday. Niall would make an appearance in the TV and wouldn't come home until Saturday. I chose to pack what I needed and Lilly . I let her fill the pink suitcase with toys and then I wore it all out in the car. I left a letter in the hall to Niall.


"I'm sorry , but I can't take it no more!
I love you so much, but I can't stand to live the life you live . All I want to do is take care of Lilly , work and take care of myself. What you offer is too much for me and I feel smothered ! I can't take care of anything like an ordinary housewife and I know that you can find a girl that fits you better. If you want to meet Lilly can I contact an attorney and arrange how, where and when. I can't see you for a while, because I know that I'm now hurting you. Maybe it never was intended that we would be a couple? I've thought of this a long time now and I've realized that I can't live up to what you want. I love you, but love isn't enough and can't take us all the way. Please forgive me for my choice!

Please Niall, don't nag at me to come back! I can't take that fight and I see no future between us.

Your Tess"



(Choosing to write some of his angle and hope you do not mind)

From Nialls angle'


I panicked! I was stunned! It came as a shock! Tess had left me and took Lilly along. Where had they gone and maybe she would still call and tell me that everything was okay? I wanted her to call, but deep down inside I knew she wouldn't do it. I had made a mistake not to talk more with Tess. I blamed it all on myself and it made it just feel worse.


Louis had to come over so that I wouldn't do anything stupid.
"Come on Niall!" he said but I just cried and hugged tightly a teddy bear that I had found in my daughter's room.
"But I have lost her!" I cried and I couldn't bother me. "She's gone and Lilly's gone to!"
Louis sighed and took his arm around me.
"Maybe she just needs time to think? She cant leave you!"
It didn't matter what Louis said, I didn't believe him. He could come up with what lies he would any time! I didn't listen.


When I broke up with Tess and went to the X-factor, I cried all the way there. I changed my mind and I realized how hurt she must have been. I wanted to call her and tell her that I loved her, but I was too proud and it happened a lot of things in my life. Along the way, I had several times been with cell phone in hand and wanted to call. I wanted to know how she felt and what was happening in her life. I never called through the years and life just moved on. When I came back to London and heard that she was still single, I knew it was a sign. I wanted to say sorry t her one last time, and see if there was still something between us.


That evening when I knocked on Tess door, I shook. I was so scared and I didn't know if she would say hello or goodbye. When she finally let me in. I just wanted to hug her, kiss her and tell that she was my whole world. I wanted to make love with her and do all that I had missed. I didn't care if she had a daughter. I loved Lilly anyway. She was as lovely as her mom and it was enough to win my heart.


I was shocked when she admitted that I was Lilly's dad. I didn't understand that she had been able to keep it a secret and at the same time not tell me about it. I realized how much damage I had done and I realized that I had nothing to lose by staying. I wanted to win the top prize and it was Tess and Lilly. I didn't care if she backed off. It would still work out in the end, but instead it got worse for her. When I thought everything was perfect, she had hit the bottom and I had missed it totally.


God, I felt like a loser! I had made ​​so many mistakes and I had totally ruined everything. Perhaps this wasn't due to the house and all that I bought. Rather, that I didn't get her to understand what it was like to be a big star with the fans. Tess had no idea about my life and I hadn't shown her more than what happened in Ireland. I was a jerk, an idiot and the biggest loser! I was the guy who had to pay for the mistakes and I was so mortified!






I just wanted to show some the story from Nialls angle so that you understand him. Still think it was pretty cute? Or?

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