Moment in time

I gave birth to a shapely little girl. I was seventeen when I became a mom to my daughter. She had just me and I didn't tell her who was her father. I lived a pretty normal life, until he came back.


9. Get away from fans

Niall chose to just move in with Lilly and me. Outside his house stood the fans and screamed. He couldn't cope with it, and instead he just wanted to be with us. Lilly received him with the whole heart without questioning anything. Niall chose to have her at home while I worked. Some fans had found out what preschool that she was on and we were hoping that it would calm down.


"Mom?" Lilly got out one evening when I put her in bed. I smiled at her and she got out a small shy smile. "Can I call Niall daddy?"
I gulped and realized that I couldn't stop the time. Now he was in her life and it would be wrong to stop her.
"You know what honey!" I whispered. "Want to know a secret?"
She nodded and I crouched down beside her. I put my head on the pillow and took my arm around her.
"Niall's your daddy!"
Directly she was totally serious in the face.
"Niall's my real dad?"
I nodded
"Yes, your real dad!"

I didn't have time to stop her. Lilly jumped out of bed and ran out to Niall.
"You're my daddy!" she screamed and threw herself into his arms. "YOU are my very own real dad!"
I heard Niall laugh and I realized that I now had taken a step foreward. Niall came in with her ​​and she hugged him tightly. He held her in his arms and she refused to release her.
"You told her?"
I nodded and smiled weakly.
"Yeah that's the truth and everyone else seems to know about it after all!"
Niall got her down under the covers and he sat on the edge of the bed. I lay still in bed and I saw that Lilly came under the covers.
"Can I tell it to grandma and grandpa?"
Niall laughed and nodded


We left the room and closed her door. Direct Niall took me in his arms and he kissed me tenderly. I knew he was happy and he almost pressed up against me.
"You are mine now!" he whispered and smiled. "You are mine and Lilly's mine!"
I nodded and smiled weakly. I wasn't exactly as confident as he was, but at the same time, she was her daddy. I felt his hands slid under my shirt and he pulled me towards the bedroom.
"Niall No!" I got out of me but he kissed my neck and pulled his hands over my skin on my back. He kissed me so tenderly and I couldn't resist. I giggled when he almost tickled my skin. 


Quickly, he pulled down my panties and then his own. He lifted me in his arms and pushed me up against the wall. I moaned as he penetrated fast and I felt how he filled me. Niall kept a firm grip under my butt and quickly began to move in and out.
"Damn, I love you!" he murmured, and kissed me. I took my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I followed every move he made and it was just wonderful. He increased the pace and I felt he brought his cock faster in and out. I groaned louder and heard how he pounded in me and my body against the wall.

In the end we could not keep us. We came at the same time and he pressed himself hard against me. I shook and I cried almost straight out. We had a daughter in the next room, so somehow we managed to keep pretty quiet noise anyway. 

In the end we could not keep us. We came at the same time and he pressed himself hard against me. I shook and I cried almost straight out. We had a daughter in the next room, so somehow we managed to keep pretty quiet noise anyway.


Niall dropped me on the floor and kissed me tenderly. He kissed all over my face and my neck.
"Please, Tess, tell me you want me to stay forever!"
I realized that he wanted to hear more from me. I hadn't said that I wanted him in my home yet and I wondered if I would be lying? Niall noticed by my reaction and stopped. He looked into my eyes and a faint smile appeared.
"I go too fast?"
I nodded and blushed. Exactly took too fast, it went!
"We can hang out before we take that step?"
Niall nodded and released me.
"I understand you and I'll try to calm me down!"


In my work, I noticed a difference. I worked as usual, selling goods to customers. Outside the store began teenagers hang and I realized why. They looked through the window and seemed to follow every move I took.
"You Tess?" my boss Agnes said one day. She pulled me into the office. "What are we going to do with all the teenagers and what the newspapers saying?"
I was cold in the body.
"Sorry but I can't do anything about it!"
She sighed
"I can't keep up if it continues like this. Did you know that I have pretty strong opinions about teenagers standing and smear down the windows?"
I just nodded and she met my gaze.
"I believe you should get vacation until this calmed down!"
I didn't want to.
"But ..."
"You can go home and I will give you salary as usual, but don't come back until this with your boyfriend died down!"


I felt betrayed. Everything changed since Niall came back into my life and it didn't get better, as I had dreamed. Instead, everything changed dramatically and not for the best.


"But she can't do that?" said Niall, but I just sighed.
"Yes she can and I understand her. Your fans are in quantities on the street and they can stand there for hours!"
Niall sighed and picked up the phone.
"I'll call my parents!" he mumbled. "We must get away from this!"


I had nothing to seeing them, but I had to do it so quickly. Normally, you used to get together for a while before mixing in the family and parents. Yet I knew why Niall did it. In London, there was fans in quantities and we couldn't control them. Niall was sure that we packed clothes for a long time and Lilly got a custom pink suitcase from him. She was overjoyed and threw the toys in a snap. Niall just laughed at her and took out another bag.
"We'll take the clothes in another bag?"
I nodded and smiled. I saw Lilly merely closed the pink suitcase and then she turned around and looked at Niall.
He laughed
"Well, you can't walk around with toys over your body?"
She laughed and began to help him
"It had looked crazy!"


Lilly was excited when we arrived at the airport. We found a carriage to take the bags on and Niall took Lilly over his head on his shoulders. She held him tight and looked delighted at all the people we passed. I laughed and helped him pull the carriage to the check-in. In the corner of my eye, I saw teenagers who took up cell phones and flash crane snapped off all the time.
"They're taking pictures of us!" I heard Lilly say in surprised, and I nodded weakly at her.
"You're so cute, so they want to take pictures of you!"
Niall sighed and smiled at me.
"Welcome to my world where you can't do anything!"
I tried to blend in and I made no fuss about it. Instead, we got the bags to the plane, Niall picked up the tickets and then we went into a small aircraft.


Niall held my hand tightly and in his second hand, he had Lillys. He smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"It's going to be fine. Mom remember who you are so it will be great good!"
I nodded
"It is just that it wasn't yesterday, and I have a daughter now!"
He laughed
"She's mine to!"
I blushed
"I forget that part, so okay! Your mom and dad will meet our daughter now?"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"And my beloved girlfriend!"

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